So I say, Thank you for the music

I remember the first day time we discovered YouTube at home.
Something that seems so normal now, was an excited moment 13 years ago.

One of the first songs my dad looked up was one of the BeeGees.
A large smile appeared on his face.
It was hard to believe that my dad once was a rebellious youngster with long hair and wearing wide leg trousers.

Music is a magical phenomenon.
Often times a song creates more memories than an actual picture.
Even in the selfie culture we currently live in.

Yesterday, Jasper and I settled down in the lobby of the hotel with a drink.
The act for that night was an older man who apparently still couldn’t say goodbye to the hippie he used to be.
His guitar play was amazing.
His voice was still crystal clear.
And his choice of songs was awesome (!)

Both Jasper and I are old souls when it comes to music and sang along with the oldies goldies.

After a couple of songs (and drinks I imagine) two ladies started to move around.
Not too long after they managed to get a lot more people to the dance floor.
It weren’t great dancing skills, but the atmosphere would put anyone in the mood.

I grinned when I saw some of their (grand) children hiding behind their phone of embarrassment.

The oldies were reliving their youth.


What else to quote than ABBA’s:
“Thank you for the music, the songs I’m singing.
Thank you for the joy they’ll bringing.”

Imagine going 30 years to the future.
What will I be dancing to?
N*sync, Britney and Bieber? πŸ˜‰

14 thoughts on “So I say, Thank you for the music

  1. Ha! Not really and I din’t want to either.
    But I am sure that one it will me dancing to whatever makes me feel young again πŸ˜…

  2. Music is so awesome for bringing back memories! I’m an oldies fan because of my parents listening to it

  3. The only concerts I’ve ever been to are classical music ones.
    It’s my only chance to be amongst sophisticated people

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