So you want to travel for work?

Doesn’t it sound like a dream?
You get paid to travel.
Sure, you have to spend 8 hours in the office.
But you get to stay in fabulous hotels, visit the places Tripadvisor suggests and get to eat in different restaurants.

But really, is it all that wonderful?

I just got back from a 4 hour drive after spending the past 5 days abroad, which might enhance the negativity of this post 😉
Let’s have a look at the pros & cons!



The regular advice is to only bring the clothes you really need, but it’s not a bad idea to bring some extras.
Not only you can spill ketchup over your bright white blouse, but after a restaurant visit there is a high probability you might smell like steak and fries.

Also in the summer, you probably will need to change more often.
But then again, winter clothes are heavier.

As a lady, you might want to bring your high heels, but that’s not what you want to wear during your evening walk.

So anyhow, if you’re going away for a couple of days, you’re most likely going to end up with a heavy suitcase.
Not to mention your 10 kg laptop and charger.


Even a 4 star hotel doesn’t promise a comfy bed, trust me on this.
Usually it also comes with very heavy blanket as well which makes summernights even hotter.
So you turn on the AC, which creates an ear canal damaging noise. Grrrr!

You spend hours searching for a plug to charge your phone.
That damn isn’t even next to your bed (!)
I really need my meditation music to fall asleep.

And don’t get me even started on the terrible LED lighting.
It makes my hair look orange and reveals all the little spots I have on my skin.


If like me you don’t use public toilets and don’t like crowded areas, you’re not going to like airports.
I’d love to just put on the music from my Spotify, but we all know how crappy iPhone batteries are.

Travel Expenses

I end up with a million receipts which are all over the place.
I think the expense department of the company has already put me on their blacklist because I am always late with sending in my expenses.

It’s tiring

Really, really tiring.
Also because I get homesick. I miss Jasper. I miss our fish.
I miss my own made coffee. I miss our fluffy tiger friends.



It does save personal expenses

If you’re away for a week, your electricity, water, grocery bills will go down.

You do get some rest from certain things

Cleaning, cooking, doing your laundry.
That’s not so bad at all.

It’s good on your CV

If you have done a job like that, definitely mention it on your CV.
It’s shows that you can cope with a certain stressful life style.

Does your job require you to travel? How does it affect you?
Or do you really want a job that allows requires you to travel?

My opinion?
I got what I wanted, but I really don’t want it anymore.
I guess that says it all 😉

33 thoughts on “So you want to travel for work?

  1. You bring up so many great points, and manage to do so with honest humor. I found myself smiling throughout because many of the hassles of traveling on your Cons list happen to be my favorite parts! The heavy luggage, crowded airports, and complete exhaustion fuel my spirit of adventure in the most ironic of ways. I think they still count as valid Cons though. Thanks for a great piece!

  2. Ah I’m it does bring you joy!
    In all honesty, I love it when I travel privately. But usually I’m not on my own then.
    And only the way TO the vacation destination, not the way back 😉

    Thank you for reading!!

  3. I was so happy to see your post today. I’ve noticed your lack of posts the past couple of days, and today, I was in dire need of something to distract me and hold my attention for a bit. So thank you for helping with that.

    1. Those tigers are adorable.
    2. You reminded me of my receipt saga. On my last vacation, because I used a US credit card, which had no foreign fees (supposedly), I decided that keeping all the receipts would be necessary (to then get back home, compare, and make sure I wasn’t swindled). It started alright, because I also used some cash exchanged currency, but once that ran out, the receipts started piling up. And I had no patience, or time to organize them, so I just dumped them in one of my suitcase pockets. When I arrived home and took them all out, I was overwhelmed. But proceeded to sort them by date, and in the end, it all worked out. So that’s my suggestion to you – put them all in a single ziplock bag, or a folder, and then just submit it in an envelope to whomever. That’s what my last boss did, anyway.
    3. Yes, I always wanted to travel for work. It never really happened, but I’m not complaining. I’m aware of the cons, especially when your flight is lengthy. But I also do like the pros.

