“Just” pick up that phone

Don’t you just hate it when someone is pushing into “just” pick up the phone, call the person you need and get that answer real quick?

If you do, keep on reading. I experienced something much worse today.

If you’re not, don’t ever advice someone to “just” do it.

For a long, anxiety got the better of me when I needed to use the phone.
I would prepare for days and when I find the courage to finally dial the number, I’d still stutter.

Somewhere along the way I actually managed to get rid of fear, but I still don’t like doing it.
Also with a bit consideration to the other person.
They might just be out of breath because of walking up the stairs.
They might be in a job interviewing and forgot to switch of the phone.
They might be on the toilet.
Their favorite song might be on the radio.
And most likely, they can’t answer you right away anyhow.

In a world of smart phone I prefer to send them a short message beforehand, stating the topic and a time proposal.
Clearly this has been considered as weird and inefficient by my colleagues.
They consider being on the phone as “cool”.
It indicates you’re popular and busy.

Today I was again stood up the same colleague for a meeting.
I walked by another and asked where “mr. too busy for Andrea” was.

“Have you called him?”, colleague asked.
“Nah, he already canceled the meeting (Sunday night 9 o’clock)”, I said, “I  was just wondered if you knew where he was”. (NOTHING MORE, NOTHING LESS)

Then he said the magical words:

Let me call him for you.

You what?
I only asked a simple, innocent question.
NOT your freaking help.


Will I ever start understanding humans?

How do you feel about making a call?
Do you think it’s efficient? Or do you prefer to send a text upfront?


13 thoughts on ““Just” pick up that phone

  1. I personally have no problem making a phone call if it is during an office hour. But I do get annoy when people ring my home after 10pm at night and sometimes at midnight just to say hello. It is completely very rude. And since I live abroad, I associated a midnight call with an emergency call – such as accident or someone die. Therefore I kind of get a heart attack when I hear a phone ring at midnight.

  2. I don’t mind calling people anymore.
    But since I’m on the phone quite a bit at work, I prefer txting on my cell/ off time. Also, enough human interaction is enough. Txting drains less of my energy than talking on the phone (modulating my voice and making it sound like I am interested, etc.).
    And that whole “let me just call him for you” is so annoying. Can you just answer my damn question?

  3. I have quite some Skype meetings at work. But they are pre-planned so I can make sure to prepare.

    You some people search for excuses not to work, so they propose to call someone when you ask a simple yes/no question. I look like a fool just standing while he did the talking for me.

  4. I hate making calls. I feel like I’m bad at picking up calls, too, but actually some people are just bad at making calls… so I’m like… state your name and what you want… and be clear about it!!! Haha. Ugh all the phone anxiety. Thank goodness for online chat services nowadays. I also prefer just emailing so they can get back to me on their own time. Usually nothing is that urgent that I have to call them.

  5. If I can help it, I prefer if I can communicate by text or email. I hate it when people get huffy with me if I happened to miss their call and ask me why I didn’t pick up, as if it’s expected of me to be near my phone at all times of the day/night. I rarely allow my ringer to stay on and settle for vibrate mode.

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