Mystery Blogger Award!

Julie nominated me again for an award and I am really enjoying them!
So obviously thanks!
Please feel free to participate as well if you like! But for those I have nominated, it’s of course not mandatory 🙂

Julie’s Questions:

Do you like classic art or modern art and why?

If I think of Classic Art, I think of paintings at Churches.
It’s often Jesus’ death or a Saint staring at a judging look. I find it scary.
Also, everyone is naked. It makes me really uncomfortable.

I really hope I haven’t insulted anyone with that.

Only once I went to a Modern Art museum and I ended up throwing up on the bathroom.
All the images disgusted me that much.

Who do you live with?

Fun fact: He needs to squat each time we take a selfie because he is quite a bit taller than I am. 


Are you organized in your home (closets, bathroom, drawers)?

As much as I can.
Our house is extremely impracticable and we don’t even have closet with drawers 😦

What is your happy song? (I love this question so I had to steal it)

Train – Play that song (currently).

Do you have a full time job or are you like me?

Full time job.
I am an Electrical Specialist / Team lead to a couple of Technical Writers.

My Questions:

  1. Can you post a picture of your coffee / tea cup?
  2. Do you switch into comfy clothes at home or do you keep your regular clothes until you go to sleep?
  3. What animal would you like to  live as for one day?
  4. What’s the last thing you have purchased (except for groceries)?
  5. When you leave the door, do you like to keep your stuff (wallet, phone) in a bag or in your pocket?
  6. Favorite ice cream?


9 thoughts on “Mystery Blogger Award!

  1. Congra… just kidding.
    I have the same closet situation currently. It’s getting annoying.
    Thanks for the nomination. I’m so excited about doing them this month. A lot of fun questions.


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