Good looking people

“She was here last week”, he told me, “I was doing a job interview with a potential candidate. She walked by and I couldn’t stop myself from looking at her long, gorgeous legs. The candidate grinned and he looked as well”.

I felt a weird feeling of jealousy. I know she will in the office tomorrow.

I have never been popular, but often times I have been the most beautiful woman at school or work.
Not because of my extra ordinary looks, I just haven’t met any women in the technical field.

To make up for that, male managers tend to hire pretty assistance or HR women.
And those have no problem with enjoying all the attention they get.

It’s the kind of attention I usually don’t get because I’m already “one of the guys”.
Something I have been working towards to suddenly doesn’t feel like a compliment.

Good looking people, both men and women, sometimes intimidate me.
I believe that everyone is born average looking.
But those who choose to look just a little over average are dedicated to make up, nice clothes, high heels, gym or not eating.
Maybe that’s the intimidating part.

So, back to the jealousy.
On second thoughts, I don’t really feel jealous or intimidated anymore.
Because, meanwhile all the man fight for her attention tomorrow, I am going to finish of my tasks before going on vacation with the only man I’ll ever love and prepare for the biggest musical event of the year: the Eurosong Contest! 😀

Little information about Eurosong Contest:
Each year 40+ countries send in a song.
There are 2 semi finals of which 10 contest will be chosen by voters and a jury.

Below is a link to all the songs.
Anyone who’s going to watch it?? Let me know!

Also, do you feel intimidated by good looking people?

34 thoughts on “Good looking people

  1. No. Not at all. Ha ha. I am not that pretty but I have confidence in myself. I mean, it isn’t just about the face, if it’s the ONLY thing that any woman can be proud of, then I pity her. 😊

  2. Used to feel intimidated by the good-looking dynamic folk, especially in the ministry, everyone wants the pastor with the great voice, the personality that attracts folks like moths to a light.
    Then I got to know a few of them and heard their grief. They know that it isn’t their work that draws people, but rather their personna, THat means when they get older and lose it, their churches will shrink, the money donated to their ministries will dry up, and people will abandon them for the next sharp guru.
    They seem to be in awe of less gifted, who can realize, white easily, that people come to our churches because we put them in contact with God, that what is “attractive” is the love of God. It is this these ministers entered the ministry to see occur, to see people fall in love with God, knowing He loves them.
    Their can’t be sure of this in their own ministry, at least they can’t once they have a little experience. .

    Their perfection gets in the way… too often.

  3. Very strong last sentence!
    I will think about if I’ve ever witnessed that. But Im sure it happens.

    Youre right. Eventually we’ll all grow old. We just have to decide with whom we want it. Do we want all the love from one special person or attention from many

  4. I work in an environment where there’s outward beauty all around me…most of which are stuck on themselves accompanied by a persona of rudeness & disrespectful condescending responses when spoken to.
    Be glad you’re looked at as “one of the guys” my experience has been they respect you and your opinion much more. Beautiful faces mean nothing if they lack stuff like kindness, humility, respect, & all the other good qualities that matter! You’re good doll…. we’re all beautiful in our own way & confidence is sexy! 😁

  5. It’s all about the confidence! 😉
    But I’d always rather be “one of the boys” than an object, like her legs, because there’s a greater sense of camaraderie and comfort. Being seen as a person is always better than being eye candy.

  6. I’ll tell you a funny story about the Serbian song.
    British reporters pronounced the “C” as a “K” in their song “nova deca”.
    Guess were having new blankets now 😅

  7. This post is so honest. That is exactly what I like about you and your posts. I am not sure I get jealous but for sure when intelligence is absent from the beauty, the whole personality kind of just fades for me. However pretty people are to look at, when they open their mouth and nothing of substance comes out, I am mentally checked out from the person!
    Sounds like a fun vacation! I am actually jealous of your vacay, bc I am currently on a work trip and have 4 days of intense work project ahead of me!😋😄

  8. I used to be intimidated but not anymore. I think you are beautiful and who cares what other people think? Your opinion of yourself is the most important with Jasper’s being second! 😀

  9. I heard someone saying “At one point you get used to all that “beauty” and then it just becomes a regular person with good and bad moods”. And I definitely think that it is true.

    Haha you are right!
    Even though I had a week of bad hairdays, it seems like now my hair has grown and I’m happy again with what I see in the mirror 😀

  10. Thanks!
    I wonder if some of these honest posts are confrontation for some people 😉

    As for this particular person I was writing about, I know for sure she does her job well. But in comparison, it’s not a very difficult job.
    So I’m still in doubt whether she is intelligent or not.
    But in general, you are definitely right!

    I’m currently on a worktrip as well!
    Do you usually travel alone?
    For me, that’s pretty much always the case and the people already work there, they have their families.
    So I always end up having dinner on my own. It actually gets a bit lonely! How’s that for you?

  11. That is very true.
    However, pretty faces can be very kind too. That’s when my brain gets confused, as weird as it is!

    I’m definitely happy with my status of being “one of the guys”, because it requires very little maintenance and I can focus on the things that actually matter in life 😉

  12. This is the interesting part.
    For some reason, people automatically assume that a “hot piece of ass” might not be nice or kind.
    I try to not interact a lot with people at work, but the good looking ones I avoid just a little more. Strange, isn’t it 😉

  13. Growing up as an introvert I always had people telling me to be more out going and things like that so I was always jealous of the out going people. Caused me a lot of pain back then but now I am happy with who I am. All men have something in their brain that causes them to check out the pretty women so to speak but the good men know that the beauty they see with their eyes is only skin deep. True beauty is whats in the mind and heart also, including things like values and such. I don’t know if I am writing exactly what I am trying to say but I hope you get my point. Don’t be jealous of no one, just be content with who you are. Hope that makes sense. Have a super wonderful day.

  14. I think everyone has put Iceland on guaranteed last place.
    I appreciate that they sing in the national language though.

  15. I travel alone sometimes, but work trips are usually with a coworker, the scope of my work requires at least 2 people and surprise surprise, I lead the project!😋( type A and all.. lol) for 2 straight days but this time I combined the trips because of the sites being close together, so its 4 straight days.

    I enjoy traveling with a coworker because it keeps us company and I don’t have to eat dinner alone. I don’t mind it sometimes.. but because of the frequency of my trips, i would get sad if I had to eat alone every day. What is the frequency of your travel? Is it possible to go with a coworker for you?

  16. In the winter I didn’t mind being on my own, but when it’s warm, it’s nice to have a drink and go to bed a bit later.
    But luckily there were more people here from other countries working for this site.
    So I met some new people 😀

    I am teamlead of 2 people, one in the Netherlands and one in Belgium, so I travel at least twice a week to Belgium.
    But I recently hired someone in Germany as well, so I will have to go there at least once a month as well.
    Other colleagues are more country specific, while I’m responsible for the region (for my scope 😉 )

  17. Yeah the business trips make me really tired too!
    I was there from Monday till Wednesday.
    And now my vacation has started 😀

  18. I am intimidated by people I find good looking, yet I am also aware I have my own perception of what is considered “beautiful”. What I see as an attractive physical trait in a person may not be the case for someone else looking at the same person.

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