Pet names

“Hey babe, can you just pick up some milk after work?”
My colleague smirked. “Calling private with the work phone?”.

Oops. Yes. I guess I do 😉


The colleague and I spend quite some time together due to sharing the office.
And therefore got the point that we refer to our partners with the actual name.
But he still likes to call her “my girl”.

Too sweet for me 😉
Although, occasionally Jasper would call me that and it makes me feel super special.

But pet names can get worse, MUCH WORSE!

I googled most hated pet names for partners and immediately also got the 10 most liked ones.
And look who’s there on number 1 on of most hated 😏



How do you call your partner?
What do you find the absolute worst pet name?

17 thoughts on “Pet names

  1. I’m a desperate man, whatever my wife calls me, I’m just happy that she acknowledges my existence. She’s a special lady and like I said before “I’m a desperate man, I takes what I can gets”!!!!

  2. My husband calls me babe lol I call him baby or just by his name. I hate when men call me sweetheart, or darling. My dad calls me Sister. I call my oldest Little Boy and my youngest Beexy.

  3. …Geez… Some of those pet names xD gorgeous??? I don’t think I want to be called “gorgeous” on a daily basis. It makes my inner feminist puff up her chest from feeling objectified (I’m exaggerating a bit but it does rub me the wrong way in a similar vein). There’s something sweeter about “beautiful,” though. I used to gag at people calling each other “babe,” but I’m okay with it now. I get grossed out when women refer to men as “daddy,” though, in a sexual way. I don’t get it. It’s not really a pet name, but thought it was relevant enough to bring up.

  4. Omg! Daddy! That’s terrible! 😅
    I never liked Babe either! But then I saw a shirt with “Tiger Babe” on it. It makes no sense, but we 2 larger fluffy toy tigers. So it all became very funny to me and I got used to it 😉

  5. I hardly ever call my boyfriend by his name to be honest! And Im always surprised when he says my name instead of babe.
    It’s funny 😅

  6. Oh god all of these make me cringe a bit. I call my friends pet names but never Dan. I call him Mr.Poo because he leaves bad smells hahaha x

  7. Lol I love the icon for Jasper on the call log. 😂 If I did have a boyfriend, I wouldn’t want him to call me “sweetie” (which to me sounds like I’m supposed to be a kid) or “honey” (which sounds like an old fashioned pet name that doesn’t fit me). I think I hate “sweetie” a lot because I used to have a teacher (not a male one) who used to call her students by that name all the time and it just made me feel icky. I wouldn’t even want my own parents to call me that lol. “Bae” would be a no-no for me too. I just can’t deal with the sound of the word lol.

  8. Hahaha I like all pet names, I think all of them on the list are cute. I love that your colleague still calls her “my girl.” ♡♡♡

  9. It’s cool ha!
    It’s Grumpy Ghost of my doodles.
    It always makes me laugh.

    Bae seems to be something that has only been invented recently, because I haven’t heard it much before. I don’t like it much either.

    In different cultures / languages it can be again different.
    There are some in Dutch which are so weird and frankly said, disgusting !

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