Mystery Award

I promised that I would these awards as soon as possible, so here I go!

Floating Gold  has nominated me, who always comes up with the most diverse topics who are thought provoking too! So go follow the blog!

5 things about me:

  1. I drive an Opel Corsa. It’s an automatic.
  2. My favorite type of jewelry are earrings, but I hardly ever wear any.
  3. I was recently insulted by a waitress who told me my nail polish looked ridiculous. There were many things I wanted to say back to her, but I didn’t.
  4. I have two pairs of shoes.
  5. I can stop looking at this Frog. He makes me very happy.giphy

The Questions and Answers:

What is the future of dating?

I hope everyone eventually gets tired of the online thing and we again search for face to face connection.
I read some things about “Artificial Intelligence” dating. Basically a human and robot.
We all have the power to prevent this. Let’s do that.

What do you reminisce most about?

The weekend I turned 22.  I will write that on the 8th of July – stay turned 😀

The old way, or the new way? Why?

I’m pretty old fashion in my way of  thinking.
I don’t need the newest gadgets, but certain technology I  wouldn’t like living without (car, phone, Netflix).

What is your “go to” meal when you need to cook something quickly? (Or for those who are too young to cook, replace it with “eat”.)

Difficult one! I make all my food from scratch.
But since I practice a lot and Jasper and I have great team work, we are pretty quick in preparing.
The annoying thing is that dough always needs to sit/rise for an hour or so.
Also, our Kitchen Aid machine recently died 😦 So I am back with doing it all manually.

I think Pasta Alfredo is currently the best and easiest to make.

What part of your body would you replace with an improved mechanical version?

An extension arm so I could get that bag of crisps on a lazy, cheating day without moving 😉

Question for you:
1. What is the most recent song you discovered by watching a movie / series?

2. On what did you spend your first earned salary on?

3. If your old school would organize a reunion, would you go? How would you behave?

4. Who is your “famous person” crush?

5. Does the culture of the country you’re currently live in suits you?

6. Favorite childhood memory

7. Explain the tagline of your blog


Please not that if you don’t wish to participate, that’s completely OK!
If I didn’t mention you and you would like to participate, let me know and I add you to the list. 

(It’s always a nice way for your blog to promoted an potentially get more followers. OH RIGHT, you guys don’t care about that 😏)

28 thoughts on “Mystery Award

  1. Yes actually these awards help quite a bit.
    I think most people like reading it too because the posts are never too long so it won’t take much of their time!

    Thank you 🙂

  2. Send me a kiss by wire. 😗
    Baby, my heart’s on fire.
    If you refuse me, honey you’ll lose me.
    And you’ll be left alone.
    So come on, telephone 📞 and tell I’m you’re own! 🐸 🎩

    I can’t get it out of my head 😅 awesome that you know it as well!!

  3. I had to Google your car since what is often sold there isn’t necessarily sold here in the states or they may be called by a different name. very sporty. vroom vroom!

  4. I’ve never even seen a small car in the US 😅
    I love an SUV, but the streets are too narrow. Wouldn’t make any sense

  5. Yeah in Greece. She wasn’t wrong, but it was unnecesary.
    She looked very beautiful, but clearly that’s not the recipe for having good interpersonal skills.

  6. What kind of nail polish did you wear? I’m curious to know what warranted the “ridiculous” comment. And to have it come from someone whose job is to make you feel good (tips!) is just extra weird.

    Great answers all around. Thanks for doing this.

  7. It was orangey – red (my favorite colour).
    But I’m not a nail polish type, I was just bored.

    I’ll tell you a secret: I don’t give tips. But I think that tradition is different in the US.
    Everyone is welcome to educate themselves like I did. In the good old days the government even paid you for doing that (in the NL at least).

  8. I actually detest the “obligation” of giving tips. And now everyone and their mother expects it. No matter if you did your job well, or not, you are expecting tips. How fair is that?
    But I do tip, because no one can live on a $4/hr kind of money.

  9. Ive seen many waitresses flirtimg with men. Even if they came with their girlfriend.
    That’s why I am in charge of the finances. Muhahaha.

  10. Hi Andrea, congrats and thank you soo much for nominating us. Yes.. yes.. we would like to participate. We will get all the answers once we are back from Spain next week. We are flying in a couple hours from now:)

    Btw, the waitress is really awful, it is none of her business anyway. Good you did not give tips. USA should learn from European countries where the waiting staff have a good salary and not expecting tips.

    Anyway, thank you again for your faith in us and have a FANTASTIC weekend:)

  11. That waitress is rude. Also agree with the face-to-face dating preference. I’m not a fan of online, although I get the convenience and think it doesn’t matter as long as people are happy, and a lot of people do seem to be. But NO to the whole AI thing. I think that’s creepy and weird… Also, I would like that extending arm, as well haha xD
    Thanks for nominating me!! So sweet. Can’t wait to get on it!

  12. Actually I think I will write a post about my experiences with the waitress.
    And also my views on online dating. I was addicted to Tinder, so Im not a saint 😉

    Looking forward to see your answers and happy to see you want to participate. I wasn’t a fan of these awards, but I am starting to see the fun and added value in them!

  13. Haha I would love to read both posts! Honestly wasn’t sure if I would participate either but then I was like.. hey it’s fun and my readers will get to know me better and I’m honored to be nominated!! I’m stuck on the “3 things about myself” section though xD I always think of negative depressing stuff first for some reason!! It’s like.. oh is nothing else interesting about me? Greeeaat haha

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