Clothes make the (wo)man and being yourself

Whenever I’m traveling for work, the term “business trip” seems so overrated.
Mainly because what I am really going to do is talk about to equally nerdy colleagues about electricity and stuff, on a site location far away from any kind of civilization.

But the people at the airport don’t know that.
So there’s my opportunity to seem just as important and sophisticated as the other  people walking around in suits, making business decision over the phone.

So there I was, waiting for my flight to the UK.
The bright red backpack was exchanged by an actual laptop bag.
I wore my nice trench coat, shoes with a slight heel and drinking the awful coffee the airport serves.

The “real me” would have preferred to sit there in my comfiest pink pj’s or even not be surrounded by that many people at all.

Call it “not being myself” or “stepping out of my comfort zone”, but it actually felt good to pretend I’m “someone else”.

For a second I even regret not booking the middle seat and therefore being sure to have a conversation with someone.
I struggled my way to the last seat where I sat all alone.
At least I could watch Spongebob -the movie, which I had downloaded for this flight, without anyone judging me.

After we landed, I jumped into the first cab.
The driver was dressed in sweatpants and old t shirt.
It was going to be a 40 minute drive and 10 minutes later none of us had said anything.
Maybe we were both intimidated by each other.
“So, World Cup eh”, I started, “Do you think England’s going to win?”
This seemed to be his topic.
I tried to remember everything I knew about football and next 30 minutes flew by.

The next morning I appeared again in my regular clothes.
I even exchanged my laptop bag for my good old red friend.
Back to being “me” again.

A week not being at home made me feel extra tired.
I didn’t care for wearing my fancy clothing again for my flight back.
I dragged my suitcase through the fast last.
“Excuse me miss, this is only for Sky priority”, I heard behind me.

Interesting, now that I’m dressed differently suddenly they don’t believe I could be Sky priority?

Unimpressed I showed that lady my ticket.
She frowned.


I felt a certain arrogance crawling up.
How dared she judging me like that?

Then again, I did the same to taxi driver who was dressed horribly when I was dressed nicely.
But also to the snobby looking business people thinking they were the only one who mattered, now that I’m dressed in more comfortable clothes.

It’s a funny world we live in.


10 thoughts on “Clothes make the (wo)man and being yourself

  1. It’s hard not to judge based on what clothes people dress. I can understand the necessity of it in certain jobs if the position calls for people to look more professional but I don’t think someone needs to look polished if they’re traveling between flights, especially if they’re in a hurry to get on board and didn’t have time beforehand.

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  2. Interesting. And that jellyfish fits in nicely.
    I read all over the place that you have a greater chance of getting upgraded to business class if you dress nicely. I tried that on my last two major flights. Both times business class was full, and so I didn’t even stand a chance. So much effort for nothing.


    1. Jelly was one of my first doodles. He’ll always be special! Thanks 😀

      Ugh. How annoying.
      Despite me expectation, sky priority didn’t mean business class. You’ll just just quicker through all the checks.
      But I was sitting with the “regular people”.
      But clothing can change the way people look at you. Maybe one day I will experiment with this a little more.

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  3. I think it’s unacceptable that the airport staff would criticise you for dressing comfortably, or really for wearing whatever you want, because it doesn’t meet their expectation of ‘priority’ customer.

    I know we’ve all probably been guilty of making assumptions of the type of person someone is based on what they’re wearing (I’ve done so myself too), but this proves how we really need to reframe our mindset around these superficial judgments. Even if we’re to think of someone differently because of what they wear, it is outrageous to pass these biased judgments especially as staff of a company- she could have just asked to see your ticket!

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  4. Yeah.. it IS a funny world we live in….
    What’s interesting is in Asia, they’re so desperate to flaunt any material wealth that so many of them are in debt from buying luxury brands they can’t even afford, whereas in America… you honestly can’t even tell who’s rich or not. Some new money might flaunt it a bit, but most of them, especially the super wealthy, you’d never suspect o_o even if they do wear expensive clothes, they look like simple clothes that don’t have branding YELLING at everyone. Some of ’em just wear sandals and eat at local pizzerias in the suburbs xD


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