Where are you from?

When was the last time you looked at a world map?

For educational purposes? To pick your holiday destination?

To check out where your visitors on WordPress come from? 😉

Looking at one (right now), what’s the first thing you notice?


Even though Europe seem like very tiny part of the world, it’s the first thing that appeals to me.

The classy boot of Italy.

The snail shape of Finland.

The many island of Greece.

And what’s that large orange part in the top?

Greenland. Indeed, still belonging to Denmark.

I researched different maps on the internet and came across this one.

For any Americas/Canadians out there, is this the one used over there?


I counted The internet told me that there are 195 countries in the world.

It’s crazy to imagine that since the internet exists, this doesn’t seem as extreme.

Probably you have connected with at least 50% of these countries since you’re using WordPress!

I was born in Bosnia, then we moved to Croatia, then to Germany, then to Holland, then I decided to move to Denmark and then came back to where I currently life: Holland.


I’ll end this post by sharing a funny fact.

In Holland, common names wcould be:

Harm, Lies and Joke (the last two pronounced differently).

But it’s not remotely weird to some of the names I heard in former Yugoslavian countries:

Snezana (=snow white) and Jagoda (Strawberry)

Kim’s & Kanye’s baby name North West suddenly doesn’t sound as weird anymore 😉

Where are you from and can you share a funny fact about your state / country?

37 thoughts on “Where are you from?

  1. I am from Germany. We do not do humour (that is my fun fact) – we only appear so funny because we take everything much too seriously.
    The last time before I opened this blog I looked upon a world map when I searched for a present: A map where you could scratch free the countries you have been to.

    Funny German names Erika – literally heather, the plant and the English name translate to Erika.

    I have never lived abroad, but I have a great-great and then some grandfather (early 19th century) who was in the French army, called Calaistour or somesuch. He deserted the Napoleonic army when they were on their way back from Russia, and married a farmer’s daughter in East-Prussia – now again Poland (and rightfully so, let me add).
    My father’s side of the family rather lived in the extreme South-West of Germany – and it was only by the chaos during WW II that mother and father both came to live in the same town (they were both toddlers then) and could meet later. I would not be here without a world-war – funny idea that.

    And the funniest anecdote I have heard about a world map was one from WW II. Allegedly one of Hitler’s generals stood in front of some other officers, put his thumb on Germany and said “this is Germany, gentlemen!” – and then he put the rest of his hand on Russia (then Sovietunion) on top of the map and said “and this is the Sovietunion. Do you think we can win this war? I don’t!”
    I am not sure if this is a true story, because this general would then have gone straight to execution. But it’s a nice story.

  2. It’s better to have no humor at all than the slightly mean humor the Dutch have!
    Erika is common in Dutch too. I didn’t know it means heather!
    Grin. At least Hitler is a realist 😉

  3. I’m from America and the only other country I have been to is Africa.

    The only maps I use is Google maps, I only thought there was 180 country’s until I saw there were more here on WordPress.

    I can’t think of anything funny about America right this minute but what I do think is funny sometimes is when people from other country’s think we are all rich or wealthy.

    Trying to earn a living here is no easy thing but on another blog I was doing and at a YouTube channel I was playing with I would get messages from people wanting to come to America because they think we are all rich. I don’t know where they get their information from but it is wrong.

    It is fascinating reading about all the different country’s and cultures around the world.

  4. I am from the United States of America. Southern California, to be exact. I have lived in Arizona and now I live in Las Vegas, NV. I find it funny that visitors forget people live here and think we live in casinos. I have visited Europe. France,Germany,Italy,Switzerland, Austria.. when I was 13.

  5. Im from America…and really nothing is funny about our country right now.
    However, I live in the State of MN and people (including ourselves) make fun of our accents all the time. We love enunciate our O’s. 😀

  6. Most people think Western countries are super rich. But what is rich really. Things are more expensive and jobs aren’t necesarily easier!

  7. That is what I keep trying to tell people, the cost of living is always going up and always will, got to get prepared for it while you can.
    Have a super wonderful day.

