A letter to my 11 year old self

These things seem to be quite a trend on WP, so I cannot stay behind 😉
I chose the age of 11.
The year which was still bearable before the high school drama started.

Hi there young Andrea,

This is your last year of primary school.
Soon you’re going to step into a world of heavy books you’re going to drag with you each day, new classmates, new teachers each hour and grades are actually going to count. 
Not to mention the regular teenage issues you’re going to have.
I don’t want to spoil anything for you, but it won’t be easy.
So here’s the older, wiser you speaking, giving  some tips.

You’re dad is going to suggest to go for a run in the evening, play a game of soccer or randomly throw a ball.
You’re gonna think he wants to push you into something you hate just to make your life miserable.

On the contrary!
Dad knows that doing OK during P.E. classes are going to be an important part of not being bullied because the world is just cruel.
Listen to him, because he has really good tricks to make gym class easier and more fun.
That’s because he never played sports in any fancy clubs where competition was more important anything. He learned sports on the streets with his friends. 

You’re mum is going suggest to buy a bra. 

You’re going to be embarrassed when she shouts “Andrea honey, you have a 70 B cup, right?”.
Especially because one of the popular, bully girls in the same store doing the same with her mum.

You’re gonna angry at your mum and end up spending money on a bra which is not supporting anything.
The kids are school are going to notice it and will make fun of you.
It’s a bit of struggle, but in this case, mum actually does know best.

You’re going to need to buy school supplies.
You’re going to beg mum and dad to buy you that super cool, super expensive Spice Girls agenda like all the other girls.
But trust me, by the time you enter high school, girls bands are old news.

Listen to your parents and buy the less expensive Donald Duck agenda.
He is timeless.
And for a short moment, the popular girls who have been to Disneyland are going to think you’re awesome.
(P.s. It doesn’t matter what they think, but it will not hurt either )


But one day you will be creating something you call Emotion Doodles and going to think about creating a journal using them.
All the “cool” kids will be begging their parents to buy them one.

Lastly, your parents are not going to allow you to go out, drink or have a boyfriend.
Now, it’s up to you what you want to do with that.
I’m not very worried, because you’re most likely too awkward to speak to people, let alone boys.

You might become jealous of all the other girls that have already been with 5 guys, but you won’t find a boyfriend until you’re 24 years old.
But trust me, he’ll be worth the wait.
You’re going to live together.
You’re going to go on so many fun trips together.
You’re going to explore cooking together.
And eventually, you’re going to think about a serious future together.

I’m going to give you a little preview.
Not bad, eh? 😉


It will be roller coaster years, but as you see, everything will turn out just fine.

Take care,

28 years Andrea

24 thoughts on “A letter to my 11 year old self

  1. That was great!!! I think I’d tell my thirteen year old self to ignore the stupid popular boy teasing me for running so slowly and keep running!

  2. Oh how I enjoyed reading your letter to your 11 year old self. And how happy I am for the destiny you have discovered and your creative abilities, and celebrate with you the love that you have found in your Bo ♥️😍

  3. Thanks! Teenagers are awkward and difficult for most people! But looking back at it, I think most of us can say that everything is quite fine now.

    Thanks about the Emotion Doodles! I love creating them and am always looking for more 🙂

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