Online Friends

Most of the WP awards contain the question “Why did you start blogging?”.

I guess my standard answer of “likes and followers” is no longer original nor funny 😉

Like this post  Raise your hand if you started your blog to meet awesome people, a.k.a. online friends.

I have felt lonely for a long period in my life.
Face to face interaction simply didn’t work for me.

While many people have dealt with cyber bullying, internet provided me an escape from the mean outside world.

I stopped playing the chess club because of stupid reasons.
I missed the game. I missed “my people”.
I signed up for a chess site and indeed, with my terrible English grammar and spelling, I started communicating with people all over the world.

Some I interacted with on a daily basis, for hours.
We talked about chess strategies, stupidity of non chess players and eventually  meeting up on day.
Some became “best friends”.
Some I even developed special feelings for.
Life was good for a while.

Then came the heartbreaks.
For some life happened. They left without saying.
Some actually did send me an email telling me that it became too much of a distraction.
Eventually, I left too without saying anything.

Fast forwarding 10 years, I got an email with “Happy Birthday” wishes from a name I didn’t recognize at first.
He mentioned “chess” in his email and all the memories from my former online chess buddies came back.
Thank you Hotmail for remembering such occasions 😉

We talked about what life has brought us in the past 10 years.
He got married and is about to finish his PHD.
I found Jasper and switched a couple of jobs and countries.
We laughed about how young and innocent we were some years back.

Where will we, “WP’ers” , be 10 years from now?
One day, some of you might stop blogging.
You might write a goodbye post or simply vanish.
I probably will too one day.

But who knows, maybe a miracle will bring us back together again 😉


How do you feel about online friends?
Do you have some that you have been knowing for a long time?

Have some of them caused you a heartbreak? 



30 thoughts on “Online Friends

  1. What a sweet post.

    I created my blog for me. I realize now that I didn’t have much of an idea of what blogging would be like. I thought I would just write, people would read and that would be it. Sometimes they would leave a comments. I didn’t think of blogging as a social platform AT ALL. And it was lonely in the beginning. Currently, the social part of blogging take up a big chunk of why I blog. I still write for me, but I do look forward to connecting with others.

    Like for you, online was always my escape from humanity.

    It got me wondering where we’ll be in 10 years. 10 years ago seems like forever ago, but at the same time, I have already been blogging for over a year. And time just keeps on running faster and faster. As of now, I hope to still be blogging then. I’d wish it to be on a bigger scale, of course. But we shall all see.

    Online friends… hmmm… I had a couple in the past, but most of them I either cut off (unhealthy relationship), or they vanished into the business of life. There is still one I B-day email with. It’s really cool.

    Like I said before, you can’t just LEAVE without saying a word.

  2. What a fanastic post and most likely echoing the thoughts of half the WP community…ok like 75%.
    I am eternally greatful for the friends I’ve made across oceans and generational gaps thanks to my blog and it’s always such a thrill to meet someone new.
    You said it better…great post!

  3. 🙂
    I like the picture the most. I found it once after I watched Peter Pan and wanted and before I wrote a post about whether you can become friends with your enemy.

    I thought the same like you.
    I never thought the same people would come back to my blog.
    It’s a nice twist.

    Time is really flying. I am also nearing my 1 year of blogging in August. I will do a more detailed post about it on that exact day 🙂

    I will try not to that, but my actions can be really impulsive. Sometimes I regret them.

    Happy to hear you have email birthday friend! Hold on to them, it’s always a nice memory 🙂

  4. Thank you so much!
    I agree with you! Sometimes the people that understand you the most are miles away from you.
    Internet has proven to have cons, but definitely also pros 🙂

  5. So true! ❤️ Loved this post. I created my blog to share my thoughts and feelings and to not feel alone. It’s so great to meet people who are just like you and create that beautiful friendship. Here’s to many more years of blogging and meeting awesome people ❤️

