About the comment section

Whenever I speak about “likes and followers” being important to me, you guys respond with “Comments have so much more value to me”.

I have always had a Skeptical look towards that, but couldn’t quite figure out why.

Getting comments is nice, I agree.
But answering them does take quite some time.
I find myself easily losing track of comments that are still left open.
And if I do, the age old question remains: who ends the conversation, you or me?

I’ve often hear that “likes” without comments come across as “insincere” and “they probably didn’t even read my post”.
But honestly, have you ever received a comment with “Great post!” or “👍👍👍👍”
Or “Congrats, you deserved it” after you wrote one of those award posts?
I deserve it, really?

Speaking of finding an easy way to pretend you actually read someone’s post.


Not to mention all the spam I’ve been seeing lately.
Please STOP promoting your blog in my comments section! (Unless it’s a reference to a post that is within the topic – I actually like that).

And here’s the annoying part.
I just check my SPAM folder.
So many lovely comments from months ago are in there.

Receiving comments is also something I fear after I write one of my “unpopular opinion” posts.
My aim is definitely tell my experience with the topic.
And if not handled carefully, the experience can easily turn into a very harsh opinion.

I was particularly scared after I published my post My opinion about #METOO
Some have noticed I definitely wanted to say more around this topic.
I did. You probably can even guess what that was.
But in today’s world, words can get easily twisted.

And that happened.
Someone accused me of “obviously” not knowing what the #METOO movement is all about and that I should stop defending men.
Even the innocent men, because they have just let it happen.
Never mind the fact that I clearly described feeling harassed by a women recently and this female comment writer didn’t stand up for me either.

How very fair of her.

And then very recently I got extremely disappointed by the comment section.
In my post 3 years I speak about the ups and downs of my relationship.
I also posted a silly picture of us because despite the difficult time we had some very fun moments, which does include sillyness.

Someone completely neglected what the story was actually about.
They posted a mean comment about the picture.
It made me both angry and sad on such a remarkable day.
This was a great reminder for me why I started avoiding the outside world.

If it wasn’t for all the other lovely people who were very supportive and sweet, I probably would have deleted my entire site and left without an explanation or goodbye.

It’s true, I’m sensitive.
I don’t have a “Screw them” mentality and I never will.
A hurtful comment will stick with me more and longer than 10 lovely comments.

I have considered disabling the comment section.
But I’d miss the interaction.
I’d miss hearing your opinion.
Because that is what blogging makes an amazing experience.

So let’s keep on disagreeing with each other in a respectful and amazing way! 🙂

56 thoughts on “About the comment section

  1. I don’t spend much time on re-reading my post. When I read it aloud to Jasper (he is too lazy to read himself 😉), I see some really stupid mistakes or words I forget.

    I don’t mind people correcting me at all in the comment section. I’d edit the post and then delete the comments. It wiyld be emberrasing (I probabla wrote that word wrong) to have such a comment in each post 😭

  2. I definitely like more posts than I comment on, but all my likes are genuine. Sometimes there isn’t anything to say, or someone else already said it. Plus I follow a lot of style blogs and there are only so many times you can say ‘cute outfit!’ without looking like a bot! But I like to leave a little something so people know I stopped by and enjoyed what they wrote. Unfortunately these days people are very quick to share their ‘opinion’ without thought for the feelings of others, and then say they are ‘just being honest’ but those people just aren’t kind and not worth bothering yourself about. It’s inevitable there will be one or two sometimes, but your blog gets more interaction than any of the others I follow which is a testament to how much you engage your readers and that’s something to be proud of – don’t let the one or two bad ones get you down or stop you doing what you enjoy 😊

  3. Same sentiments here when it comes to comments. In all fairness though, the comments on WordPress are far way better than those I receive on FB. 😂

  4. That’s really obnoxious that people like to pick on the same person online… Ya think they’d have something better to do. Sadly life is full of mean people and there’s no way to avoid them so all you can do is learn to deal with them 😟

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