Some thoughts about the Worldcup

We sat down for some dinner outside a pub.
A large TV screen was put up and the chairs started to fill up when the game Argentina – France started.

After the 1st half, the bomb exploded into many goals.
Very soon France has made an impressive score of 4:2 around the 70th minute.
“Argentina has no change anymore”, the reporter announced, “seems like it’s over this big football country”.

While this ended up to be the truth, they still had 20 minutes left.
They actually did manage to score another goal in that time (!)

What if it had been Germany instead of Argentina?
Germany, who has always been known to fight till the very last second.
(Expect for this time. They haven’t been doing very well).

Would he reporter have said the same if it was Germany with “only” 20 minutes left on the clock?

Guess it’s all about perception.

I just looked up the result of the next game, Uruguay – Portugal by reading the following article: Uruguay Eliminates Ronaldo and Portugal From World Cup.

Let me phrase a remarkable part of the text:

A day started with Lionel Messi being knock out of the World Cup ended with his rival as the world’s best player, Christiano Ronaldo, eliminated as well.

What about the other 10?
What about the coach?
What about the team spirit?
Maybe this is exact reason why 2 of the most favorite football countries have “failed” this time.

I guess it’s, Congratulations to Suarez 😉

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11 thoughts on “Some thoughts about the Worldcup

  1. Watched both games! I was looking forward to Uruguay vs Portugal, but France vs Argentina turned out to be the better game. In the Germany vs S.Korea game, S.Korea actually put in two goals during stoppage time, in the space of a few minutes, and people were often saying, “This is World Cup! Nothing’s predictable,” so the announcer got a bit ahead of himself saying that! Anything could happen 🙂 It does get quite hard though with such little time considering how long it takes to get a goal and Argentina needed three to beat them. It definitely takes a toll on their mentality, which I think also makes it harder for the players. The pressure is on! They have a lot to lose. I think it was different for S.Korea because they were playing for just pride, so there was less pressure and more of a desire to go out with a bang.
    I do think it’s annoying they refer to only the famous players of a team because it puts a LOT of pressure on THAT player and they forget that it really is all about the team. Those players might excel in their usual teams because they’re placed into top teams, but it’s different for World Cup because they’re put into a team of the nation’s best, not necessarily the international best. They can’t really do everything and carry the team without better support. That last thing is hilarious! I love how just because Suarez is a good player they kind of gloss over his racial slur controversy, biting, and general off attitude. I don’t know… he’s kind of strange to me and rubs me the wrong way, but he did play well today!

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    1. For the “small football countries” it’s mainly about pride. And I’d love to see an underdog country win!
      A few years back, Greece won. Nobody expected it, but I think everyone was happy for him.

      You are right, there is a lot of pressure on players like Ronaldo and Messi. I didn’t realize it, but they’re both over their 30’s. This might have been the last world cup for both of them. So there’s even more pressure.

      There were so many funny pictures back in the time about Suarez. I think people actually put his face in front of their restaurants for a “bite to eat”, haha.

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      1. Yesss I’m such an underdog person haha. There’s something magnificent about them beating the odds to come out on top!
        I think Messi said beforehand this would be his last cup but he might change his mind. I have a feeling Ronaldo is fed up with the national team but still wants that World Cup so maybe he’ll try again, even though he’s older than Messi.
        Yeah! I think I saw pictures of the “bite to eat” posters with Suarez. It’s pretty hilarious xD who does that???


  2. This World Cup has been of little interest to me this time around. I can’t really put my finger on it. I decided to boycott it when the Dutch and the USA team didn’t qualify.
    Focusing on one player is so annoying. (Did we have this discussion previously?) He can’t score without defenders defending, and others passing balls to him. It’s so disheartening.


    1. Haha.
      I’m not cheering for any country in particular, but I do hope for an underdog.

      Maybe they should go on a team building.
      They could go swim and showing off their abs to each other 😉

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  3. Ronaldo at least is a player who makes it about himself – he hardly ever plays for the team and most of the times demands the ball. That’s not very TEAM-spirited …
    Messi is different in this regard. But his team played like thugs, fouling (often unnecessarily), diving, generally unfair.
    So while I am sad for Portugal but not for Ronaldo to go out, with Argentina it is the other way round: I am sad for Messi, but not for the Argentinian team.


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