The Pill

I grew up in family where most topics remained topic until I would figure them out myself. Most likely, that would be during a panic attack.

During the start of my first period ever, I thought I was bleeding to death.
When my mum confirmed that that was not going to be case, I knew I would most definitely die of pain.

My monthly occasions have always been a little intense than for most women.
Most people who were in the neighborhood when it happened ended up calling the ambulance. Sometimes I would “wake up” in the hospital.

It annoyed me that others  decided for me that I was going to expect a big, fat hospital bill.
But I couldn’t blame them much either.
It always started with intense pain, throwing up and hyperventilation.
Continuing in cold sweat and losing consciousness.
What else to do with a pale rag doll lying there, not being able to move.

It happened at work, in the shops, at the movies, at the first day of school.

Doctors usually shrug their shoulders and recommended “the pill”.
My family was firmly against any hormonal addition which was more than God required for me.
So I continued another 10 years of suffering and hospital visits.

Until the point I start my driving lessons.
I realized that spending all this money on driving lessons would be useless if it would be too dangerous to drive.

All the stories people told me about the pill, scared me.
But I didn’t gain weight because of the pill, chocolate did that.
I didn’t get moody because of the pill, bullying colleagues did that.

But it did take away all the pain.

That small, but effective pill was my life saver.
And it confirmed itself yesterday.

This month, as an experiment, I didn’t take the pill.
Some time around 13:00 o’ clock, I started feeling it.
That nagging pain.
I had to get out of the office.
Luckily it wasn’t busy on the road.
I felt the  hyperventilation and the cold sweat.
I’m not sure how I made it to my hotel room, but I fell on the floor.
I grabbed my coat to throw up on that instead of the fancy carpet.
I woke up about an hour later.

Never again, such an experiment.

What are you experiences with the pill? 

19 thoughts on “The Pill

  1. Thank you. I am.
    Surprisingly it usually only last half a day, on the first day.
    But I’m buying the pill again. There is no point in risking my life.

  2. I have been on the pill since I was 15 because I had problems with my period! My periods have been short and sweet and relatively painless ever since. I don’t have any bad experiences with the pill!

  3. The problem some people have with the pill is that it allows for “protected sex”. Some people still see that as a problem. Women should not enjoy sex, they should endure it to have children and service their men …
    At least that seems to be the reasoning behind it.

    I am glad you overcame such stupid superstitions and decided for yourself to walk the path of science. The worst thing happening to me on the pill was loss of desire. But I took it for 14 years straight, before that became a problem.

  4. Right now I’m not on the pill because I am also on chemo. But the chemo is messing up my cycle. It’s not getting shorter but longer! That was not the deal… Oh well, at least I know for sure I’m not pregnant!

  5. That is how my parents were thinking, though they whitnessed all the pain I went through. It’s a very old fashion way of thinking!

    I’m happy too, that I can count on the pill now 🙂

  6. That sounds extremely familiar. I finally went with the tiny pill, but it’s almost disconcerting after 30 years of the other

  7. Oh man, I couldn’t imagine that much pain every month. I’m so glad the pill works for you so you don’t have to go through that. ♡ Wow.

  8. Yeah there’s a general shame of your own body growing up as a woman. Like “Oh my those shorts are too short!” and, “Going on the pill is going to make you want sex!” There was a picture that went viral in the past with a father wearing a shirt with a message for his daughter’s suitors that read:
    “1. I don’t make the rules
    2. You don’t make the rules
    3. She makes the rules
    4. Her body, her rules”
    Loooove it!

  9. Man I thought I had painful period cramps but I’ve realized so many women have really, really extreme ones that land them in the emergency room almost every month! I can’t even imagine 😦
    If a pill can stop you from dealing with such pain so often, then by all means, go for it! I’m glad that something can help! ><

  10. I blame the doctors the most!
    They said it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary and recommended me to take painkillers. I easily ended up taking 15 a day.

    It think it’s far from normal and I can only imagine something is wrong in my body. But they never thought it was worth investigating it 😐

    But yes, the Pill for president 😉

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