(Children’s) Poem about Grumpy Ghost

For a while now, Jasper and I have been having the habit of telling each other short stories or poems before going to sleep.
They usually turn out to be funny and silly, yet it stimulates the creative spirit and make us laugh.

I, of course, try to incorporate the Emotion Doodles! 😉
I posted two of them before:
(Children’s)Poem about Unimpressed Jelly
(Children’s) poem about Skeptical Valentino

Today, there is a new one about our good friend:

Grumpy Ghost

He tries to scare you during the night
But he doesn’t know to do it right

He tries to scare you during the day
“Boooo” he might say

But this you could guess
Nobody fears him in his yellow dress

People end up in laughter
and walk away after

This upsets him the most
Therefore our yellow friend remains a Grumpy Ghost


Do you like to read or write poems?
Do you prefer them emotional and deep or more simple and funny?
What’s the most creative thing you did today?
How did it affect you?

Grumpy Ghost can be custom made and purchased on your favorite item via:

Emotion Doodles Store 

17 thoughts on “(Children’s) Poem about Grumpy Ghost

  1. Spontaneous poems are hard for me. This is the overanalytical part of me who writes stuff and goes back to correct it if I think it sounds terrible. Usually I go for poems about feelings because they’re open for interpretation even if the author wrote certain lines with a specific thought in mind at the time they were written.

    The most creative thing I did today?? Does writing an email count? 😂 It was painful since there was a formality to it and I chose my words carefully before sending it out.

  2. Poems are too cryptic for me.
    I prefer people just saying they have a bad rather than “I feel like a boat who is no longer able to float” or whatever people use 😉

    Ha! No an email like that is too restrictive to be creative 😉
    I will respond to your email tomorrow morning during work btw!

  3. Funny thing… today I posted my first poem (this was only the 2nd one I wrote… EVER). I prefer light and funny over the complicated works. Nice looking grumpy ghost. 🙌👍

  4. And you say poetry is not for you.
    I do like reading and writing poetry. But it depends on the mood, the style of writing, etc. Sometimes I like the funny, sometimes I prefer the metaphorical, deep ones. Same with writing. SOmetimes I use rhymes, sometimes I like to free verse. It all depends. I don’t restrict myself.
    The most creative thing today? I added fruit to my breakfast? It made me feel like I’m on vacation in a fancy resort.
    Your GG poem is awesome. So silly.

  5. I googled “what rhymes on” a lot haha.
    It’s silly indeed, but it was fun writing it! I’ll try for all the doodles.

    Personally I’m not into deep poems. They’re too vague. They make me shout “just say what you want to say already!!” 😅

  6. What I don’t like is when people try to come across as smarter than everyone else and they use the most insane words that no one has ever heard of. I’ve seen that here on WP.

  7. His yellow dress LOL how cute! I love that you & Jasper tell each other poems, that’s so sweet. ❤ I'm not really into poems, myself. I don't really understand most of them, but I understood this one. 😉

  8. I love writing poetry. For me, it’s an easy medium that allows me to clearly express my feelings. However, I feel as though school ruined (continues to ruin) reading poetry as they make us overanalyse everything until the poem seems to have no meaning. In my opinion it depends on the poet and their style to truly and effectively convey proper emotion through poetry.

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