The blog I initially intended to make

Is your current blog your first blog?
Is your current blog also the first concept you had in mind for a blog?

The first idea I had for my blog was very different from all the melodramatic stories I’m currently writing.

I lived a very different back then.
I was social and interacted a lot with people, both strangers and people I knew.
I lived in a hostel for 4 years, so there would new people from all over the world each month. I learned new words, new tastes, new cultures.
I traveled a lot by night train between Denmark and Holland where I would meet potential lovers, friends and very interesting coincidences.

Apparently I felt like I had enough experiences to start a blog called:

The Grin factor

It would contain very short posts which could potentially make you grin.
I don’t remember all the stories, but I’ll try to give a snippet of what it would look like 🙂

Cat music

I got into my usually night train trip to Holland.
This time I was sharing the compartment with only one girl a bit younger than me.
She was Danish and told me she was going to meet her Dutch boyfriend, which she  found over the internet, for the first time.
I gave her some insides about the Dutch culture and language.
We had a nice talk, until we got tired.

The next morning she asked me: “Did you hear that cat the entire night. I couldn’t sleep at all.”.

Yeah, that was me. I had downloaded all the albums of Rihanna that day and apparantly listened to it quite loudly during the night.
Sorry Ri-Ri, we just confirmed, you sound like an annoying cat.


The Italians

I got into the train, hoping I might be on my own, as I could use a good night of sleep.
5 Italian guys were sitting on the floor, playing cards.
We introduced ourselves to each other.
There was an awkward moment when one of them also appeared to be named “Andrea”.

From the smell, and definitely the look in their eyes, I could tell they have been having quite a party in Amsterdam.
When we got to the German border, the police wanted to check the train on drugs. They even brought the dogs!
I got nervous when they stepped in our compartment and started looking through the bags.
“Do you have drugs?!” , the police man asked.
Fabrizio replied: “No sir, we smoked it all”.



I was told that shouting out “GOD!” or “JESUS!” can be quite insulting for some people.
Terms that I use quite often.
A friend had the perfect solution: “Just say Jesus in the Spanish way”.

The next day at the store I was next in queue to pay my groceries.
Suddenly I realized I didn’t bring my wallet.

“Jesus!” I shouted, annoyed at myself, in Spanish
The man in front of me turned around. “Yes?”.



I spent a wonderful summer with friends and family in Holland before heading back to Denmark.
Especially the one friend that really seemed to need some late night talks.
She was struggling with school, moving all the time and the cherry on top, she now had a huge argument with a girl named “E” from dancing class.
I confirmed what a huge B*tch “E” was.

A few days later I got on the train, saying goodbye to my parents with tears in my eyes.
Full of emotions and frustrations because of the heavy suitcase I struggled my way into the compartment.
“Can I help”, a guy with a friendly face asked.
I decided not to be a strong, independent woman this time and let him carry my suitcase.

We talked for quite a while about everything and anything for quite some time.
He told me he was Danish, but his girlfriend was Dutch.
“She is a very passionate dancer, but recently some crazy chick is really ruining it for her”, he told me, ” E. is very upset”.

I turned pale. The dots started to connect.
Later it was confirmed by my friend that this indeed was the same “E”.



Tak you!

The Danish word for “Thank you” is “Tak”.
At time it was the only word I knew in Danish, so I proudly used it as much as possible.
Yet, I managed to mix up Danish and English.
I end up saying “Tak you”.

Well, the lady behind the cash desk understood something else.


Ms. Bean

In the company they started a new initials system: the first two letters of your surname, then the first to letters of your first name.
For me that was: BEnko ANdrea

I was called ms. Bean for a long time. 





30 thoughts on “The blog I initially intended to make

  1. I loved all of these – they’re so cute!
    My blog is definitely not my first and isn’t even how I imagined this one would turn out. I wanted it to be a DIY, Recipe, Lifestyle blog, and instead it’s a pink confection of fluff pieces! But hey, at least we’re writing, right?


