Who are we actually trying to fool?

A couple of weeks back, Jasper and I went out for dinner.
We enjoyed the food, drinks, music, each other and the atmosphere.
My eye caught a family sitting near us.
Everyone was there: parents, grandparents, young child.
The young one was surround by four camera’s, capturing his every move.

It would be easy to judge them, but after each vacation my phone storage would be overloaded.
After a while, Jasper and I would look at the pictures which would bring us back to sweet memory lane.
During a bad day at work, I hide in my office looking at pictures which remind me that it’s all worth it.

Yesterday I read an article / blog promoting taking selfies in order to promote self love.
I’m not against this.
Sometimes I look at my own selfies and I do think “Not bad”.


Let me replicate the picture she posted at the end of her post:


If this is supposed to improve self love, call me batman.
EVERYTHING about it is FAKE.
I don’t have smooth skin. I don’t have large, blue eyes. And I am certainly not walking around in a bunny custom.

These days, many people seem to be into photoshop.
And in the very rare case of a #nonfilter picture, people are praised for showing their vulnerable side.

Vulnerable? Really?

I’m a 28 year old WOMAN who is trying to “make it” in this world.
What would I even try to achieve with a picture like this??

I’m just wondering, with these pictures,

Who are we actually trying to fool?


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