Get a “Niche”.

I dislike this word so much, you cannot even imagine.
It is always promoted as “the best” blogging advice.
Even when I contacted the support group for my t-shirt website and asked them why I am not selling any apparel, they answer with “you don’t seem to have a clear niche”.


It took me a while to even understand the meaning of the word as well!

This website explains the 7 blog niches which are known to be most successful in making you achieve a massive amount of followers, work with (big) brands and potentially make money out of it :

  1. How to make money (you work?)
  2. Personal Finance
  3. Health and Fitness
  4. Food
  5. Beauty and Fashion
  6. Life style
  7. Personal Development

I think I have touched up on all topics in one way or another, but I couldn’t imagine writing about one of them all the time.

Another recipe for a successful blog is to keep blogging regularly.
(I must say, this actually really seem to work)

Despite the fact that I don’t have a niche, I do catch myself sometimes thinking “I have written about this topic before”.

Even though the post is written and spell checked, it takes me some time to actually hit “Publish”.
I’m scared that it might annoy readers.
“Oh surprise, surprise. There she goes again writing her annoying colleagues, OCD and same old doodles”. 


But then sometimes someone  would comment with a “Thank you, I really needed this post today”.
There is nothing that could give me a bigger smile!

So I’d say, post it anyhow. You never know how much it can mean to someone! 😉

How do you feel about niches?
Do you sometimes feel unsure blogging about the same topic?


48 thoughts on “Niches

  1. I guess I would be considered a lifestyle blogger? Or a weight loss blogger? Who knows. I’m not trying to be in only one category. That’s not how real life is!
    I love your doodles. Never stop being you!

  2. I do think it’s becoming that!
    I remember your first blogs were mainly about the costumers!
    I think it’s important to use the right Tag words as well. One that seemed to have help me a lot is “blogsphere” 😉

    I agree with you! Nobody is ever just one category!

    I will do! Thanks 🙂

  3. I guess I understand how having a ‘niche’ could be useful in terms of managing your readers expectations, but honestly, I couldn’t do it. My blog is heavily fashion based I know, but I also like to write about my life, travelling, my opinions on things, books I’ve read… I think I’d find it way too hard to only ever focus on one topic!

  4. Glad you wrote about this today! In focus, I do seem to fall short. I started to rein in my topics for one blog that I post, but for my dog-blog I still am not getting a lot of attention. And life gets in the way sometimes. But enough of this! dog- time to refocus….

  5. I think your blog strength is that you are always relatable and open; you are the opposite of niche to me!
    Also your t shirts have the doodle titles under the images/captions…not sure if that was intended or a mistake but that might not help sales…I can’t tell if it is intentional or not though! I don’t come to your blog too often.

  6. Actually your blog is one of the most interesting fashion blogs I’ve come across at!
    It doesn’t only show the clothing and provides with information where you got it from, everything seems to have a story behind it!
    So you’re combining two things which is really great! Keep on going! 🙂

  7. I once wrote a blog about “your personality vs. your favorite dog breed”.
    Mine wasn’t very long and informative, but since you seem to know your doggies, maybe you could elaborate more on such a topic?

    For reference, my blog:

    And to get more attention to your blog, you can use the popular tags. Such as: Blogsphere, blogging, blogger, wordpress.
    Funnily enough, it worked for me 😉

  8. Thanks!

    Actually the tittle was intentional. I personally prefer it that way, but you could be right. Some like to keep it simple.
    I will create them without text too 🙂

  9. That’s okay, don’t let me sway you either way, you know your audience best and what people want from you. Best of luck with the online store. The titles are funny and either way I think you have plenty of people who enjoy your blog.

  10. Niches get stitches… lol! I love your blog and your posts! You keep it real and your doodles are really cool and applicable.

    I have not really settled on one either; I try to limit myself to God, MS, food, crafts and travel. 🤞 MORE than enough right?!?!

  11. You know how I feel about this. Niches annoy me, as well.
    I just realized how blogging (niches) can compare to focus/ passions in life. You and I had this conversation before – I was brought up to know a little bit of everything. To be able to hold a conversation with anyone. To be able to do so many various things. And I can, but sometimes, I wonder what if I focused on 1 single thing? What if I spent all the time I spent on x,y and z by focusing just on x? Would I be happier in life? Would I be earning more?
    And the same seems to apply to blogging. I don’t like to narrow myself to just 1 theme, but by blogging about any and every thing, am I limiting myself? The thing is that I would just become bored writing about the same thing over and over again. Although, there are some recurring points in my blog.
    Our niche is the lack of a niche.

  12. I tend to only blog about one thing… maybe that’s a vocational hazard for a pastor?

    Seriously, it is a small niche, because I include a lot of Catholic stuff, some Lutherans think it isn’t right. The Catholics are afraid of it, because I am considered a protestant. Evangelical protestants don’t get it at all.

