Online dating

So you’re getting older.

You have decided you want to settle down outside of the city center.
Where everything is quieter.

You have decided you want to build up a career.
Weekends have become precious.
Late nights at the club or pub are no longer part of your agenda.
Sleeping before it gets dark, is.

You go to the gym with the purpose of doing actual work outs instead of meeting hot six pack boys or bikini body girls.
And oh how charming you look with that red, sweaty face.

And yet, somehow you can’t find a date 😉

The 21st century offers the solution for you:

Online dating


I remember my Tinder days  years.
A friend talked me into it.
Since she got lucky by using it, I finally decided created a profile.
Very scared that I might meet someone I knew.

And I did.
I remember myself thinking “How pathetic are they?!”.
Meanwhile I deleted the app in the morning before going to work and installing it again in the evening.

My evening constant swiping without looking.
50 clicks per minute.
After a “match” I would decide if I actually liked this person.

Sometimes he’d say something inappropriate.
Instant block.

Sometimes he would take too long to answer.
I want to block him, but instead I choose to become desperate, wait and send multiple messages.

Other times we talked for too long and we decided either to end it or meet up.
Although I’m curious, meeting up is scary.
What if they are not the person from the picture.
What if I’m not the person from the picture (!)
Obviously all my Tinder pictures were taking from the best angle, looking all cute and happy.

In fact, I think the entire purpose of my Tinder experience was not actually meeting someone, but to fill up the loneliness of living on your own.
That was slowly killing me.

Have you ever tried out a dating site?
What was your purpose and experience?

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