About sleep

Have you ever told anyone that you’re feeling tired and they responded with “You should exercise more” or “Quit eating sugar“?

Even though that might be all very well true, I find it annoying.
They misinterpreted me, but it’s my fault.
What I actually mean is I’m sleepy.
So very sleepy.

Litterally, sometimes at work I’d take a 15 minute toilet break and put on a mediation video through my headphones and doze off for a couple of minutes.

I’ve always been the best sleeper of the family.
We took 24 hours bus rides to reach our vacation destination.
While others watched a movie, enjoyed a scenery or got to know each other, I somehow managed to crawl into some sort of circus position in the not very spacious bus and was gone for at least 3/4th of the time.

I took night trains, sharing the compartment with 5 strangers and sleeping on a very hard “bed”.
But again, that didn’t bother me. I’d be fast asleep.


We did quite some roadtrip and according to reliable sources, I’m not the best company in such 😉

If I didn’t fall asleep on the couch, it takes me less than 5 minutes to be sleeping once in bed.


Now these are all “knock on wood” scenarios, but annoyingly, the only moment I am wide awake is on weekend mornings. (!!!!!!!!!)

I’m going to catch some zZzZ’s now 😉


Do you fall asleep easily?
Do you have a ritual to fall asleep faster (tea, warm milk, listening to relaxing music, teddy?)

42 thoughts on “About sleep

  1. I have a terrible time falling asleep. I’ll be falling asleep on the sofa, stumble upstairs and then take 3 hours to fall asleep.
    Unfortunately the only thing that helps is alcohol or a late night sandwich

  2. It might sound crazy, but I pray before falling asleep at night and it works like a therapy for me, because I fall asleep like a baby. Sorry if this is not related to meditation or any other type of more conventional way to fall asleep… Anyway this world of multitasking it makes you tired easily, even if you had a good rest, that’s what i find Xx

  3. Like Billy, I too have a terrible time falling asleep! I have a ritual that consists of tea, marijuana (I live in California), and snuggling with my bf. We know TV should be limited, but alas it’s a habit that remains – watching tv before bed. I’ve always struggled with insomnia! I am glad you are able to sleep 🙂

  4. I usually fall asleep pretty easily but there are one or two rare nights when I really can’t fall asleep and that’s pretty annoying :\
    Also I don’t like the negative view on naps… Power naps done right (20-30 min long) are good for people but everyone’s judging you for being lazy or something… No… Just investing time for more wakefulness for the rest of the day! 🙂
    If you can’t power nap though don’t do it… napping for over an hour I think is bad xD I hate that feeling of grogginess and grumpiness after taking a nap for too long so I haven’t done that in ages. I shouldn’t feel worse after taking a nap!

  5. I’m on average a good sleeper even if I had a month of insomnia recently and it is devastating.
    I always read before going to sleep

  6. I really love to pray before sleeping, but I’m asleep before I can even focus on that.
    The meditation in my case is more to relax my body. My body feels extremely tensed after the day.
    But you’re right, it’s probably because of this uptight world we live in!

  7. Oh that’s terrible! It’s usually said that food and alcohol don’t stimulate sleep.
    Alcohol had different effects on me. Sometimes it puts me in a long, deep sleep, but usually I wake up with nightmares.

  8. I’m sure marijuana could do the trick 😉
    Sorry to hear that it takes that much for you to fall asleep!

    So you and your bf are “cuddly sleepers”? 😀
    Me and mine really don’t like that and need our own space. We snuggle, say goodnight and then turn our back to each other (as I like sleeping on the left side and he on the right) haha.

  9. Oh man, I love power naps! I usually do that in the weekend. Especially on a cold rainy day.

    I actually think productivity can be raised at work if people had a place to lay for a bit! Like at Google. 😀

  10. Reading in bed is always nice and helps me too to relax!
    I had a month of insomnia as well, probably even longer. I was scared of the night in that and lived alone. It was true horror.

  11. 😂 dear Andrea, we probably got bit by the same sleep bug then. I am known to sleep like a log and yep even in the loo lol. Downside is, even when I should stay up some say on an outing, once my bedtime sounds I start yawning so bad it’s simply not fun. And then on weekends when I wish to stay in bed a little longer… Sorry.
    But on a few occasions I have had to baby myself to sleep with hot chocolate, warm milk or chamomile tea, soul sounds etc

  12. I was annoyed and tired as was probably my first time to have proper insomnia.glad is gone for you and me.have a good day my dear

  13. I’d like to hear more about it, Super. Here’s a great idea for a post.
    I fall asleep relatively easily, but unfortunately not as easy as when I was younger. Though I’m dead tired when I hit the pillow, I’m a damn adult too, so thoughts start rolling in my head, bouncing and torturing me. I wish I were a kid again.

