How do you deal with reality after a vacation?

So you’re finally going on that vacation you’ve been waiting for so long.
You try to finish your work as good as you can.
You make sure you leave your home clean.
You survive that last bit of stress at the airport.
Until it’s time to get that tan, read those books and spend time with people you actually like.

And suddenly, before you know it, you’re back to real world.

But hey, that’s OK!
Because during your mental and physical break you have decided that life after will be better.
Both you’re head and email box are clean and clear.
It’s like a new start.
You’re going to plan your work and house hold better.
No more stress about any stupid insults others might make.
When you come home, work is over and there is only time to relax.



Yet, WHY doesn’t it work like that in reality??

First, because one week is not long enough to really find peace with your mind and body.
But IT IS long enough to make your email box and washing machine explode.

Second, you made these plans for the world to be surrounded by unicorns and rainbows, but others around you might not been able to take a vacation since Christmas.
And even if they did, an asshole remains an asshole.

This morning we got back from one week of paradise and IΒ  now wonder why yesterday I felt like I was floating on clouds and today I am already stressing about everything.
What are going we to cook for the entire week?
Where I am going to find a place to dry all the clothes?
How did I get 2 missed phone calls and 4 emails during a toilet break?

Was the money we paid for the trip even worth it?!?!

I’d be lying if I said I enjoy life thoroughly.
Considering the fact my days exist of waking up 5:30 and spend 2 hours of traffic jam on the way back from work.
Weekends are nice, but too damn short.

Honestly, the time off, the time you get to spend just for you and that significant other, might be the only thing worth in life.
How depressing πŸ˜‰

Do you also make a list of improvements to apply after a mental break?
How do you deal with reality after a dream vacation?



35 thoughts on “How do you deal with reality after a vacation?

  1. I always found that a week’s break was never enough: ten days minimum, two weeks better. The second half of anything always moves much faster than the first half; if you’ve only got a week to play with, that’s less than two weekends’ worth (three and a half days) of break before the acceleration hits — and then, here you are, at the end of the helliday….


    1. I try to be smart with my days off and plan them around the usual bank holidays so I benefit from that.
      But I also rather take each 2-3 months a week off than 4 weeks off at once and wait 6 months for the next!

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  2. That’s why I feel like it’s always necessary to have a vacation from the vacation 😦
    Maybe next time have one extra day off between coming back from traveling and going back to work. IT SUCKS. Even if there is a high from traveling, it only lasts like.. a few days 😦


    1. Ha yeah. I could actually use a few days at home now. I also caught a cold, so UGH.

      Also, why is it so difficult for me to add you!
      I finally get to your site, even though it’s still incorrectly linked with your name (cause it still says “”).
      But I really cannot find the “follow” button! 😦

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      1. Hm :\ that’s weird! If you search on there should be a Follow button option. It won’t be on the actual site. An alternative is to subscribe via email but I like the convenience of seeing everything on WordPress reader, too.
        Feel better from your cold! I hope the follow thing works out πŸ™‚


      1. Is it nice during Christmas?
        Because other wise there is not really a possibility to go this year anymore.
        We take our longer vacation in October, but then we’re going to Canada already πŸ˜€

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  3. Just trying to figure out where to go on vacation can be depressing when there are so many places I want to go.

    Trying not to use vacation time to get a project done because some projects need extra time.

    There has been time’s when getting back to a normal routine after a vacation has been good for me because I like having a daily routine.


    1. I like routine too. I just don’t like my current routine πŸ˜‰

      I get what you mean. Sometimes too many options aren’t good either. I guess the best is then to look at your budget.

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  4. Ha! I told ya it would be rough to come back.
    I wish you a lot of patience.
    Last time I took a vacation and came back to work, I had to have a co-worker keep me in check so I would blow up on every single person. Stupid people will be stupid. And the less you deal with them, the lower your tolerance for them is. Take it easy. The world will not crumble if you don’t do everything the first day.
    But I’m sorry to hear you might not be as happy with your vacation as you should have been. That can suck.


    1. It’s terrible. I spent the first 2 hours fixing my IT.
      And barely 4 people are in the office. Why did I bother getting out of bed so early ?!
      Might as well work from home tomorrow.

      I think I will need another vacation in about 2.5 months!

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      1. It’s not completely accepted in the Netherlands, but I was specifically searching for a job where this is possible.

        Reasons why this is possible:
        1. My manager has mainly meetings abroad.
        2. I work for 2 countries, so my colleagues assume that I work in the other country when I’m not there.
        3. Since I have to travel quite far for work, I made an agreement with the manager that this should be possible

        I would always mention in the job interview already that this is something that you prefer. If their attitude is completely negative towards it, it might also mean that they are never going to trust. And there is nothing worse than that in a workplace.

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      2. I have learned that being a little demanding during the job interview phase can help a lot. Because you can be sure that once you have the job, they will be demanding to you.

        It’s scary, but somehow you have to do it with confidence and determination.

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  5. My immediate response to that question is β€œnot well…” Why is that we seem to be spending 5 days of the week waiting for the other two? Surely there must be a better way…


    1. You hit the sport there!
      I think 8 hours a day to work is too much to ask. Nobody can keep their concentration for too long.
      The company I work for keep sending emails that we are not allowed to use the laptop for private matters during work, but honestly, what do you expect?

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    1. I actually enjoy my job quite a bit. The location is the problem. I’m too often stuck in a one hour traffic jam.
      But I do want to change something in my life. A new adventure. Moving abroad. Most likely Scandinavia πŸ˜‰ life is more relaxed over there!

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