Creative Brainstorm (Doodles)

Whenever I’m bored, on a dragging phone call or even when I’m watching TV, I like to draw.
I’ve seen others do the same.
Some keep it rather simple with circles or cubes.
Others appear to be more artistic.

While conducting the technical interviews last week, I glanced at my colleagues next to me.
While I was talking about a certain engine, he was drawing Thomas the Engine!

“So, you’re a doodler as well?”,ย I asked him when we were done.
It’s sometimes surprising how people you didn’t think anything to have in common with, are the ones you can talk hours with.
While his art was way more impressive, mine is a bit “commercial”.

We ended up having a creative brainstorm, hence the following two doodles were born.

Pensive Pinapple



Troubled Thundercloud



Again, the doodles can be purchased on mug, hoodie, tote bag and Tshirt via the webshop: Emotion Doodle Storeย .

It could be a fun present for someone’s birthday or for yourself.
I’m happy to make it to your own personal liking in any color or text!

Unfortunately this website doesn’t allow me to make products cheaper.
If anyone has a better idea for that, please let me know.

How cool would it be if you would meet a random someone wearing a doodle shirt, knowing that they are a WordPress friend! ๐Ÿ˜€ย 


17 thoughts on “Creative Brainstorm (Doodles)

  1. I doodle while on the phone. Sometimes it’s an outlet for the anxiety I feel talking to a stranger on the phone. I’ll scribble down some of the words I am saying, or draw circles, stars, or squiggly lines to help calm myself.

  2. Aw cute! Those are cute doodles ad that’s a cute story ๐Ÿ˜€
    I used to doodle a lot as a kid… I don’t think I do it much anymore.. Def must again! I think it’s good to let the creative mind wander. You come up with great stuff in the end, like those doodles!!

  3. ah! You should post some of your stuff if you feel comfortable!
    My drawings are quite simple but it takes me a long time to draw them. And then I use an App called “color pop” to color them on my phone. And them an app called “eraser” to remove the background.
    Works quite well ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Aw thanks, I mean to! I have a section for artwork and cartoons. They aren’t my biggest priorities for my blog, but I really should work on them more! Sketching/doodling/drawing makes me feel better… but I guess it goes in tune with feeling like I’m wasting my time? ><

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