A trip down to memory lane

One of the first early memories I have was when I was about 4 years old.
Every morning we went for a walk in the park.
One, because a little exercise is  healthy.
Two, because it was surrounded by pigeons.
The way they walked always made me laugh.

But there was one in particular I felt attached to.
The poor little one had a limb on his foot.
Because he was not as quick as his buddies, people would make sure he would get extra bread crumbs.
At that moment I actually believed people stand up for the weaker one.

I remember how my dad inspired me to study Electrical Engineering.
One Christmas my mum was in panic because she thought the Christmas lights weren’t working anymore.
My dad started laughing and explained about electrical circuits in series
I became fascinated with it ever since.

I remember how mum would always be there when I can home from school.
If she saw I had a bad day, she’d tell me to take a long hot shower meanwhile she prepared my comfiest clothes and tea for me.
If I wanted to talk about it, she’d listen. If I didn’t, she wouldn’t ask.

I remember the first time Jasper and I had a little argument.
The “You do nothing around the house” kind of thing 😉
He came into the living room with the vacuum cleaner, playing Queen’s I want to break free.
I nearly choked in laughter.

I remember how my friend would save money to come and visit me when I lived abroad.
I remember the teacher who’d recognized my passion for mathematics and guided me with extra challenging homework.

But  I also remember the bullying at school and work.
The backstabbing.
The crying.
And these are the memories that are still bothering me.
On a daily basis, songs, items, words can remind me of a horrible memory and ruin my entire day.

Today’s post was inspired by this “Who put those onions here” drawing.
Don’t tell me I’m the only one who’s tearing up 😉


If you’d ask me if I could push a reset button to forget all memories I had, I would say YES straight away without thinking of the nice ones.

Wrong decision.

This blog is helping me to write down both my bad and good experiences.
One day I will read them back and be remembered how I conquered the negative ones.
And the positive ones will always make me smile.

13 thoughts on “A trip down to memory lane

  1. Oh Andrea, who did put the onions there?! Those good memories you have are the sweetest. I’m sorry you have so many bad ones that hurt you still. ♡

  2. I am sure! Once you find you peace and calm in a happy place, there might not be a reason to look back at the negative stuff! 🙂

  3. Thanks for your kind words 🙂
    We have to remind ourselves of the wonderful times but also not forget about the negative ones that made us stronger 🙂

  4. It is crazy that with all the good memories we have we do tend to focus on the ones that suck. I do this all the time! What I like to do, and it has really helped me, is remind myself that I have so much to be thankful for. A lot of times it makes me feel a lot better. I really liked this post, very relatable. ❤

  5. Awe I love this little elephant. The world can be so tough sometimes and what a beautiful illustration. I love your sweet way of expressing yourself 🦋💜

  6. I agree with you! It’s funny how the brain works.

    I think it’s good to write good experiences down and read them back every now and then.
    That’s why I love pictures!

    Thank you 🙂

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