The big elephant in the room.

Do you talk about it?
Do your colleagues know?
Do your friends know?
Does your partner even know?

I once had dinner with 2 co-workers for work purposes.
When the bill came, we looked nervously at each other.
The general rule of the company is that the highest in range pays.
All 3 of us were in a more of less equal management position.
“So who gets the most salary?”, one joked.

Later at the bar, this continued.
The one of the joke was the curious one.
I didn’t mind telling at all. I just didn’t know what the HR  policy was on this.

In fact, I want to shout of the rooftops, because for ages I have been trying to make my point that men DO NOT earn more than women. (based on the Western Europe way of living)
As long as you state very boldly your salary wishes during a job interview.
Why wouldn’t you? Try, at least.
Pretend you’re that feminist you claim to be.

Back at the 3 of us at the bar.
The curious one immediately stated his salary, so I did too.
I was 500 euro below him.
But in all fairness he has a higher education and  4 more years of experience.
And I got a company car, which he didn’t.
The 3rd one answered with a “Oh, maybe I should have that talk with HR any way”.


Once again confirmed that women don’t necessarily get less salary than men.
It really is about your own mentality.

AAAAAH, I love it when I’m right 😉 






18 thoughts on “Salary

  1. I really don’t like anyone knowing how much I earn. It’s a touchy subject to me, because I am so used to other people feeling the need to live my life for me. They like to gossip, and talk about what they would spend that money on, etc. I don’t want them to feel envious. Etc.

    When it comes to bills, the person in the higher position picks up the tab (normally, but not always). However, if you are just going out with people of the same rank, I would opt either for splitting the bill (everyone pays for themselves), or a random person paying this time, but next time the next person pays, etc.

  2. I get that a lot too. Most people think I should spend it on them.
    Yeah, that’s exactly why I get up at 5:30 every morning 🙄.

    But I am trying to prove my point. So it’s worth it.

    This was a business dinner and would end up on the company credit card anyhow. But restaurants don’t really seem to do that, split bills. You have to tell specifically before you order. That’s not something I remember.

  3. I agree on disclosure simply because I have had people tell me (that since I had been making more at the time) that I should work more because of higher pay. Plenty of times merit increases are from a job well done and, of course if you stay the course, time in service awards you as well. This does not mean that you should do more because you make more… so to avoid comments and workplace friction I just say keep it to myself. I was always a hard worker but it boiled my skin when others tried to put even more on my plate because they wanted to chill. Salary was not a good enough justification for me.

  4. Most restaraunts try to train their servers to ask that question in the begining. So… if they didnt and you forgot… then request it anyway. They can split bills at the end of your meal… thats what computers and managers are for. 😉

  5. I think it’s important to be more open about salary. It shouldn’t be so taboo. Of course this doesn’t mean I have the right to know everyone’s salary and that I can demand it. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing, that’s totally fine, too, but society in general thinks of it as some forbidden information when it really shouldn’t be. I hear that this is one of the reasons the gender pay gap had existed for so long–women, especially, wouldn’t talk about salary because they didn’t think it was polite or acceptable. However, women should be talking to other women about how much they’re getting paid and talking to men, as well. Of course they should put everything into consideration as you did with the experience and additional benefits, but I think it’s a topic that should be more okay to discuss openly. The upper-level executives get away with a lot because employees don’t talk to one another about this. It’s important to get this information for yourself instead of settling with what you’re offered or what you have because you’re afraid of asking for more or you’re uninformed about what should be the norm.

  6. Ahhh I love when you post about how wrong those “feminists” are!!! Go you! At least you didn’t have to pay but you weren’t the last guy. 😉

    I never like to tell people how much I make because my parents always told me it’s impolite to talk about money but my co-workers always brag about their profits & try to ask how much I made. Lol I just tell ’em I haven’t counted yet, which is usually true anyways. Also my customers seem to always want to know my income. I tell them that’s an incredibly inappropriate question & they agree with me every time lol.

  7. Ha yeah! Feminists are really in my way to success 😉

    I do understand what you say.
    Some people brag indeed, but I rather see it as an informative something.
    Too many of my friends have started a demanding job with a minimum salary. They simply don’t that they should be getting a lot more.
    Young people are fooled in that way.

    Also vacation days are important in this story.
    I’m lucky enough to get 40 of them, but many companies only offer 25.
    If then people my experience still earn less than me, you can be sure that they are really unfair!

    But yeah, you should start asking random people for their salary haha.

  8. I agree with you!
    Too many young people, but also more experienced, have no clue what to expect from salary.
    A lot of my friends got a pretty low salary with less vacation days than me!
    Shame on the employer, but also shame on them for not listening to me 😉

    I actually think most managers think it shows balls when you start negotiating about salary.
    You show that you know what you want, you show negotiation skills, you show courage.
    All positive assets a manager would need in their team!

    Unfortunately, it’s hard to give advice oversees because of the tax difference.
    For example in NL, a regular tax percentage is 48% ! I think that’s not the case in the US!

  9. Hey, Andrea! What a great post and more people should read this 😀
    Also, I wanted to check if everything’s okay? I read your Liebster Award post and wasn’t able to comment because you’d made it private 😦

  10. Yeah there’s like a tricky line between seeming like an employee who’s easy to work with and a confident employee who knows what s/he’s worth. A lot of people are scared of scaring away the employer by seeming too demanding but they really lack that confidence in their own abilities >< Overall the job market sucks haha. Oh wow 48%?! True, it varies by country and even by the state within the country because of "cost of living."

  11. That absolutely makes sense why you’d wanna know or share with others in a salary setting such as yours!

    I do try to ask customers their salary when they ask me but they always lie, I feel like. 😛

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