How to grow your hair faster

Have you ever sat down at a hair dresser’s chair a half way through the session the only thing you think of “What is the magic spell to grow my hair back?”.

If you haven’t or think you never have will, this blog might not be for you.

Throughout life I have many hair decisions I regretted.
(Too) many layers create a mullet. That happened twice.
It’s next to impossible to transform my dark hair into blond from a box dye.
And do it 10 times a month, will only create HUGE damage.

So there I was, a month back, with practically burned hair in my already quite short layers.
Internet advised me to “just” to cut it off at my shortest layer.


Yeah, I think not.

But I had no other choice left and chop off quite a bit.
Cryingly, I asked the hairdresser if there was a way to grow my hair faster.
“Honey”, she laughed, “you don’t go to a hair dresser if you want long hair”.

Meanwhile she was right, it’s not what I wanted to hear.
So I turned to my good old friend, the internet.

I found out about:

The Inversion method

The procedure is easy, but messy:

For one week a month you put any kind of heated up oil in your hair. I used olive oil.
You flip your head over and massage your skull for 5 minutes.
It’s always a good idea to keep the oil in your hair for at least 30 minutes and maybe even over-night before rinsing it out.

Some people claim that their hair has grown 5 cm after one week!

Meanwhile that didn’t happen to me, it did grow approx. 2,5 cm after a month. It’s very clearly visible since my dark natural hair is appearing.

If you want to try out this method, I have a couple of tips:

  1. While standing in the upside down position for 5 minutes, watch something on youtube or netflix. The time will seem to go faster.
  2. If you getting dizzy, and you most likely will, crawl back up easily and sit or lay down. Nothing is worth your health. 
  3. It’s always good read some articles about this method.
  4. Don’t do it for longer than a week a month as the effect will go away


If you have any experience with it, let me know! 🙂
I hope it will work as good for you guys as it did for me!

14 thoughts on “How to grow your hair faster

  1. That it is handy to know.I hate to go to the hairdresser and when I go I usually opt for a good deep short bob in the hoe it will last months but often regret it as I look like a mushroom so… time I feel like a mushroom I’ll remember your method 😎


    1. You can always try. It won’t do miracles but can help speeding up the process.
      I never expected this result, but Im happy with it.
      Really hope it will work for you! Let me know 🙂


  2. I didn’t even know there was an option. I’ve been growing my hair for almost a year and am finally happy where it is as I can have it curly or straight and it will look good. Next time I get a haircut, I’m going to have to come find this post!


  3. I’ve had some really bad hair cuts by hairdressers, so I just don’t go any more. I trim my own bangs, and let the rest just grow. Now my problem is, do I put dye on or just let it all keep going natural, which would be gray. Right now it’s in between and looks awful. 🙂


    1. So many people seems to have bad experiences with getting their hair cut, it’s sad.
      I think I might have finally learned my lesson now and will only go when absolutely necesary.
      I think going darker is not as damaging as all the bleach I have put in my hair. So I think you’re safe 😉


    1. I got desperate with my hair and started looking on the internet for methods.
      I even made an egg mask, but when I washed my hair, I apparently used too warm water. The egg started boiling! And the smell lasted for 2 days. THE HORROR!

      I do the inversion method usually next to the bed and if I get dizzy, I just lay down for a second.
      But if you don’t need it (and you seem to have long, healthy hair), it might not be worth all the trouble.


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