Did movies/series influence your career choice?

I grew up with a dad who is a  Legal Drama addict.
After watching Kramer vs. Kramer, I was too.

During our daily walk and talk in the nature, we dreamed about how cool it would be to fight for someone’s right while wearing a slick suit.
Yes, we. Somewhere deep down I felt that dad had still so many dreams he never got the chance to achieve.

Currently I am binge watching Netflix’ Suits.
And again, I regret not becoming a lawyer.
How cool would it be to wear a sophisticated trench coat over that nice dress to work.
Quickly get coffee and lunch on the bagel stand around the corner.
Looking outside the window on the 50th floor, over the New York skyline,  when I need inspiration.
And drink something strong after a long day, AT THE FREAKING OFFICE!

Even the excitement of law school while watching Legally Blonde! 

I’ve always been a fan of psychological drama’s as well.
While watching Netflix’ Gypsy, I dreamed away in a world where I would by a therapist.
I’d have my practice at home. One with a wooden desk, I’d have one million books and one of those comfy sofa’s.
I’d be able to make my coffee fresh and it would taste goooood.

After watching one episode of ER, I considered becoming a nurse.
Imagine that, working alone side a George Clooney – look a like as a doctor.
I’m melting, aren’t you? 😉


Back to reality. To Sunday evening.
I’m preparing for work.

Making my own lunch box containing rice crackers. “YUM” .

I will prepare a fresh cup of coffee in the morning which I always intend to drink while driving, but never end up doing it. By the time I reach work, it’s cold. Darn it. 

When I need inspiration, I look outside, at the parking lot.
I am playing a game of “which car belongs to which colleague?”.
If I look straight forward, I can see the door of the men’s room.  Hurray me.

I guess all those movies and series have inspired me, but never pushed me.
I ended following dad’s career choice and studied electrical engineering.
I’ve been called intelligent and smart for making that decision, but I still secretly dream of a job like in the movies 😉

How about you?
Have movies/series influenced your career choice?
Have you ever made a career switch because of something you saw on TV?

23 thoughts on “Did movies/series influence your career choice?

  1. I was watching LA Law. And Ally Mc Beal. And I finished Faculty of Law and worked at court. It took my free time so I move to civil service. I am still dreaming to be a successful writer cause it would be my dream job.

  2. Hm I don’t really see a job in media that makes me go, “Whoa, wish I did that.” Sometimes they seem to go throughout the job so cleanly, if that makes sense. There is a comfortable sense of routine in some of their work, like being a nurse. I get that from real life, too, but I still know in reality I would not really like those jobs. And I get a bit irritated when they show how easy it is to be a writer, which they often do, because it’s not that easy or glamorous as it’s always portrayed. Sometimes I do think detective work seems kind of cool, but I would never actually be a detective. It seems stressful, scary, and gruesome.
    Rather, when I see TV or movies, I get inspired to want to create things in media just like that. Whenever I watch a really good movie, I become inspired and want to make my own movie. When I get hooked on a TV show, I get itching to write a pilot. That’s how I get inspired by media.

  3. Absolutely! I think because we often turn to television for escapism, it’s natural to become enamoured with the idea of a career that is presented on the series, especially since TV series tend to over glamorise them and show the exciting side.

    I watch Suits as well and it actually really made me want to have Donna’s career as a legal secretary (I think mainly because I just admire Donna as character so much and her ability to command any room she walks into). Reality shows like million dollar listing sparked an interior design interest in me. I think for me, especially these days, I feel quite lost in terms of where I see my career going and sometimes TV is a good way to become inspired and find motivation when you don’t necessarily know where to turn to, even if it always isn’t realistic.

  4. When I was a kid, I changed career goals often, based on various cartoons/ family movies I would watch. But like you, it never went anywhere. It never was a passion I guess. It was a surface infatuation, and not real love.

  5. Ah yes! I have that to. Or sometimes I think I could write a better ending.
    We all know that things look so easy and glamorous in movies. But then again, one is pushed in one season. So yes, things seem to go much faster 😉

    but then again, we are comparing ourselves to people who are 10 years older and who knows how successful we are by then 🙂

  6. Ah yes, we all want to be Donna! 😀
    Even though a secretary doesn’t seem like a high profile job, she managed to be one of the key persons in the company!
    But looking at her apartment, it’s not realistic a job like that could afford it 😉

    I’m also a little in doubt with how my career is going. TV is a nice escape, as well as an inspiration!
    And then, slowly work towards it.

  7. well – this is a great tool and post, which tells you to consider looking to different opportunities, you can do better even.

  8. Omggg yesss I always actually loved how secretaries come off in media. They seem so competent and helpful! It’s such hard work but they don’t get all the perks and respect…

  9. Not at all reality shows… ..
    But sports.
    Yeah, I’d inspired by my favorite sport Cricket and dreamed of to become a cricketer….But due to some financial and resources’ problems, I lost it somewhere in my childhood…😔

  10. I rewatching Suits for the second time and am having the same thoughts – I should have been in Law! In fact, I actually once had a chance to get into law but… Life got in the way. I now work in Communictions which was never an area I had even considered!

    xx bryjaimea.com

  11. I know right!
    But the road to become a lawyer takes bilions of years. Besides, not many are lucky to end up in an office like that.
    But a girl can dream 😀

  12. Ahh yesss! Since I’m traveling for work tomorrow, I think I’ll get a fine glass of whiskey in the hotel lobby in the evening!

  13. Hmm… I guess I was always influenced by the shows where people dressed up nicely in offices. I can’t think of a specific show but I always assumed I would become one of those office nerds stuck behind a computer. Now I realize that is totally not my style. I would go crazy just staring at a screen all day and having to print out stuff or type things. I already do enough typing from blogging as it is, lol.

  14. I went to law school after watching Legally Blonde & reading too many John Grisham novels 🙂 🙂 I highly recommend The Practice – the best legal drama ever (and probably the closest to actual law / law practice). It was the predecessor of Boston Legal (which ended up becoming more famous as it’s highly dramatised). Of course The Practice is also dramatised but it’s much closer to the realities of the practice of law.

  15. It was the first time I watched Jurassic Park. Little me was so awestruck at the special effects that it sort of influenced me to take up audio-related courses. I like your blog very much.

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