3 years

3 years ago was on a Friday.
I had a day off.
I barely ate a cracker that day.
I had changed clothes 5 times only to get back into what I originally planned.
I checked time with each minute it past.
And then finally, the doorbell rang.

That day changed both our lives for good.
It was going to last and we both knew it.

3 years flew by.
Yet it seemed so long ago that we were in this moment where nobody mattered, expect the two us.

In the mean time, we experienced all kinds of phases.
Phases of being a rut we couldn’t seemed to get out of.
Phases where we missed each other because too often either one of us was on a business travel.
Phases where we had arguments over smallest things.
Phases where we wanted to break up because our future perspective didn’t seem to match.

I don’t know if he is “the only one for me”.
I do know, he is the only one want to try with and open up to.

I’ve seen people giving up easily on their relationship because they lost this intense feeling of being in love.
I honestly don’t even seem to have the time or patience to be in love anymore.
There are too many other obligations and worries.

I know a lot of people have something against the “Selfie culture”.
But let’s face it, they do capture the happy moments.
At times when I feel down about our relationship, I scroll through them.
The wonderful memories pop up and I am ensured that I wouldn’t want to spend my life with anyone else.

And now I’m going to cook his favorite meal like any good “working from home on days like these” girlfriend would 😉

p.s. We usually only celebrate the half yearly anniversary because that is just before Christmas and usually the temperatures are so much more pleasant for us 😉

39 thoughts on “3 years

  1. This is actually just a guess, but I think home made pasta alfredo is his favorite at the moment. I know it’s mine 😉

    “Looking forward” for the mess in the kitchen.

  2. Congratulations 🙂 You look like a lovely couple!

    I’ve been with my boyfriend for nearly 4 years and it’s hard work but if I were to break up with someone whenever it got difficult I don’t think any relationship would last! I think it’s definitely true that people can sometimes give up when that ‘intense love’ feeling seems to fade…once we both started letting go of the stereotypes and expectations of what an ‘ideal’ relationship should be, we just did our own thing which makes us happy 🙂

  3. There is many things I could say about you and your “pity party”. I dislike every of your comments and they have been annoying for quite some time now.
    Why don’t you just show your face so I can my comments.

  4. Very true! If we would give up on anything each time anything becomes difficult, we’d never get anywhere.
    4 years is a very solid time and hopefully there will be many more years! 😀
    Is he British?

  5. Immune for criticism.
    This is interesting. Could be an interesting blog topic as well.
    I pretty much expect criticism any time. I guess became tired of of it. I don’t have energy for the same statements each time.

  6. I’m glad to be inspiring so many post topics for you recently. I look forward to reading them all!
    It definitely can be tiring and overwhelming to hear the same thing over and over again.

  7. Now I want to write about “what inspires you to write your blogs”.
    I should note these ideas down somewhere!
    You’re a great source of inspiration, thanks!

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