  14. It’s weird, isn’t it!
    I was surprised when a friend told me he does the same during work. If you work in company with a lot people, it goes unnoticed. So that’s good 😀

    My bed time routine also consists of some herbal tea and I don’t go sleeping without my headphones on . I can’t sleep when it’s silent!

    Thanks for your lovely comment 😀

  15. Lol you welcome. I work solo so guess it’s glaring when I hope up in the loop Hahaha. I prefer silence and dim lighting in the space where I sleep, but I have once gone into a nightclub just to sleep because I got back late from a trip and couldn’t risk my life going home at that ungodly hour. Indeed, I was never asked for a dance – at least not to my recollection 😂

  16. I have a lot of mental stressed, most caused by own “unnecessary” anxiety, but due to falling asleep easily, it doesn’t keep me awake.
    This is rare and I consider myself lucky.

    I hate the phase between puberty and the minute I can go into pension. Wish I could skip those 57 years.

  17. I used to drink milk before bed to help with sleep but that only worked for so long. I never liked hot/warm milk either and always preferred it cold.

    What I like to do is dim my lights before bed. It’s easier on the eyes but also I guess I have a bit of trouble getting into the headscape of “I’m going to bed now” as in actually turning off the lights and crawling into bed rather than cheating by laying in bed and using my phone with dimmer screen settings. I mostly sleep around 8 hours but sometimes that feels too little to me. What it feels like to me is I rarely turn in for the night with a content mind. Often I feel bothered that I need to acquiesce to my body’s demands of “I’m tired, go to sleep NOW”. Without sleep I would not be able to function well but I hate that I need to rely on it.

  18. Marijuana does the trick, especially Indicia strains! 😉 haha yes, we cuddle sometimes, but then the exact same thing happens and we’re all “okay bye see you later” lols!

  19. I fall asleep so easily too! Even if I had a full 12 hrs bring me on a road trip, I’m out before the radio is. Put me on a plane, I’ll be asleep before we’ve made all the way into the clouds LOL.

  20. Wow! that’s quite a super-power you have! I envy you!! 😄 I could never sleep on a bus, train or plane – I’ve tried but it’s really hopeless with me. I like listening to audio books when I have trouble falling asleep at home.
    Love the sculpture in the last shot! Where is it? Looks so cosy even though it’s made of concrete and bricks! 😄

  21. Isn’t it 😀 I’m quite lucky to have it

    I took the picture in Antwep, Belgium. I like it a lot and it’s hard to take single shot becauae many people are around it!

    The 🐪 is also taken in Antwerp Zoo. He was just chilling there haha

  22. Thank you! I’ll make sure to put this sculpture and the lovely camel on my list should I ever get to Antwerp! 😄

  23. Aww – thank you, Andrea! Maybe I will try making a little sculpture like this myself as I’m working with clay from time to time. 😄

  24. I always sleep really well and when people complain of insomnia to me, I tell them I’ll lend them 22 grade ones and they’ll sleep like a baby!

  25. I take medicine that helps me sleep but I put my TV on and set a timer for it to shut itself off. I always watch something I’ve seen thousands of times like Friends that I can listen to without watching. It prevents my thoughts from racing and I fall asleep.

  26. I am basically using the same method to fall asleep. No wonder I have seen such a billion times 😉
    I am happy to hear that it works for you as well!

  27. 24 hour bus ride?! Wow, that’s a lot of sitting involved!

    I sleep relatively quickly as well. Between my girlfriend and I, even turning on a Netflix movie will knock me out before the intro is over.

    I don’t have a ritual right now. Most of the nights, I stop working by turning off my laptop, walk over to the washroom to brush my teeth and do my business, then climb into bed and knock off.


  28. Sounds like you have a very healthy sleeping routine!
    I feel really sorry for those that have insomnia, I can only imagine who energy draining that must be!
    I just got to work, but I could easily crawl back into bed now 😉

  29. Reblogged this on tatyana.tallinn and commented:
    Andrea, thank you for your great idea to make us reblog to your sweet falling asleep story.
    Sleep? Usually, I fell asleep before my head reaches the pillow! But, this quiet blackness can be disturbed by dreaming. Not often, there are special dreams about future, and sometimes — you wake up, because you are in bed, and swimming with people in a warm ocean at one and the same time, because some place far away, the earthquake produced a high wave and order of things had been swept away. And your smarter self managed to tune in into something that has nothing to do with you! Then mental thought comes in saying this is impossible to sleep and swim at a time, and your swimming session is over! In this case, a cup of hot cacao may help to fell asleep again! Good Deep Sleep to everybody!

    My next blog “Legally Blind, Deaf and Stupid” will be about aging! Love to all! I will try to be not so serious in my meager learned English!

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