We often associate certain colors with certain emotions:


What is your favorite color and does it fit the description below or even your favorite brand? 

We also tend to make other associations.

When you yawn, people might ask if you’re tired.
But also, “Are you bored?”.
Apparently a reaction of my body gives the impression of something that might not even be true.

Now that we are in the middle of the worst season in my taste (yes summer, I’m talking to you!), I am prepared for all kinds of insults.

I’m different, we established that.

Heat gives me skin rash.
Bright sunlight hurts my eyes and give me nerves. I don’t find it save either when I drive my car towards rising sun.
The little insects marching into my kitchen floor increase my heart beat.

My colleague entered our office this morning.
He is the active type.
Sunlight makes him happy.
Immediately he pulled up the sunscreen and started whistling a happy melody.
He does know I don’t like it, but I never really complain about it so he doesn’t take it very seriously.

“Slow down, you know I’m a vampire”, I joked.
“If I were you, I would think about visiting a doctor”, he winked.

Whether this was a joke or not, I do know that he didn’t mean to hurt me in any way.
This is something what won’t keep him awake at night.
But to me this is a yet another confirmation that I will never ever fit into society.

Apparently the physical reaction of me being a high sensitive person is associated with being mentally ill.
And that hurts.

28 thoughts on “Associations

  1. I agree with Christy and hopefully he was just joking around. I hate the summer heat and usually find reasons to stay inside. I am happy to be out early in the morning or late in the evening but during the day? No way! I’ll burn to a crisp!


    1. I’m sure he was. Generally he is a nice guy really, but even nice people sometimes don’t know humor is. A joke can ONLY be considered funny if the other one is laughing as well.
      So suggestion for him: Don’t joke EVERRRR about anyone’s mental or physical state.

      You know what’s funny? I have seen so many blogs about people just loving the summer, but as soon as we are half September, those people are going to blog about comfy hoodies, nice smelling candles and blankets 😉

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      1. LOL! I actually started in November but I was very determined! Think about it his way, we have both done a lot this year and will continue to do so (after summer). 😀


  2. Andrea, I really like the color emotion guide. I’m definitely going to use it in my classes. When we go over symbols and symbolism I like to ask my students what they think colors mean. My favorite color is pink and it can stand for my sensitivity. I’m not fond of summer either!


    1. Yes please do! I think the website is below the picture, so you could easily find it!
      Are you a teacher? For younger children, teenager or adults?

      My favorite is red, but the description doesn’t really suit me haha.

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    1. It’s not easy to live with and it’s not easy for the other living/working with you.
      That’s why I have been beginning any manager to just let me work from home every now and then.
      Today at around 11, when the cleaning lady also started vacuum cleaning, I have had it with all the loud noises.
      I packed up my stuff and left.

      Do you have a problem with the smells in your house after cooking?

      That is a very good point.
      My entire blog is about finding the perks of being different. I’m starting to think I was a little too ambitious with this one 😦

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      1. The cleaning people don’t come around until after 6pm (or after they know people are gone). So 11am sounds ridiculous. But at least your office gets vacuumed. Sometimes that can be hard to achieve. But I digress…

        Not after cooking, because I cook what I like. However, back in the day of going to college and living in a dorm, I happened to live with an African professor (don’t remember the country) and the smells were TERRIBLE. I would just leave, too. My friend lived with a Chinese person. The smells were off-putting to me, too, so we never hung out there.

        The biggest perk – annoying others.


      2. It is a weird time, but she is there every day at that time. Another excuse to work from home 😉

        I shared the kitchens with people from china and india. My nose is not made for spices. It was terrible.
        Jasper isn’t a vegetarian and I HATE the smell of meat 👺

        I wonder if I have ever actually annoyed anyone, since I have beem always in the background of everything.

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      3. You’re vegetarian? Don’t you eat Chicken Alfredo?

        It would be an interesting study, entitled: “Have I ever annoyed you?” performed by Andrea. You would walk around your office and reach out to people on social media in order to find out the truth.


      4. Not for hipster reasons though!
        I haven’t touched meat since I was 9.
        Funny you mention it, I am making Pasta Alfredo as we speak with mushrooms 😀

        I’d like to know actually.
        Could I even handle the truth?
        I think there is one colleague highly annoyed by me because I didn’t go that swimming event.
        We had an email conversation about it. It went like this:

        She: Are you going to the event and can you accept it in the calendar?

        Me: I have another meeting abroad on that day, I will talk to Manager.

        She: It’s mandatory


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      5. Nosy people are my pet peeves. Why do people need to know everything about everyone? This one person managed to open my email while on my computer at work, and proceeded to read it while I was RIGHT THERE! I was then asked why I wrote what I wrote to whom I wrote. Are you kidding me? I would have not been able to keep my cool if it wasn’t my superior…

        Same with your co-worker. She does not need to know why you’re not going. Only because she has to go, and she’s feeling miserable about it, does not mean you have to go, too.


      6. Whut?
        What is wrong with people?
        I used to work with colleagues who would sneak behind your computer if you have left it unlocked and email the entire department (of 40 people): “I’m bringing cake tomorrow”.
        So it looked like it came from you.

        Actually this particular colleague was the one who organised the whole event.
        I was the only one who didn’t want to go. The others were really looking forward to it.
        I guess she sensed who insanely uncomfortable I was with such an event and some people like to be mean about.

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  3. Blue is my favorite color, although I trust few people. I’m sorry someone assumes you’re mentally ill because you sunlight doesn’t agree with you. That seems dense to me. I hate snow. Does that mean I don’t like Christmas? It just makes no sense.

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  4. Sun can be horrible for a lot of people specially those who have to walk in the scorching sunlight. You are not a vampire. You are a blogger (We are a nocturnal specie).
    P.S I love the vibrancy of red color.


  5. I guess I am really in trouble – my top three favorite colour isn’t there! (black, followed by dark dark purple))

    And I to am allergic to sunlight. Literally, as two of my meds have warnings about me being in the sun for more than 45 minutes! On top of that, ever since I was a kid, my eyesight is much better in the dark than in daylight. (to the extent I used to not wear glasses in the fark to read.

    As to the guy, tell him that us vampires are people, too, and that it is considered harassment and creating a hazardous work environment (do not tell him this is because you will crush him if he doesn’t respond appropriately! Or he’ll have to watch 50 hours of sensitivity training videos! ) Find a way to use humour to stick him with a message he won’t forget,

    As to noise, I get that too, which is why of course my church office overlooks the preschool playground!


  6. Aw I guess he was just joking around but those comments can be taken in a wrong and hurtful way from us sensitive types! I like sunlight because it brightens up my mood. I’m easily affected by the weather, and my favorite color growing up was yellow because I love how bright and cheery it is. Now it’s mint green! That wasn’t really an option back then, haha. I don’t think I fit the yellow vibe that much, to be honest, but I do like those companies that’s in that cool graph picture you posted! Like McD’s, Best Buy, and Subway’s, haha. I’m not that peaceful or green as the color green suggests, either… Wonder what mint green would be…


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