How showing “weakness” brought me closer to my goal

As some of you know, I am a team lead of Technical Writing department.
Basically we write step by step procedures of how to perform certain work on the machine.
Each step, must be signed off within the document.

The end users, our technicians, are NOT AT ALL happy with this documentation.
“Don’t you trust us?”. “We do the same works for more than 5 years!”. I often get.
So you can imagine, me and my team are not the most popular at work 😉

People tell me to not take all this negativity personally.
I don’t have sleepless nights, but I do want to be rewarded for my job.
And my biggest reward is if I see them using these damn documents.

A last minute team meeting was planned where it was expected from me to once again explain why these documents are essential and helpful.
So there I was standing in front of 10 unimpressed, skeptical and slightly faces.


I’ve reached a stage where I have probably nothing to lose, so I decided to “let my guards down”.

You know, I have been driving for almost a year from my home to work.
It’s a one hour – 60 km drive. 

I know the route. Heck, I can dream it.
But still, each and every day, the first thing I do before starting my engine is turn on the navigation.

Some starting laughing.
Others looked surprised.

Sometimes, especially in the last few days of the week, my mind is just not as fresh.
My mind wanders. 

I could “risk” a detour which would only make my day longer and frustrate me more. 
Why wouldn’t I use a tool which can give me a certain security?

I don’t know if made a revolutionary mind change for them, but  I saw a little “aha” moment.
At the end of my presentation, one even asked where these documents are located.
I consider it victory 😉

Have you ever been in an occasion where showing your weakness brought you closer to your goal? 

18 thoughts on “How showing “weakness” brought me closer to my goal

  1. Good point. I do the same thing w navigation, well not to work, but other places. For example when going to the mall that’s 20 mins away, i use the gps no matter how many times i have been there. I believe in doing it right the first time just in case I take a wrong turn and waste my time😊

  2. Seven or Eight years ago, an 88-year-old lady came up with the “mission statement” for our church.

    She said one day in a Bible Study, Concordia is the place where broken people find hope and healing in Jesus while helping others heal.

    About a year later, at an advanced program that trained pastors in leadership, that statement was criticized for admitting to our weakness, for not being “positive” enough. My response is that it simply tells people who we are, and what we do. We aren’t going to be perfect, but we see where growth occurs.

    Oddly enough, the same experts are now saying such simple honesty is what appeals to the younger generations… 🙂

  3. Leading by example. Well done.
    I cannot recall a single showing of weakness that brought me closer to the goal. But I don’t like showing my weak points, so I probably rarely try. I can’t think of anything specific, but possibly in a relationship – once I admit something I am better understood/ helped.

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