Season change

Lately I have been getting a lot of promotion emails from clothing companies.
Usually I dislike that spam.
But right now, what it says is making me very happy!

Check out our Fall collection!

As you all know, I really don’t like summer for various reason.
But after summer comes Fall and I am really excited.

Today was very rainy and even a bit chilly day!
I guess the sun got sleepy 😉


And all of this, left me a happy cloud 😉



Are you looking forward for the Fall?




Items can be purchased via:

Includes greeting cards, clothing (baby, men, women), key chains, mugs, stickers and tote bags! 

24 thoughts on “Season change

  1. That card is too funny. As was the whole post (happy cloud).
    I have to admit that fall is my least favorite season. I’m used to it being rainy and muddy everywhere. I like rain (and thunder) when I’m at home. Not when I have to get from point A to point B. Especially when I’m walking and the wind laugh at me and twists the umbrella in a million different directions.

  2. Yes, it have been too hot in Denmark. a little cooler would be nice. It is nice to get a peek of the new clothings for fall. I like autumn as the leaves turn it is colour.

  3. If it could be overcast with a strong breeze and never get any warmer than 70 I would be happy. Rain and thunder never really bother me. The sun though, it never goes away, so hot, so bright. Anyway, funny cards.

  4. I agree so much!
    The brightness of the sun is driving me crazy when I drive my car. Sunglasses are only helping a little. It’s dangerous!

    Thanks for liking the card 🙂

  5. I actually have been looking forward to fall a bit… summer just hasn’t been that great this year. It was a bit of a letdown and the weather’s been odd over here, so I was looking forward to the crisper autumn where everything turns cozy again… the only thing that’s gripping me in fear is that right after the short autumn season is winter again. Like a shadow just looming over the horizon. And then the year will be over. Then I’ll… be majorly depressed, there’s no doubt about it. I’m dreading that part. I’m hoping the heated blanket I’m going to invest in will… soothe away some of the cold… *dramatically adds* in the weather… and in my life… *swoons on a fancy couch meant for swooning*
    Okay, the drama’s ended, but brr winter… will be like ice this year for me!

  6. I know what you mean! I find Winter and Summer to be the extremes. I prefer Fall and Spring 🙂

    Btw, I listened to your new podcast and it was awesome!
    I have been listening to the Honest Guys for 6 years almost daily! 😀

  7. Nooooooooo! The cold and the rain makes me sad! We don’t get a proper ‘fall’ here in the UK, with all the pretty colours and crunchy leaves, so Fall to me is just dark mornings and lots of rain! I much prefer the sunnier months! I quite like it in Winter when you get those really crisp but sunny days, but I’d much prefer Summer all year round if I could! Maybe it’s time for me to emigrate??

  8. Aww thank you!! 🙂 Another one goes up tomorrow, which I’m pretty excited about because it’s a bit different from the other ones so far.
    I love Honest Guys! That’s amazing you listen to them daily! Do you find that they’ve really helped? 😀

  9. Aargh I didn’t see a notification that you uploaded a 3rd episode. Listening to it now!

    I started listening to the Honest Guys when I had sleeping issues due to stress.
    I mostly like to listen to their meditation session in the evening.
    It improves my breathing.
    It really helped me and I’m so happy people do this for free.

    Are you planning to do a meditation recording? 😀

  10. Aw haha thanks 🙂 My most devoted listener right here! I appreciate it a lot ❤
    I like to fall asleep to their meditation sessions sometimes, too. So soothing. I'm glad that they help you sleep and breathe better 😀
    I actually have been thinking of that but I think it might be hard haha. In an ideal future, I would love to collaborate on one with the honest guys!

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