Profile pictures

Although I have limited my social media use, there are still of them I use daily:
LinkedIn, WhatsApp and WordPress.
The trickiest part for me has always been choosing a profile picture.

Let’s analyze.


This is supposed to be a professional network building platform.
Although, I actually know someone who used it as a dating profile. But he did end up marrying the girl. They are expecting their first child.

I have been advised before to take this one more serious.
Put on my best blouse or suit and spend money on getting it done professionally.

Now that gives me flashbacks to the horrific experiences during “photo day” at school.
We were put in a queue in alphabetic order of our name.
Whether they would look to the first or surname, it was most likely that “miss A.B.” would have to go first.

I decided to use the same picture on LinkedIn as I use on here.
It’s not professional or high quality, but my ambitions are not become a manager of any sort.
The picture was taken during a phase where I was feeling miserable every day due to bullies & backstabbers at work.
Jasper and I took a wonderful vacation to remember ourselves what is actually important in life.


It always amazes me how quickly I can change from feeling like everything is falling apart to relaxed and positive.
The smile on my face is not fake.
I knew that after that week it would be hell again, but that didn’t have to ruin the wonderful moment we had then.


I have been lucky that with each employer I also got a smart phone.
I say “lucky”, but I’m not sure if I actually mean that.
Sure, with the price these days, it does reduce any personal costs.

But I am a bit afraid that it actually allows the company to track you down.
They can find out what you googled for.
Google maps can indicate where you’ve been.
And then, the WhatsApp picture!

I don’t communicate with colleagues over WhatsApp, but I do add them.
I’m guilty of being curious about their profile picture.
Some have a picture of a Wind Turbine, their car or their pet.
Some have a picture of themselves.
Some of them and their partner.

I just a slight moment of boredom and scrolled down the WhatsApp list.
My eye caught one of the female colleagues.
Short, tight white dress. High heels. Husband in suit.
Her body in a sexy pose. His hands on her hips. His lips in her neck.
How’s it that for appropriate?

I have my Skeptical Heart as the profile picture.
I guess that says it all about my opinion ๐Ÿ˜‰

What do you guys think?
What is appropriateย for profile picture on different social media?

29 thoughts on “Profile pictures

  1. This is the dilemma of people from our generation. If a person wants an appropriate picture for every social media account, you gotta have a good camera.
    By the way, you look amazing in this picture.

  2. Yeah, and then you see all these hipster buying expensive camera’s, pretending they actually know what they are doing.

    Thank you! That makes me smile!

  3. As you can see, I’m not a photo person. Instead, I use photos of objects, animals or landscape.
    When it comes to LinkedIn, I marvel at some people’s pics. You can clearly see it was taken on their night out in the club, partying. Cropped. With someone’s ear still in the picture. To me, it’s just weird.

  4. Of course I can give some tips.

    First rule of blogging is to only comment about the content of the creator. Not a random “that’s cool” or ” can you promote me”.
    People appreciate if you actually have read what they wrote.

    Second is blog a lot and connect with other bloggers a lot.

    That’s should give you a great kick start!

  5. School never really educate us about that, do they. I think it’s a shame, because some people really are not mature in that way.

    But why is a photo even important.
    “it’s not about looks”, they say.

    We use skype as the communication for work.
    Someone just changed their picture. From something which looked very nice and normal to one where he has a cigarette in his mouth and his face really zoomed in.
    WOWWWWWW. What is wrong these people.
    I don’t get it, I never will.

  6. He must be really disconnected from reality.

    But you’re right. The picture shouldn’t matter, yet we all know that it does. At least to some degree.

  7. On most social media my profile pic isnโ€™t me so that parents and students donโ€™t know for sure if itโ€™s me or not.

  8. I totally loved that school photoshoot phrase…ahhh! I used to get really excited for those shoots..although! I never looked good in those pictures… selecting profile pic is really something! I also feel that profile picture should be more of the person associated with as, it gets easy to recognize… again, it’s personal choice..๐Ÿค—

  9. I think WhatsApp is fair game to have a more casual profile picture, but if the account is used for work in addition to personal life stuff, I think it’s also only fair the person uses discretion. Coworkers may not know the person as well or want to see the person outside of a professional setting and honestly if I saw the same profile pic on WhatsApp of the woman and her husband in sexy poses, I would have felt it was a bit much. Some people might accuse me of being a prude because of that lol.

    LinkedIn seems to set the precedent of professionalism only since it’s a job networking site/app. I think there is wiggle room to show oneself in a casual way since people don’t want to hire robots and some companies do want to see what an employee is like outside of their job.

  10. Iโ€™m prude as well.
    Worst of all, she is the HR person!
    She made a strict policy of two colleagues who are dating to not hug each other when others are there, but this is OK?
    Iโ€™m lost.

  11. My parents have a collection of emberrasing photos of me ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I also like seeing a picture of someone, makes it more personal ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. I’m not really going for a rigid career track so I like to use a more refreshing LinkedIn picture as well. I like using something that shows my personality more than looks like a boring I-paid-for-this-shot shot. But I think it depends on the career you’re looking for. LinkedIn kind of bugs me because it’s turning into actual social media. It has the ‘trending posts’ thing on the side like Twitter and FB… and I think that’s unnecessary esp for a job social media site. I don’t really need to know what’s happening news-wise on that site. Plus people like to share their irrelevant beliefs when it comes to politics and religion, and I personally don’t think LinkedIn is the place for that. Unless they work in those areas, I guess, or they’re writers/reporters who cover those stuff? Haha

  13. Linkedin has become really annoying, I agree.
    Actually I prefer to use the linkedin job app, because itโ€™s limiting to jobs only!

  14. I always peep at profile picture too.also Iโ€™m trying to convince my husband to change his linkdin pic(only social media is on)because he look professional indeed but more like an undertaker then else๐Ÿคฃ

  15. A profile pic is needed for recognition, if the sender of a message has not been added. There are too many people with the same name, if you are searching for someone online. I guess, a picture that looks like you helps.

  16. First: I really like your profile shot! No one would ever guess you had a hard time thanks to bullying (I know that only too well myself). And I’m glad that you actually were happy when it was made. ๐Ÿ˜Š
    I have a hard time deciding on profile photos – which you might tell from mine! ๐Ÿ˜‚

  17. I find it annoying that you cannot enlarge someone’s picture on WP! I’m too curious haha.

    A smile can hide so much. It’s like a clown taking off his make up and getting back into reality!

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