How do you deal with stress?

One of the (annoying) interview questions I’m always being asked.

In my early days I’d lie with a “I’m not a 9 to 5 person” or “Pressure gives me energy to perform better”.

After some self reflection I decided to give them my advice to avoid employees being stressed with a “I believe good communication and planning can reduce a lot of stress”.

I’m almost amused by how badly (HR) managers sell their own company.
“Come and work for is. We promise stress and over hours!”.
Tha F***


But you gotta give it to ’em.
They actually keep their promise.

I have been in many toxic workplaces which are still haunting me.
Even though I love my current job and my manager is a gem, I recently found out how they made changes to the recruiting process.
People now have to go through a one day session where are being put in all kinds of role play scenario’s and being evaluated by a psychologist who’s watching behind the screen.
Only to measure how someone deals with stress!

I am shocked as well as disgusted.
This is against all my morals in life.

I guess I was lucky by “only” having to do an HR interview, a technical test, a safety mindset test, an aptitude test and a behavioral test.

I think stress is useless, but unfortunately cannot be avoided when your colleagues are idiots.
Today was a day where I barely had a minute to breathe because of a Safety notification being sent out.
People were pulling at me and pushing me.
Technicians threw statements at me like “OK fine, so we will stop working”.
Management asked how this could happen.

Did I freak out?
Although this could have been avoided if anyone would have just paid attention to my story before, I actually liked playing the hero today.

You didn’t think I hadn’t actually foreseen this, did you?
No honey, I prepared long time back and just waited for my moment to shine 😉

What do you think of stress? Can it be avoided or reduced?
How would you answer “how do you deal with stress” in a job interview?

14 thoughts on “How do you deal with stress?

  1. I would say taking a few minutes to calm myself, then separating myself from issue (not taking it personally) and think things through with a cool mind (=

  2. I’m too impatient to do that (during the day). I just want to get the job done. But it is important to take breaks 🙂

  3. Made me feel all anxious reading this post. Reminded me of my past employment as a teacher. I have to say meditation has saved and changed my life, but you have to learn it from a teacher. It’s not passively listening to an app. It’s an active calmness.

  4. That’s such an annoying question! Lol I wouldn’t know how to answer but I think the answer that it motivates you more is what they’d wanna hear, huh?

  5. I arrived home to see that I had this tab opened (which means that I saw it, but didn’t get the chance to read + comment). So you haven’t been as MIA as I thought you were, after all.

    Stress? I’m good under pressure. I can forget about it pretty quickly. However, being under stress is not something I enjoy in the long run.

    Like in your case, mine comes from the fact that my co-workers can be idiots. Because they didn’t pay attention, or were lazy, they start to freak out. And when they freak out, they think that everyone else needs to do the same. Why do they insist on putting their stress on me? I don’t do that to them.

  6. I think Hunida is right. That seems to be what companies want to hear.
    They can put more workload on you because you already said it motivates.

    It is sad that we are pushed in this direction !

  7. I don’t think I work better under pressure.
    It doesn’t give me any extra motivation. I will only roll my eyes more.
    I do get job done anyhow.
    But it will make me question if I want to work for such a company. And I know managers think differently, but in the end is their loss if I leave.

    And I know that are big words, but I really do force myself to think in that way.
    I’d stay loyal but in the meantime I will search for something better.
    You screwed me? I will definitely screw you even harder and leave when you need my role the most.

  8. Yes, managers think differently, but it will be their loss if you leave. I was told that I am too arrogant thinking that no one can do what I do. Of course, that is an exaggeration. I know others can do what I do, but I know that whatever I do, I do well, and that not everyone can replicate that. Companies can make you feel disposable. And I’m alright with that now. Because I proved to myself and others that once I leave, their lives become a lot more miserable.


  9. I get easily stressed 😦
    I think it can be worked on but it also takes a lot of work to change the way the mind works. I think I’m naturally like this and my mind had been shaped into this from surroundings and how I grew up, but it can still all be worked on. I’ve just been listening to calming Podcasts, doing meditation, etc.

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