  2. I still have to explore your site, but it sounds very promising! 😀
    I’m a bit annoyed about the term “niche”. Why can’t just write about anything and still succeed 😉

  3. I hate the term “niche”! I actually have a blog post all about why they’re limiting and just completely frustrating – glad I’m not alone in thinking that! xx

  4. No, this is not the first blog I started, but the first blog in which I wrote more than 2 -4 posts.
    Is it the way I imagined it to be? Still largely yes. However, I do explore some things I did not think I would. I call it growth and expansion.

    Your stories were entertaining. Well done. You know how to keep it concise and deliver a punch line.

  5. I wonder if there is a right time to start blogging or should you just “do it”.
    I started with other platforms before, but they didn’t work for me. WordPress surprisingly did.
    But as mentioned before, a friend of mine started a blog simultaneously so it was easier for both of us.

    But as she didn’t do much with it, I had to do the growth and expansion on my own 😉

    thank you. It was fun thinking about of the good old times 😀

  6. Those are funny, I like your blog no matter what! My blog isn’t my first, my first was the saga of me and an ex. I deleted every single post before I started this one so nobody would ever find them. 😂

  7. There is the right time and place for everything. I think I had 2 or 3 blogs before this one. Every time I thought they were going to be a hit. I thought I had fascinating stories to tell. But I did lack dedication. I didn’t have the drive to push myself and to keep on writing.
    I think that the biggest factor as to why I keep on going with this one is the community. The other ones did not have such people meeting opportunities as WP. You had to go outside of the platform to attract people to your blog. That was too much work for me back then. Too disheartening. WP makes it easier to connect with other bloggers.

  8. But do you know upfront when it’s the right time or you only realize after you’ve been doing it for a while.

    There are so many things in life when we don’t get to decide whether it is the right time for us. Like education.
    I was done with my bachelors 2 days before I turned 21.
    It was way too early for me to start working. I wasn’t mature enough. But it anyhow.

  9. You make a good point. Usually knowing that it was the right time is retrospective. You shoot for the stars – that’s the only way to find out if it was the right time or not. I don’t know any other way to tell if it is.

    You make an interesting point regarding education. I feel like I postponed it, and didn’t get all my higher education right after high-school that I was never going to get it. It’s hard to go back to school once you “grow up”.

  10. Yup. I just realized, most people from outside Europe might not know him.
    I grew up with mr. Bean and still refer to him on a weekly basis the least.

    Of course I read her post. I read all her posts, because she is brilliant.
    She somehow succeeds by blogging a lot less. Maybe I should take a break then 😉

  11. Those were really fun stories! … I started off blogging on Blogger, and kept it up for over a year, but there was no interaction to speak of. As soon as I started on WordPress, it was a totally different experience, all good! I still have the old one, but it just sits there. Everything is so much better here. 🙂 Do you still do the ‘grin’ stories? I’d love to read some more of them!

  12. Recently one guy from my team told me he wants to do a higher education (he is in his early 30’s).
    While I should praised him, I rolled my eyes and thought “why can’t just do your job, you’re actually good at it”.
    Luckily he told me over the phone.
    So I told him I will definitely support him in this choice and make sure the company pays for his education (since they have done that before for others).

  13. I still would like to get another degree. But it would be just for bragging rights. It would not help me in the work field one bit. I hate when people suggest I go back to school to advance my carrier. No. Been there, done that, went nowhere.
    But it is not realistic, because I have bills to pay, etc. Maybe when I retire.

  14. I actually write about that:
    Is knowledge worth anything when can’t transfer it in a skill?

    The retiring age is getting higher and higher. When I reach that phase, i don’t want to learn anything. Certainly not show it as a skill or competence.
    I want to get to my old hobbies and spend time with only people I like.

  15. WordPress is a really great platform for bloggers, I agree!

    I can do a Grin Factory – part 2 one day! I just have think of some stories from the past 😀

  16. The coincidence still creeps me out! What are the chances when we talk about two different countries! I guess it’s a small world after all

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