Female empowerment

“I’m not your toy. You stupid boy”.

This is what one of the favorites of the EuroSong Contest sings about.

She is praised for the song, which I agree because it’s fun and uplifting.
Her diversity, which is not completely my style but oh well.
But also for the strong message is sending.

Calling men “stupid” nowadays is apparently something to get praised for.
It’s female empowering.

World, what the actual F*?

Calling someone stupid for no reason at all, is so not strong.
On the contrary.
It shows weakness to its limits.

I have written in my blog An ode to the men who never disrespected women about how males have been encouraging to me.
How they have helped me reach my goal.

So ladies, can we please stop insulting the whole male population because one boyfriend might have broken your heart in 4th grade?

13 thoughts on “Female empowerment

  1. I have my blog comments set so I only have to ‘approve’ a first comment from someone or a comment with a link! It doesn’t give too much extra work and it halts scammers in their tracks because I can mark
    them as spam. Hope that helps!

    I loved this blog post too! I couldn’t agree more with the premise that you don’t have to hate on men to be a woman. You worded it perfectly 😊

  2. Amen! Between the “women’s’ movement and the terrible ads depicting Dads as less than smart our men need a lot encouragement and prayer.

  3. How about- you’re my toy, my silly boy. Then, it has a sexual appeal.
    No, huh? OK, then forget about it.

    P.S. A must on Rhodes: Rhodes town (the old town is amazing), and Lindos (picturesque, a fortress on top, a perfect city beach, unpretentious). The buses are very well organized, cheap and frequent.
    One more, the island of Symi nearby (for a day trip), one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen in Greece, and I’ve been around A LOT. Not to be missed.

  4. In the notification section, next to “Like” you have options. You can edit the comment, mark as spam, or delete right away. So yes, some people might see it, but you have the chance to wipe it away.
    In all fairness, I am a bit surprised there is not block button anywhere.

  5. Oh wow thanks, i will check it out.
    I pardon my language as well 😅 this person liked each of my posts and then left this stupid comment.
    I just exploded

  6. Yes yes yes, Andrea!! “So ladies, can we please stop insulting the whole male population because one boyfriend might have broken your heart in 4th grade?” I agree so much.

  7. Lindos is actually quite nearby. There is apperantly a boat tour, so I prefer that.
    Even though the sun is burning hot amd makes me feel exhausted, Id love to visit. Other than that I am chilling on the beach 😀

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