Roaming the streets I used to walk before

Roaming the streets I used to walk before

The streets that used to take me home

The same streets that now make me want to explore again

Remember or imagine yourself walking on the streets of a vacation destination.
You’re probably looking around.
Interesting sculptures, different looking people, shops you’re not used to, small authentic restaurants.
You’d even take selfies with a tree.
Everything is fascinating.

Now let’s walk a road in the city you have been living in for ages.
You’re probably walking in a faster pace, almost like you have blinkers on.
The buildings, sculptors and trees you have already seen a billion times.
Nothing is interesting anymore. No more wandering around

This exact thought stroke to me last evening.
The airplane landed in Denmark.
My colleague picked up the rental car.
While he drove, I got a chance to look at the landscape that used to be familiar to me.
We drove by the cities where many of my memories are left behind.

I spent my baby years in Eastern Europe.
My youth in Holland.
But the start of my adult life, in Denmark.
First love, first heartbreak. Culinary experiences. Drunk experiences.
First job, first salary. First time not depending on my parents.

After 4 years spending in Denmark, it didn’t fascinate me any longer.
When I walked home, I was no longer interested in whatever was going on around me.
I had my blinkers on.

That’s 4 years ago.
Being back, even if it’s for a short business trip, made me emotional.
And quite honestly, I could be happy again here.


Have you ever re-turned you used to be familiar with but haven’t been to a while?
Maybe a country, a vacation spot or even your parent’s home.
What emotions does it give you?


The quote in the topic was a moment of creativeness.
I originally wanted to write a poem, but that really isn’t my thing.
If anyone feels inspired by it, feel free to finish / adjust it 🙂
I would gladly re-post it!

17 thoughts on “Roaming the streets I used to walk before

  1. How do you know it’s not your thing. You have to try.

    I’m a traveler like you. This is my home because my family is here and I feel comfortable enough.
    Let’s say there are several places I call home. I’ll be at my parenta’ for over a month. Ask me about it when I come back.

  2. I am not really interested in it.
    Poems are pretty vague and too deep for me.
    I prefer communication straightforward.

    So you’re in Serbia now?

  3. You know those people who are born in 1 place, and then spend most of their lives in that same place? They could never imagine feeling “at home” anywhere else. Or maybe I’m just generalizing.
    I lived in a couple of places throughout my life, and the weird thing is that every one of them feels like “my home”. Even though I don’t live there anymore, I could move there and feel at ease. Maybe because I have an adaptive personality.

    But yes, I know exactly what you mean – new places, new fascination, old places, routine. We take our usual surroundings for granted. I happen to have lived in places that are rather touristy for different reasons, and I noticed, when I was younger, I would take it for granted. I try to still have that “fresh” passion, but it does dull out after a while, when you’re on “auto-pilot”.

    Let me think on the poem part…

  4. I grew up in a small town.
    Most people never intended to leave and guess what, they still live there. Found a partner over there and their kids are born there as well.

    I am not necessarily looking for change, but I won’t stop until I found the place / country I feel comfortable with.

    I guess I’m now living in a more touristic city currently as well, but that’s the one thing I wanted to avoid.

    Go for it. I’d be happy to see how you would transform it!

  5. This was supposed to be a poem, but I must have caught your virus, and it turned into some weird free writing form.

    “I step off the train
    into a place that once was mine.
    A place I called home.
    It looks so different now.
    So foreign.
    Newly erected structures.
    Some buildings have been demolished.
    The people walking past me
    I don’t recognize.
    Where are they going?
    Friday night.
    October chill in the air.
    I walk back from the club.
    Until my soul mate meets me half-way.
    That bridge is still there.
    I close my eyes for a moment.
    When I open them,
    it’s like I walked through the doors of Narnia.
    I take a conscious breath in,
    and I can feel it coat the inside of my body.
    The spirit of the city is back in me.

    I roam the streets and the outback,
    reminiscing of the old days.
    Discovering new places
    to form memories at.

  6. Wow.
    This is a new form of awesomeness!

    That is me, on the chilly Friday night trying to meet my soul half way.

    Post this, release this, don’t leave it just in the comment session!

  7. It so happens that I should post my usual CW post today. I was going to use the Hashtag week posts to cover up for not doing it, but I just might as well. Thank you for the inspiration!

  8. Yes. The general idea – Sunday night (my time zone) is the news related opinion piece, Tuesday is the creative writing, last day of month is Awards, last Monday+ rest of week is Hashtag week. It doesn’t ALWAYS work out that way, though.

  9. I’m still where I grew up. I have moved away countless times and keep coming back. I can’t wait to be able to leave and have nothing to come back for!

  10. In my childhood, we had to move every three years as a part of the job requirement (Govt.) of my father. As a result, I have like five to six cities in my kitty for which I have the mentioned emotion. It’s really weird at first, just thinking how you know the place like the back of your hand and yet it isn’t your home anymore. I can somehow relate to your post, Andrea. In fact, I love it ❤ ❤

  11. thanks for you comment Neha!
    I can totally see that it gives some emotions because you always leave one or two memories behind in a place where you spend some time 🙂

  12. So true. Even going back to your street feels surreal at times because once upon a time, you lived there. Now, on the other hand, you see a different family living in ‘your’ house, a different kid playing in ‘your’ garden and so on. It’s crazy!

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