Are you passionate about the field of business you work for?

Inspiration for today’s blog is Goldie’s last post:

The blog talks about how much amount right of speech employees should have when they don’t agree with the company they work for.

On one hand we are all entitled to our opinion.
On the other hand, in a time where finding a job isn’t particularly easy, probably 50 others are happy to “shut up and work”.

Today’s question is:

Did you choose the company, you work for, because you’re passionate about that field of business?

Every company needs an HR or IT department, managers and technical staff.
But did you choose the specific business or just the job?

I work for a Wind Power company.
Not because I’m such a “green person”.
I don’t do a lot of waste control. Don’t say it, I know.
I drive the car a lot, not just for work.
I too often forget to turn off the light because life is really freaking hectic.
I throw old clothes away instead of giving them away. I honestly think if they are not good enough for me, they shouldn’t be good enough for anyone else. I don’t possess any high end or quality brands.

I just like the engineering in a Wind Turbine.

The other day we drove by a tobacco company.
“What if you’d get a great job opportunity at a company like this?”,  I asked to Jasper, “One where you get to travel to nice locations, get an awesome salary and your colleagues are hilarious yet proffesional”.

I asked this, knowing that Jasper hates smoking much more than I do.
He gave me that “sounds tempting” look.

You probably wouldn’t be surprised, I’d take it.
I don’t have too many standards in life when it comes to work.
We all know ALL organisations are commercial and nasty.
Yes, including hospital and other “NGO’s”.
Don’t pretend.

21 thoughts on “Are you passionate about the field of business you work for?

  1. 1. I’m proud to be your inspiration.
    2. Your mug is a-MAZING.
    3. Got into my field by pure luck (i.e. opportunity).
    4. Does it help being proud of your company/ employer doing good thing? Sure. But I just want to be good at my job. I’m a perfectionist, and sometimes I would like others to be “better”, but I realize that I am not the 1 person committee that sets standards on who should be how.
    5. Regarding throwing away of clothes. I agree with you. Plus, I read about all these standards when it comes to donations that it seems like I wear worse clothes than the clothes that should be donated. So if they don’t want what I got, then too bad.
    6. I really like your tobacco example. It hits the nail on the head so well. I’d have to agree. I’d take the job, too. Maybe I’ve just been around too many people who would REALLY like a decent job. An opportunity. Which is why I might get bitter when I read about spoiled brats.

  2. I earn money several different ways, the work I do here on the internet is what I like best and for a company I completely believe in.
    I work at a factory and they treat people very bad and I would never call it a career.
    I am passionate about teaching life time residual income because it is the only way to have true financial freedom.

  3. 1. Yay! It makes me want to blog about “what inspires your blog?”
    2. I brought it to work and someone said “happy to see you enjoy your job”. Anyone can see the heart is skeptical
    3. I’m curios which field 😉
    4. You know how I feel about pride: a waste of energy
    5. When we came as refugees to NL, everyone gave us their own clothes. It was emberassing wearing a shirt and a classmate saying “that used to be mine”. It was an insult to my parents too. I wouldnt do this to anyone.
    6. It’s good isn’t it 😉
    I care about the job and mostly the colleagues.
    I just an nasty email from the asshole colleague who stood me up. He knows how to make me cry.
    Well no more, i got myself a job interview, abroad.
    I love the job, but this asshole, which i cannot avoid, is constantly stabbing in my heart. Im tired and done with feeling like shit every time I see his face.

  4. ad 3. Healthcare
    I’m glad you’re taking steps to cut his toxic self out. In the meantime – try and disregard it. You know who he is and how he affects you, so now you can work on not giving a no. 2.

  5. Definitely the ones who do it because of ego or money :\
    Of course not all of them because I know some people who are trying to become doctors who are genuinely kind and concerned about others. I never had bad experiences with doctors, either, come to think of it. Sometimes I feel bad for them because people get so freaked out about health problems and they can be rude to doctors. But I really would not be surprised with the egotistical, ambitious, money-grubbing ones 😦

  6. My career is a sore spot for me, haha. I haven’t been that happy with it to be honest. Environment is important to me so I want to be in a positive workforce that supports me. Of course there will be a sour grape in every vine, but I just really want to work in a place that fosters camaraderie with diverse peers my age I can relate to. At least maybe until I can make blogging a full-time thing. And the words “business casual” makes me freak the hell out. It’s just not for me :\

  7. Yeah the ones who pick the job for ego or money make me sick.. :\ It’s a great burden and responsibility that should be taken very seriously. I’m with you there.

  8. Mine is different, teaching.
    Hub finished the same university as you but then turned to programming over 10 years ago. There are plenty of opportunities in the field and you’re more flexible. Lots of them work from home or/and are project-oriented.

  9. Let’s see. There now actually seems like there is some sort of possibility to go to denmark. But that’s all at the very beginning stage.

    Teaching of adults or children?

  10. So, smoking is not all that bad 😉
    I don’t know how weird this going to sound, but I actually like seeing someone smoking. It can look elegant or sophisticated in some sort of weird way!

  11. I think most of us don’t want to admit though 😉
    I’m not scared to say that I don’t give much about which company it is for, as long as manager, colleagues and money are good !

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