Reliving the youth “trauma”

In my post When adults don’t think about consequences I talk about the hell of my youthful years: Sports day.

This event was many more times traumatic in the Summer than the Winter.
As soon as the Dutch temperature would hit above 22 degrees, school would make sure we could spend a day at the swimming pool.

While I was trying to fall down the stairs to break a limb, my friend was experimenting with the Pill to induce her period.
But whatever we tried, this event was mandatory unless the swimming pool was on fire.
We couldn’t seem to get out of it.
This messed up my self esteem and trust for quite some years after.

You’d think that this Horror would be done by the time you struggled yourself through the horrible years of education.

More than often I sit at work and wonder what exactly it is that I’m using of all the gained knowledge of all those years of school.
Was it really worth it, dragging 7kg of books each day on a 20km bike ride to school?


20% of my daily tasks consist of printing out forms, fill them out, scan them, rename them, storing them on the company website.
20% is everything related to emails, meetings & travel time.
Another 20% would be sipping that terrible tasting coffee just to stay awake.
The final 20% is pretending I’m busy with actual work and in that way avoid all the mean colleagues. And this is the only part which is actually worth it

If you have done your math, you might notice 4 *20% is not 100%.
That’s right. I have given up on giving it  “my all”.

But that’s all OK.
I have accepted my education is only a permit to get a seat in a company.

The one thing I will not be able to accept is reliving the same stress my youth.

Quite some months ago the annual Team building was announced.
It was going to be on island surrounded by water.
I decided not to panic about it; I had plenty of time to figure out an excuse.

Weeks past by and I forgot all about it until I got a firm reminder to accept this event in my calendar along with a description “Bring your swimming clothes”.

“Luckily” we don’t have stairs in our current home.
How on earth was I going to get out of this one?!
Why swimming?!
I don’t want colleagues to see me in swimming wear. Certainly I am not interested in their half naked body.

Someone must have listened to my desperate prayers this time.
A range of invites were send to me by angels to attended meetings abroad.
My plan was to travel less, but these I accepted gladly.
Because of this extra unexpected load, my manager approved for me to skip the Team building event, this time.

I’m save for now.
Anyone any suggestions for excuses for the next one?

31 thoughts on “Reliving the youth “trauma”

  1. Foryour next one you could get a sudden cold? Tummy bug? Be allergic to sea water or chlorine? Good luck either way!

    I am not a fan of team building days – our work has one on Friday and rather than providing excuses, et al, I’m simply saying “No.” – I don’t want to attend, I don’t want to spend time with my “peers” outside of a structured workplace environment. I am here to work, not to make friends. But, where I am working at the moment is a really horrible place, so it’s understandable I want to avoid extended contact with anyone there!

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    1. I’m in a current workplace where colleagues seems to be friends. And that’s the one thing I’m trying to avoid.
      Team buildings are considered very important, so you can’t just say “No”, unfortunately.

      Sorry to hear you’re in a toxic workplace 😦

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  2. Oh how I hate team building exercises! And at the water? God no! These employers need to stop with these. Just let us do our job and go home where we want to be, not with these people that you already have to spend 40 hours a week with!
    You may have to get creative for the next one. It has to be a good excuse too. Maybe Plan your vacation as soon as they mention it so you will be off?

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    1. I know! Also for me it’s a 2,5 hour drive to get there, I live a bit more south than most my colleagues.
      The vacation thing is actually a very good idea. But we really have so many of these events. Somehow I got most out of the wirst ones, but I fear the next because I can tell they’re becoming suspicious 😭

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    1. Luckily I can skip this one. But it really makes me wonder if these people have a brain. This is one of the most awkward things I can imagine!
      As much as I like my job, the company clearly doesn’t suit me.

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  3. Ugh… “Team Building” meetings are the worst. As an educator, we are constantly forced into this kind of nonsense… which I’m always inexplicably busy for! (Crazy how that happens.) Seriously… just call in sick.

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    1. “Forced” is the exact term.
      Usually the activities are awkward and I don’t think It will improve any team spirit. There’s already a bunch of them super close with in private, I don’t think I as a newbie would fit in. Cause of agr, but also I have interest whatsoever.
      Luckily I already arranged to skip this one 💪

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  4. I’ll admit I just hate all team building activities in general…but swimming takes it to another level of unnecessary awkwardness for everyone involved!

    One of the first companies I ever worked for were massive on team building activities, we would often have to start the day playing charades or a ‘modern’ take on rock paper scissors (they liked to call it salmon bear mosquito).

    Everyone hated it and I think it created ice instead of breaking it haha!

    I like going out with teammates but in casual settings, ‘organized’ fun in workplaces often has the opposite desired effect…


    1. Pff haha, Salmon Bear Mosquito. That’s almost creative 😉

      I think honestly that activities like these can create ice instead of breaking it. There is one colleague in particular who I just don’t click with on any level. It almost seems like he hates me seeing happy. So on a “fun” day like this I wouldn’t be even able to smile and talk to other colleagues.

      Now I will be honest, I am the Teamlead of a team of 3 people and I also have to organize a team activity. But I have asked everyone with coming up with things and then we can decide together. I don’t see a reason to make them feel awkward and then later hate me for it!


  5. Glad you were able to get out of it! That seems so uncomfortable to have to go out swimming with your co-workers to “team build”. Especially since they’re all men! I’d hate that!

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    1. It’s so crazy and the most disturbing thing of all: I seem to be the only one who has a problem with it! All the others are looking so much forward to it.
      I always just seem like the odd one out haha.

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      1. That is exactly what I came here to say.
        At my last workplace, I could not believe how most people were actually genuinely excited about such events. They actually proposed them themselves. They would always want more! I could not understand it. IF you want to go out for drinks with a co-worker or two on a Friday night, it’s your choice, but don’t make me go out on a weeknight with people I don’t care for, etc.


      2. My work has “get to know each other” outings where we are also promoting our club but I never go! I feel bad for you that it’s not even an option for you to skip it without a good excuse!


    1. I am so happy that everyone in the comments agrees with me!
      All of my other colleagues can’t wait for this day! I’m the only who seems to have a problem with it.


  6. May just be me but I HATED Sports Day….and gym class. Love this post though. Good memory you have. Obviously because you are Dutch ❤️


  7. I’m glad that you chose to get out of it.. I really have a lack of patience and team building is only so waste of time… deliberately trying to put something in action, just because it should be is so annoying sometimes… 😏
    I loved reading your posts😊..your posts are so relatable and genuine..😊👌


    1. I think so too! In a world where a lot is expected from an employee, a “fun” day like this can only cause stress.
      If they really wanted me to rest, they would give me that day off 😉

      Thanks for reading!
      I can’t seem to follow you back however! It’s says that your site is no longer available?
      Did you recently change it?


      1. Ahh ok! The “description” under you name says “”.
        You can change it somewhere in your settings when you click on your own pictures. Maybe many others couldn’t follow because of this.
        Might be worth checking it out 🙂


      2. Thank you so much for letting me know this…. I had migrated my site to wordpress from goDaddy…will check on the issue right away..😊


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