What to wear today?

A woman’s biggest dilemma:

What to wear today?


Some of us decide the evening before what to wear the next day and place it neatly on a hanger.
Others will wait until the next morning to try on 5 pair of pants only end up in the first one chosen. The closet will remain a mess.

What about when you go on a date night with your partner?

The inspiration for this blog came when we settled down with our morning coffee, watching “Escape to the Continent”.


Lovely couple, isn’t it?
But did Roger considered the pink shirt when Sylvia put on the same colored skirt? πŸ˜‰

I once stayed over at a hotel and could refuse but to take this picture:

How do you choose your clothes?
Do you align with your partner / friends you’re planning to go out with?


22 thoughts on “What to wear today?

  1. Great picture! I don’t have very many choices since I’ve dropped all the weight so it’s not too hard for me in the morning to just grab something and go.

  2. The stripes picture is pretty cool.
    I never align with my friends, but I will with my partner for special occasions.
    The more choices you have, the harder it is to pick.

  3. Thanks πŸ¦“
    Yeah. I really have a hard time, should i wear the black & white stripe shirt or the white &black πŸ€”

  4. I choose the night before because it’s always a slow process for me. I have to admit I would never knowingly co-ordinate with my partner, though surprisingly my mom and I often end up quite similar

  5. That is probably the wisest thing to do!
    I once wore almost the same as a guy I went on a date with. It’s was very embarrassing haha.

  6. If I have somewhere important to be the next day, I like to pick out clothes the night before. Otherwise I just choose on the spot like an hour before I go out. I have gone through many “color” phases where I prefer to wear more of one color. This is ironic as there was a time when my default color was black. Lately I have been wearing lots of blue and purple. I never think about matching outfits with anyone and I don’t usually ask my friends (if we are meeting up) what they plan to wear.

  7. All the stripes! Haha. And it’s pretty cute if the couple did coordinate their outfits. I’m not much into couple outfits and stuff now but I think when I see old people doing stuff like that, it’s adorable rather than cringey.
    I try to envision my outfit the night before and get kind of obsessive or annoyed about it sometimes. I know if I don’t though it’ll be a pain and a huge waste of time the next morning. Also I’m just the prepare-in-advance type. Sometimes though the outfit doesn’t look as planned so I just go for the laziest, simplest option. Picking outfits is hard for me because I want to look nice but be as comfortable as possible (usually the comfort wins out if I have to choose).
    I def do dress according to who I’m hanging out with (or how I feel). Like if my friend is normally stylish I try to look somewhat dressed up, too. Or the situation, if we are just grabbing food at a diner or going to a nicer place.

  8. Oh man. I have been in situations where I was way overdressed than my date. He came in jeans with holes in it and an old Tshirt.
    They say it’s always better to be overdressed than under dressed, but I felt very uncomfortable!

    The house I’m currently living in, has a very tiny closet. I really dream of a large closet where I can keep my clothes nice and tidy!

  9. I hardly ever wear colors. Although, last winter I fell in love with a red blouse and wore it all the time!

    When I was a child, I was always scared to be the only wearing a Tshirt, so I always asked my friend whether she was going wear a long sleeve or Tshirt !

  10. Me and my sister are always buying the same clothes. Problem is, we work together, so we have to check what each other is wearing before we leave the house each day!

  11. I think walk-in closets are nice! They just keep everything less cluttered and more organized, making it convenient for getting dressed. Ooh.. I’d feel self-conscious being overdressed, too. Haha >< tricky situations!

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