  4. Hey, I actually send you an email some days back which I feel bad about now!!
    I thought you were ignoring, on email at least.
    I had also noticed some lack of blogging on your side and send my concerns in an email.
    And then you didn’t respond and I got a little angry and upset I guess.
    So I now understand that you probably don’t really check that email adress.
    So I really really hope you can ignore that last stupid email of mine!!. 😥
    I was, for many private reasons, angry at anyone and anything, so my reaction was too impulsive.
    So I am really really sorry about it!

    I have been on emotional and physical rollercoaster. About the possible new job opportunity and move abroad.
    And still, I have no clear answer from them.
    I had to go through yet another job interview with them and was told that this job also contains quite some traveling. So now I’m really worried!

    If you’re interested in traveling for a job, maybe look for “training” 😉

    I really hope you are doing OK! Otherwise let me know and I’ll a billion doodles to cheer you up 😉

  5. I got no email! I kept checking it, because I almost wrote one to you. There is nothing.
    OMG! I just checked my spam folder and there you were. 6 emails from you. Half from June. This is insane! I’m so sorry. It wasn’t me. I don’t know why some of them would get back to me, while others went to spam. I will catch up on all shortly.

    Life’s been busy. Busier than I thought it would be. I feel very bad for skipping on blogging. I do have a new post pre-scheduled for Sunday, though. I don’t like pre-scheduling, but I never end up having time over the weekend like I plan, so I took some time yesterday and wrote.

    I know it’s cliche to say, but “if it’s meant to be, it will be”. It’s easy to say, I know, but that’s all I’ve got. I’m not good at comforting people. No matter how hard I try.

    I’m OK, although I feel like today should be Friday (not Thursday) (I felt like the calendar was messing with me all week.) Doodles are always welcome.

    Off to emails I go.

  6. We’ve got so many!
    Mainly Black Mollies. We started with 2, half a year later there are 27 of them!! These guys have the best love life ever!

    We also got quite some neon tetra’s, guppies, platies and my favorite, the kuli loach 😀
    It’s quite a big fish tank we have 🙂

    Do you have fish as well?

  7. We’ve got :
    Phyton (The name you gave 😀 )
    My name is IGBT, which is actually just the name of an electrical component (a switch that is able to swith 10.000x or more per second!)

  8. I am going to answer them! Thanks so much for the effort! I’m glad this cleared out!

    I don’t do pre-scheduling either! I write because I have something on my mind at that particular time!

    I so wish it was Friday.
    I was planning to work from home tomorrow, but we have that stupid training from the company doctor. UGH!

  9. I went outside to get some fresh, warm air, and a thought popped into my mind. Liking comments. You asking me why I do that. And I remember saying that’s my way of acknowledging receiving that comment. But I had some clearer thoughts just fly into my head today.
    It IS my way of me telling you I read your response. I don’t “Like” posts to just notify you that I read it. I comment. When I comment, it means I read.
    Sometimes there is no need to respond to a comment (there isn’t much else to say, or you can only thank someone for thanking you so many times, lol), so the only way for me to acknowledge them (instead of writing a response: “Comment received”).
    Back when I first discovered Community Pool and started participating (October/ November?), my notifications broke. By that, I mean, I had one person spam Like every single thing I said on those threads. Now, you can imagine that if I checked out so many blogs, left them a short response in CP, and sometimes engaged in conversations with other people who replied, there were quite a few comments for them to like. I might not have checked my notifications for a day afterwards, and when I came back… all I could see were Likes from this person. No comment responses that I knew I had, because I saw them before going to bed, but was too tired to respond. They were gone the next day, and even though I reached out to IT, I was unable to retrieve them. Basically, you can track comments that were made on YOUR blog, but not really the comments you leave on CP, or other people’s blogs. I was so upset. I tried to go back to those blogs I remembered visiting, and responded to people’s comments. But I’m sure I did not manage to find all of them. It made me think that others will think I did not care to respond to them, which was not true. So in order to try and prevent anything like that from happening, I like every comment I get. That way, you can either get a response (obvious), or a “Like” (nothing more to add), or nothing. And when you get nothing from me… it means something’s wrong. I’m either MIA, or something went wrong and I never got your comment.

