Being the bigger person

I recently felt insulted by a waitress.

It was during another warm day on our vacation in Greece.
We decided to not go to the beach since we were both nearing a sunburn.
We walked around for a bit.
Looked around in the gift shop.
When boredom started to kick in, I bought a cheap nail polish.

We went back to bar.
While I  started to apply the nail polish, Jasper  waved to the waitress to get us a drink.
She wrote down our drinks and didn’t forget to give me “that look”, which made me feel really uncomfortable.

At first I thought she would say something about the smell, which I could agree with.
But since half of the people around us was smoking, and I didn’t see a “non nail polish” – policy, I tried to not care.

She came back with the coffee we ordered.
“Show me your nails”, she demanded  said.
I was surprised. Was she suddenly interested?
Proudly I showed her my organey-red nails.

Unfortunately I had my hopes up high in humanity.
She gave me a disapproving look.
“You made a mess”.
She walked away, leaving me confused.

What she said, didn’t make me angry. She was simply stating the obvious.
The way she said it, made me a little angry.
But the fact that she thinks she is allowed to interfere in my life like that, made me furious.

There were many things running through my mind to insult her back.
“I’m going to talk to your manager and make sure you get fired”.
“Have you taken a good look in the mirror?”.
“How dare you say something like that to an intellectual like me, you pity little waitress”.
(The amount of sense this makes, is zero).

The game of insulting could continue until the weaker one would eventually would burst out in tears.
In all cases, that would be me.

I spared myself the embarrassment and energy and decided to be “bigger person” here.
I knew already then that she’d gave me the inspiration to put my frustrations into a blog 😉

15 thoughts on “Being the bigger person

  1. Haha. I’m sure.

    In the end we really did no sight seeing at all.
    The temperature was about 27 degrees and even though it wasn’t as humid as I am used to, it made me feel very lazy.
    So other than reading books, swimming in the sea and spending quality time together, we really didn’t do much.
    So my story would be a bit boring 😉

    What about you? Still roaming around somewhere in Serbia/Bosnia?

  2. If it was stinky anyway. I don’t see what the problem was. We have no smoking in all of our restaurants here, I’ve never seen a no nail polish sign! I may have to try that. 😂

  3. Greece is pretty dry so although warm, you can actually breathe. Oh you lazy bones, you have to go back for more.
    I got back and had a pretty active vacation-Montenegro, Croatia and Bosnia in 7 days. I had a great time. I just love those people there.

  4. Feels good to be amongst “your” people, doesn’t it?
    It’s the one thing that attracts me most to there: ljudi i barem jednu krompirusu. 😉
    Holandjani mi inace stvaraju depresiju.

  5. Haha wouldn’t that be hilarious, a no nail polish sign 😅
    But this was outside anyhow. She just needed some attention.

  6. Is there a chance that her English wasn’t as good? Maybe she meant to use a different word than mess?
    Anyway, kudos for not grabbing her by the hair and starting a cat fight.

  7. Her look said more than her words.
    For F’s sake, like I commited a crime.
    I think my nails might sue me before I bite off (yes, in stressful situations I’m a nail bitter)

    I said it before I think. These type of people keep my blog alive by supplying me with so much inspiration 😗

  8. Yes, amazing people. Everything’s easy. Everyone wants to meet up to drink coffee any time. Mmmmm, pita je bila bozanstvena. A tek pljeska u Mostaru.
    To je to, kulturoloske razlike.

  9. How rude of her! For one, being outside it shouldn’t have been any problem. She should learn if you can’t say something nice, then don’t say anything at all! I’ll bet your nails looked very nice with that color. 🙂

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