Today I got to know something which is giving me a tiny bit of hope.
Hope that the future will be better.
That there actually could be a future. A nice one, potentially.

Hope that for once and for all I can cut of the demons from the past.
Or at least, forget about them more and think about them less.

What is hope even?
If I hope more, is there a better chance that this miracle can actually happen?
And how do that, have hope?

The “hope phase” seems like the moment of weakness.
Whatever could have been done, is done.
And even when you think you could have done more, you can’t go back and change it.
Often times it’s in someone else’s power, at that stage.

I remember once coming home crying, begging and praying because I thought I messed up an important exam.
My dad laughed “God is not a wizard, there is nothing he can do now for that exam”.
He told me that if I wanted to pray, I could Him for strength and peace to study for the resit exam.

But sometimes you don’t get (or deserve) another chance.
The HR person throws your CV on the stack of REJECTED.
They director finds a better actor for the play.
You screwed up with your partner because you cheated.

But before you get that confirmation, people need to take their time because they find making a decision very difficult.
They leaving you with hope.
Often people see this a wonderful opportunity.  Something beautiful.


To me, it’s tiring.
I’m tired.

How do you feel about the “hope phase”?
Are you currently hoping for something?


13 thoughts on “Hope

  1. I am too jaded (i.e. a realist) to be in a hope phase. Because I am a spiritual/ religious person, I have faith. It gives me comfort that things will work out in the end. In the end. Key words. Not right now necessarily. I think hope is something that keeps us going. Keeps us sane. While I hope for things here and there, I do not rely on it. I do not put too much pressure. It’s in the very back of my head most of the time.

    I hope you’re hope leads into positive changes.

  2. I know right!
    It’s a time to prepare yourself for the worst, but also sometimes you about your reaction if works out well.

  3. I’m glad it gives you comfort.
    For me that’s not the case. The only thing that gives me comfort is that after every horrible day, I can get to a place called home and be with someone who really cares.
    But I don’t think the universe is there to help me out.

    Thank you, there will be update at one point, I hope 😉

  4. Defenetely action over hope but we need hope sometimes but more under the form of faith (not in religious way)I suppose .
    Great post and nice interesting question😀😎

  5. Faith that eventually everything will be alright in the end, right.
    I agree. I just hate not knowing when “the end” is 😉

  6. I guess hope is just a notion to bring in some positivity in otherwise negative situations. But again nothings going to work for us if we don’t take our action. So taking action along with keeping a bit of hope works well for me🤔

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