  10. Ha yeah. If I wouldn’t be traveling for work, I wouldn’t go traveling alone either. So it would be waaaay more fun 😉

  11. That’s fair enough.
    I definitely do think the best way to end a conversation is by just “liking” the last comment, if there is nothing more to say.

    I get those people as well, liking every comment I write. HELL.

    Community pool?
    Haven’t heard about it! Where can I find that?

  12. Back in the dinosaur days we had CP.
    Come to think of it… maybe it was YOU who shut it down? You voiced how you don’t like swimming with your co-workers and BOOM! Community Pool is no more. Hmmm….

  13. Yeahhh traveling for work always seemed like a hassle to me. I think the perk of traveling is going to relax and enjoy freedom, but if it’s for work, that charm isn’t there so I don’t think I’d be particularly excited or happy. Now if I could travel for my blog or Instagram or something, I think that would be nice. I would love to make more travel vlogs, too, but for work work.. hm.. no thanks >< maybe like… once a year…

  14. Oh man! Traveling for this blog and writing my experiences would be a dream!
    But I don’t even know how people do sponsored posts from brands. I guess you have to email them?
    I did email google and Keloggs for my doodles. But neither ever responded to me, haha.

    I was once approached by a company to review one of their wigs though! But I didn’t go through with it.

  15. Yes traveling and writing about it would be so amazing!! I think they just cold email a bunch of brands they want to work with. I’ve been working up the nerve to do that xD
    Ooh wigs, haha. Random but fun!

  16. Hi Andrea,

    Interesting points! Not many people talk about the negative side to travelling for work. It has always been a dream of mine to do so which is why I have really started to concentrate on my blogging. I know I would miss my family a lot and it can get lonely and times so I guess the question is – would it be worth it?

    Thanks for your post!


  17. Hi Jessie!
    Thank you for you comment!
    I guess it also strongly depends on whether you would have to travel alone, or with a colleague / friend.
    I am personally on my own. Although it does give me the time to focus on myself and blogging and drawing, I hate sitting alone in a restaurant.

    As for blogging, probably many people tell you it will always remain a hobby and it would make you “rich”.
    I think differently! I think it really is possible. It might take some work and years.
    I am working towards the same goal and I am willing to experiment.
    I try design T-shirts and greeting cards.
    I may even try podcast.
    I would really like to encourage you to do the same and not listen to people who are constantly negative about making a career out of blogging! 🙂

  18. Receipt apps are my friend. Airports have to be THE most uninteresting places ever. It’s a nightmare for introverts 😱

    I like traveling. But not as an occupation. That stopped when I had to fly with a cold and the popping and pressure of sinus (painful!) cavities and having to return to work the following day. The cars, the driving are ok. I hate airports.

  19. I love traveling for work. Wouldn’t have it any other way. That said, it’s not as glamorous as everyone makes it out to be. You are often alone. It’s just you and hotel bed. And the time zone changes, and customer meetings/entertaining can wear on you. But you get see great parts of the country/world on someone else’s dollar.

  20. You are so right, Jessie. If you look at any travel bloggers instagram or blog it’s littered w/ magical experiences and journey’s. Not a lot peeps talking about a 4 hour delay in Midway airport. Or getting the stomach bug in the middle of a meeting w/ the customer and then having to fly home that way (those poor passengers on that swest flight…). Or missing the crap out of your family. Still, the pros outweigh the cons.

  21. Yes exactly! I couldn’t agree more. Social media channels such as Instagram can be dangerous, it allows us to post just the portion of our lives that we want people to see. When in reality life isn’t like that.

    Haha the stomach bug story being a prime example!

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