    So… I write for myself – and rejoice if someone else likes it! 🙂

  13. Ha agreed!

    That’s actually a great approach to use the a couple of topics! Then we do know what to expect from you blog!
    Very smart 🙂

  14. I can confirm, you are not.
    I love that you post a lot of pictures in your blog. Any picture of Canadian landscape, makes my day. If only one day you could capture wildlife! I still want to see a moose! 😀

  15. I’m curious, what is the level of education of most of your colleagues?

    I feel bad for saying this, but most of my colleagues don’t have a very high education so the topics discussed during lunch are just very simple.
    I’d love to talk to them about different cultures, good, music. But they all seem to go camping in the South of France to meet more Dutch families.
    Also they like to talk about spending the spending the weekends drinking beer with friends while the kids are at the local football club.
    I cannot at all relate to their limited niches.

    I would never limit myself to one niche either, but some topics I do avoid.
    Anything about politics for example or even history. I don’t know much about it and I’d only make an ass of myself writing about it.

  16. I think that, if you want to make money from blogging, a niche market is probably the way to go but personally I follow blogs because they instill some sort of emotion in me; some are niche and some are not but it’s irrelevant as to whether I like them or not :O) As for me, I write about whatever happens to pop into my head that day ;O) x

  17. I think the same.
    If you’re a beauty or fashion blogger, you’d most likely will end up with a brand.

    But also like you, I write about anything that’s on my mind that day! It;s more fun, isn’t it!?! 😀

  18. It varies. From high school dimplomas to doctorates. But those that I have problems with are less educated than me (formal education). And I know it sounds pompous, but that’s the truth.
    Same with chatting – it’s mostly so basic. Hence, I don’t hang out with people all that often.

    Yes, History is my weak spot, too. And while I can talk politics, I choose to stay away from it here as well.

  19. I hate niches, too. When the first thing someone tells me in a video or blog post is that I need to find my niche, I immediately leave. I am now under the category lifestyle, but only because it’s the broadest category since it pertains to all things life-related xD but I still write my reviews and do quizzes. I just find niches too limiting. I can understand it from a business mindset and I do want to expand in an entrepreneur way with my blog, but I can just never put myself in a corner like that. I could never do it. I just find people too complex and I want to love what I do with my blog, not feel limited. So I totally get ya. Even with becoming a published author, I am well aware there is a certain brand so people expect you to stay within one genre, but I hate that, too. I love fantasy. I love rom-coms in book forms. I like mystery thrillers. I want to write everything. Maybe I won’t excel in one because they say you can’t do everything and be good at them all, but maybe I can prove them wrong and show that… people really aren’t that simple or one-dimensional.
    And that last message was so sweet and cute! I love how you just do it for people to feel smiley when they need it 🙂

  20. You should definitely use tags!
    Try something like blogging, blogsphere, life, experience, blogger.

    Usually works for me 🙂

  21. I really wish blogging could be a job.
    A niche might be helpful, but without one it should be possible too!

    I was thinking, we can make a deal.
    By the end of next week, we both contact at least one brand for a collaboration! 😉

    I would really also like to do something with my doodles. I’d love to see them being made into toys or emotion cards.
    I just know where to start!

    Blogging is a two way street!
    I feel relieved for telling what’s bothering me. For others it can offer comfort. 🙂

  22. I used to mislike it too, all those classical advices, starting with the “niche”, “post regularly”, “make awesome content” – but not anymore. I guess, because my first attitude was to find out how it works – so that it can work for me. Now I realized that blogging (the real income blogging) is another profession – and I already have one that I like. So why learn a lot about this new profession when I have mine?
    So yeah, this is why it stopped irritating me now. I don’t read those kind of posts any more, haha. Easy 🙂

  23. I love this deal! I’ve kept putting it off for some reason but I’ve been meaning to reach out this week anyway, so this all works out!
    I know that blogging can be a job but it’s so hard and competitive–but also, what isn’t? The job market is really tough, anyway. Aw you should keep at it with the doodles too! They’re cute.

  24. Oh very cool!
    I just not very sure where to look for brands.
    Whenever I google, I only get “how to approach brands”.
    Sigh, why is google sometimes so helpful and other times so useless

  25. I think it’s because it’s up to you to decide what brand you want to reach out to and be sponsored by, and it’s different for every blogger depending on what topics they cover and the audience they reach! Why don’t you try to make a list of all the brands you really like and then see if you can find their contact information? 🙂

  26. I think the human spirit is a free spirit. It cannot be reined in. It refuses to be pigeonholed. So the staunchest niche advocate finds themselves straying, so to speak, all the time. I try often to cut out some categories on my newbie blog. And oh, all the time I find my way back to them! I really believe it’s all about knowing how to put all those passions together in one place and making them all matter to the reader. Niching may be great, but it need not be taken too far. Thanks for a great post. It’s extremely reassuring.

  27. Welcome to the blogging world!
    I completely agree with you. I don’t know why people would limit themselves to one niche.
    But truth to be told, that is usually what works if you want to become commercial.

  28. I am new to blogging, but I don’t want to be pigeon-holed that quickly. My blog is about MY journey, not what professional bloggers think I should be writing about. I’m not doing this for the money, I’m doing this for me.

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