Whose fault is it actually?

I’m back to binge watching “Project Runway”.
A show where 10 clothing designers are in the race of winning a fashion fund.
For each challenge they get a bunch of money to buy fabrics at a high quality store.
Yet, some critics from the judges would contain “And what’s with that fabric, it just looks terrible!”.


I’m not really into fashion, but recently I saw someone wearing tiger print leggings and a dress with a tiger on it and thought the same.



It does make me wonder however, whose fault is it actually?
Is the the buyer?
Or the one that put something terrible like that on the market?

Have you ever been blamed by a senior colleague or manager for not doing the work “as good as they” do?
But honestly, isn’t it their responsibility to teach you the needed skills? Provide you with the necessary training?
They should know who they are hiring (and under paying).

What about the person who has been you provoking you long enough until your internal bomb bursts ?
I bet people would suggest you to do anger management therapy?

Society has made it easy for us to blame someone.
But maybe sometimes we should take a moment and think about

Whose fault is it actually?

8 thoughts on “Whose fault is it actually?

  1. I was in a work situation where the employee training me criticized me for literally everything. First she harped on me for not asking enough questions and other times she seemed to be impatient with explaining things to me slowly and letting me acclimate. Then she would say I wasn’t taking enough notes and later tell me to stop writing everything down. The environment was probably not the best for me and I burned the bridge of ever having the job experience as a professional reference by one day calling it quits. It was the same day I was supposed to take on larger role to help my trainer since the other main employee was away on vacation. She really ramped up the criticism and yelled at me a lot. I think I gave up too because I couldn’t see myself working with her fulltime. I wouldn’t say I didn’t have my faults in the situation but overall my gut told me the job wasn’t suitable for me.

  2. That is a very brave and healthy move!
    I wish I had that taken example, but I always had financial stress, even when it wasn’t needed.
    But really no more. It has never been worth it!

  3. At the time I left, everyone around me was telling me I should have just sucked it up and stayed. I learned from the situation and never again will I accept a job just to please others. I’m relieved you are out of a similar situation too.

  4. HAHA It’s no one’s fault! It’s freedom of creativity and expression xD
    The person who made it thought someone would like to wear it,
    and the person who indeed wore it, was glad someone made it for that person to wear
    I really can’t get into fashion and how full of it some people can be
    Fashion has always been about expression
    and I agree that some things look good and some things don’t (like that tiger ensemble) but I appreciate that anyone has the nerve to put themselves out there like that without thinking about how they’ll look or be judged
    I would NEVER pull certain things off just from lack of self-confidence so I shall work on that 🙂

  5. I do agree with you to some extend.
    But some people really don’t know how to style themselves.
    And I’m the first on that list really, so I keep everything very plain and simple. So really quite boring.
    But at least it’s appropriate for work and restaurants.

    But then again, fashion changes.
    When I look at my childhood photo’s, probably the yellow pants with a bright pink shirt were very cool , haha.

  6. Haha! Oh man. I remember when I was a child everyone loved Limited Too and I HATED it. I was just very self-conscious and didn’t really like the fashion from my childhood. I’m so glad that fashion is more in par with what I like now. Heyyy it’s kind of like I was ahead of the times ;D heh and fashion caught up with me! But I think my fashion sense is pretty basic haha. Even if I know how I should style myself based on my body, I also don’t like being told what to wear based on my body type. It doesn’t always match me and what I want. I think it’s interesting when they’re like what you should wear for your body! And I’m just like meh wear whatever you want haha

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