  8. I’m from America, Texas to be exact. A lot of people around the world thinks everybody here are cowboys with horses and guns. Fact is, a lot of us live in big cities and have never been on a ranch or ridden a horse (I used to all the time!). I have been all over the US and Canada but never anywhere else. I look forward to visiting other countries in the next 10 years.

  9. I was guilty often that thought 🤠 until I visited the city center of Houston with all the shopping malls. But, I also went to a shooting range which was also pretty cool !

  10. We do have those! 😂
    And oh gosh how I hate having to go to the mall! It’s a sight for visitors though so I’m glad you went. Did you go to the Galleria mall?

  11. I am American born and have always lived in the state of New York. I am stumped when it comes to thinking of a funny fact about this place as it can be a mixing pot of different cultures. The racial demographics of each neighborhood can vary a lot too. I know there is a typical New York accent some people may think of when they think of Fran Drescher from the show The Nanny. Personally I have met very few people who actually sound like that in New York. I am Asian and I grew up speaking my parents’ native tongue in addition to English. I do believe my accent sounds like it comes from North America but it would be hard for someone to pinpoint that I am from New York if they were judging from accent alone.

  12. Oh man, you’re living my New York dream life!
    Although I don’t like busy cities, NY should be exception – I’ve never been. But due to movies / series, it seems super appealing!

    So when you speak Chinese with your parents, do you have an American accent?
    That’s for me the case. When I speak Croatian with my parents, I sound very very Dutch!

  13. i was born and raised in Brazil, though i currently live in the middle east. I’ve lived in the U.S for a few years, and i can’t think about one funny thing about any of these places right now. that’s actually sad, ha!

  14. Those are both interesting cultures though!
    It seems like we are always more interesting about other cultures and know less of our own one.

  15. As a New Yorker, I am amused that so many movies and tv series base the story in the NYC location. However, that’s not all there is to New York. There are parts of New York state I have never been to because it’s mostly accessible only by driving or taking a different train system than the NYC subway system.

    I would say for some Chinese words, my American accent does slip in by accident haha but for the most part I can hide it.

  16. I was born in England with an English Dad and an Irish mum so I pretty much divided my time between both countries! I’ve lived in Cyprus and Sweden too and spent very extended periods in Germany. I now live in Upstate NY!

  17. I’m from America. More specifically Kansas. Most people so you love on a farm and have cows. Not exactly how it is. I live in the city right next to Missouri. So there isn’t many farms close by.

    But my background is German/Polish. Only place outside of America I’ve been to is Israel. Loved the culture and the cities. I hope to get to travel more soon!

  18. Oh wow, youve seen a lot!
    I guess you can say “I was in Asia”, because Turkye is mainly Asia, but I don’t think that counts 😅
    In all honesty, I have no interest in the countries outside Europe where it’s hot, so much will remain unexplored for me.

  19. Both places have their faults and their benefits. Brazil is in a financial crisis and most citizens are suffering for that. the middle east is more financially stable, but it has it’s own faults too. i guess a deserted island would be nice place to be now a days.

  20. The thing about Europe is that it’s so diverse, that if you travel around it a lot, I understand how you skip the rest.
    I’m good with hot. So far…

  21. I was born in Mozambique and raised in Portugal. The last time I looked to a map it was to look for a holiday destination😎☺
    Interesting fact about Mozambique and Portugal we love rice, every meal needs a good portion of rice. In Mozambique names can be really funny, like ‘Chorizo’ … Can’t really think about something else funny, sorry

  22. I had to look up Mozambique. I had no idea the language is Portuguese!
    Such an interesting background you have!

    I’m also happy to see not only Americans reacting to this post, since the mayority of my readers seems ti be frim the US or India 😅

  23. I was born in Lagos Nigeria, I haven’t got the chance to travel but aspiring to. I love adventure and one day I will tour this beautiful places you all have been talking about. It’s so lovely reading about the beautiful things in each country. Sometimes I checked pictures of this countries.

    In Lagos Nigeria, one funny fact is that men don’t joke with food and women don’t joke with making new hairstyle.

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