Say it with a card

Living in the digital era certainly has it’s perks.
But it has also made us lazy or inconsiderate maybe even.

I remember the excitement of getting loads of Christmas and Birthday cards when I was young.
Now people would send me 10 smileys over WhatsApp or email.

Sure, it still counts, but I’d like to bring back the youth memories of the excitement on that special day.
Or even just a “sweet little nothing”.
Or showing your emotion with a card.

And else than my Emotion Doodles would be starring in that process! 😉

I have now made Greeting Cards via Zazzle: Emotion Doodles Greeting Cards

With each of them comes a 60% discount code, so you’d end up paying a little over 1 USD / EURO.

As always, I’m happy to customize upon request.
Choose your doodle, choose your text, choose your shape or color!


29 thoughts on “Say it with a card

  1. I like how creative you are becoming with these. They’re super fun.
    I wonder how would someone feel to get a Valentino Valentines card, though…

  2. Thank you!
    Depends very much on the person. If i’d send Valentino to Jasper for V-day, he’d find it hilarious.
    But of us are in favor of grumpy/indifferent doodles.
    It’s definitely not intended to insult someone 😉

  3. Then you can send those that nobody really liked.
    Like the people from the tax office or the neigbor who lets her cat crap in your backyard 😉

  4. The fact that you created these, and now you are selling them, is so inspiring! It is not everyday that you get to witness someone grow like this! I’m impressed and I feel like I should push myself more! Thank-you!

  5. Thanks!
    I can recommend this site ( t anyone who draws or even want to print a picture on card, mug, tshirt, phone case.
    Because you upload it and they do the printing and send it to you 🙂

  6. Yes! I loved giving/receiving x-mas cards. It was always such an exciting time to get your 100 pack and give them all out at school. Admittedly, I don’t celebrate Christmas anymore but thank you for this memory! I’d forgotten all about this “card swapping” thang!

  7. I still prefer getting cards or letters in the mail for special occasions. I get that doing it virtually is a lot easier and faster. It doesn’t diminish the sentiment of someone showing that they care though sometimes with people I don’t know that well, if they send me well wishes, I ponder if they did that out of convenience or if they whole heartedly meant it.

  8. I agree. At my parents house still have stack of cards I got when I was young. It’s makes both smile and emotional reading them.

    But i am guilty of the digital activities as well. But I decided to change that 😀

  9. Those cards are so cute. I am forever writing cards, birthday cards, Christmas cards, thank you cards ect ect. I believe writing cards is a ‘tradition’ that should be kept going. The digital age is great but we mustn’t forget that we live in the real world too. Cards are to be treasured forever. Lovely post x

  10. Thanks!
    I love cards too! My parents always send me one for Christmas and my Birthday. They are traditional like that and I always send one back.

    It brings much more happiness than a text message! We need to bring this tradition back! 🙂

  11. Oh that’s so lovely. Its so much more meaningful that way isn’t it. It’s nice you send one back too.
    I agree, because it’s much more thoughtful than a text message. We definitely do! Luckily my friends and I always exchange birthday cards as do my family and I x

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