  6. What a nice post Andrea.i must say when I started blogging I didn’t know what to expect and I had my reserve on online “friendships”but I must say I discovered instead that it can be a fascinating world that gives the chance to get in touch with people from all over the world and exchange opinions,learn from each other.I discovered it is also a good way to find people with your same interest,I can positively say I love my wp circle of “friends” and who knows what can come up in the future😀

  7. This is a really nice, thoughtful and true post. We do create relationships which are rewarding. I like how everyone on WP is so kind and supportive… for the most part. Thank- you for sharing this! *Hugs* 🤗

  8. I’ve just started blogging and the community of bloggers is truly exceptional, it’s nice to talk about something you care with someone who shares the same insights

  9. Goodness, Hotmail! I remember the days where I depended on that email server sooo much for sending my friends messages. I’ve tried resetting my password for the account many times but I guess I will never be able to access it again. The backup email account that it sent the reset password link to was a yahoo account which I also don’t use anymore and forgot the password for. I mainly cared about the Hotmail account since it was the only still existing account I once used to email these two online friends I had but fell out of contact with years ago. I only have two serious online friends now. Idk if they still count as exclusively online ones since I met both of them in real life recently. I’ve never fallen for an online friend before. I have another who coincidentally lives quite close to me but I never met him in-person. It’s probable I never will. I feel more uneasy about it since he has expressed some romantic interest in me. Nothing serious though he has complimented my looks and once joked I could get out of a socially awkward situation by saying he and I were going on a date, lol.

  10. I didn’t expect to meet so many awesome people through blogging. I started my blog just for the writing but I have to say the best part is the support from other bloggers. And I’m glad I met you!

  11. This post reads really well and it was refreshing to read candidly about why people started their blogs and the online friendships.
    I think sometimes we open up much more to people online than we do to people who are closest to us. Yes, there is a chance they may disappear but for a while you get the best of them. That’s just my opinion.
    Also, cute picture. Good vibes!🌻

  12. People on here really seem to be more real than the people you meet in real life!
    I love the community on here as well! 🙂

  13. It would be interesting to see what email you got in the mean time on such an account!
    I have got the same issue with my gmail account and my Skype.

    Ah! maybe he has a crush on you!
    Could you fall for him? 😉

  14. I’m glad I have met such wonderful people on here. It gives me hope for our futures. I’m also glad you got in touch with an old friend (or chessmate). That’s always nice!

  15. I too am curious what unread emails I might have in the Hotmail account. Perhaps a lot of spam lol.

    I don’t know if I could fall for him. He’s at least twice my age. I haven’t dated anyone but I never thought about being interested in guys who are somewhat older than me.

  16. Lol you guys discussed “stupidity of non chess players” 😂 you crack me up, Andrea! I love having you as a WP friend & I hope you’d write a goodbye post to us if you ever thought of leaving instead of just simply vanishing! ♡

  17. I still have three friends which I met like 10 years ago – through blogging. On Livejournal then. I even went to Hamburg to visit one of them! And we are still trying to meet again though she is such a jet setter :))
    So I am totally for blog friendships, and I really hope to meet some of them IRL. We have such an opportunity now to connect to the whole world, that would be waste not to use it :)))

  18. Greetings Andrea, thanks for sharing. Other than WordPress, I’ve never had any online interaction; not something I’m really into. My main goal is influence hearts, and perhaps, change a few minds with how they view love. I have to admit, I’ve enjoyed interacting with all the wonderful people on WordPress.

    Thanks for the question!

  19. People come and go, only a few stay and I am so glad that you are one of those who would stay forever in my life. You have handled all my mood swings and tantrums and yet been there till now. You are an angel, best friend!

  20. No one has caused me heartbreak online, but I have some lovely friends from this blog and a feaf blog I once written in Blogspot.
    The few friends I still keep in contact with from my deaf blogging days, I have met two personally and it’s like we have been friends all our lives. One friend from the UK, we meet up at least once a year and in regular contact via email or text. I have know her over 6 years.
    Another friend is from America and when she had a holiday in London, I travelled up there to meet her. I will never forget that. We keep in touch via email and she follows my blog too for the updates.

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