Let your personality shine! …. through an online personality test

“Experts”  say it takes 7 seconds to make a first impression.
In those 7 seconds the other person will judge you on your facial expression, clothes, handshake, hair, shoes and the way you talk and walk.

While I think that is completely and utterly BULLSHIT, I rather believe this than what seems to be becoming a trend of HR people.

Online Personality Tests

Anyone puking yet?

I recently hired two people for my team.
It took me an hour job interview to know there would be good connection between us, but HR policy forced me to force them to do one of those tests.

Throughout my work life I had to do a couple of these myself.
The most amusing one, I must say, was the bird test:

Parrot – The extrovert who likes to show all their colors
Dove – The peace pigeon who likes to make sure everyone gets on well
Owl – The  introvert one who likes to do actual work instead of socializing around
Falcon – The very target driven

But somehow the combination between the Dove and Owl didn’t seem to be what HR wanted.
This turned into a very dragging topic of discussion during the annual “the manager gets to judge me” meeting.

And this was not even my worst experience of these kind of tests.

About a month ago I absorbed all my courage and told my manager I did not want to participate in yet another personality test he and HR had planned.
I had tell my history of bad experiences, but finally they accepted as long as I promised I will participate in the next one.
I just smiled politely.

It’s not much of a secret that I want to move abroad, so I’ve been applying to a couple of places.
Apparently one company has selected me to go to the next round by sending me an online personality test.
You gotta be ….

I am frustrated to the bone.
I consider my friendliness to be my strongest personality point, my smile of empathy  and the twinkle in my eyes when we talk about a topic that interests me.
How am I supposed to show that on a cold, hard online test?

What is your view on an online personality test?
Do you believe they actually work?
Do you fear the result? Did you have a bad experience due to them?

40 thoughts on “Let your personality shine! …. through an online personality test

  1. I think they suck. Ha ha! I don’t believe in them, but I tried doing a few and the results are completely the opposite of my character, I mean, what a waste of time. Ha ha!

  2. I don’t see how they could show a persons work ability, I am a total introvert but I like customer service type of work. I think company’s are using them in the wrong way to judge people for the wrong reason. Here in America there are businesses who work for large organizations that give these test and say they help get the right people hired, but there is no real science behind the use of personality testing as far as I know. That’s my opinion at least. Have a super wonderful day.

  3. That too! I also don’t you can only be one character.
    Sometimes you are more introvert, other times you might feel more adventurous. Depends on the type of people you work with as well!
    Glad we share the same opinion!

  4. Hey, interesting post!

    I am a combination of owl, falcon & dove. Clearly, it is hard to pick one strong one on this:)

    I like personality tests because I don’t take them seriously and use them as a tool to get to know myself and others a little better. For example, the insight color test posted couple weeks ago, i find very helpful because it tells me how I need to communicate with others so they are more likely to do the work happily for me if i speak their ‘language’.

    Having said that, the results of the personality test differs by the mood in which you are taking it. So, I would say, not to take it seriously and if it is for a job application taking it when you are in a good mood😊 Good luck!!👍🏼🙌🏼

  5. I definitely like a personality test when it’s for fun!
    But when it’s for a company, I like to be a bit more careful. I don’t what they will do with my information. I have never signed any agreement.
    Maybe I’m a bit paranoid, but they don’t consider my sensitive information enough 😉

    I will of course do the test after a good night of sleep, which is not today, haha.
    Thanks for the support!

  6. I completely agree with you.
    I am an introvert as well, but I love teaching. So that doesn’t seem to match on paper.
    Yet it does, if only managers/HR would interested in getting to k ow their people!

  7. Generally, I like them but when I do them for my own sake/fun. I don’t like when they are used in this way by companies. Be ready to do lots of them in Canada, they are really obsessed (animals including)…
    I read that it takes as 4 seconds to form a first impression about sb.

  8. I think HR departments are trying to find ways to hire the right person for a job and have some how decided the personality test will help them find the best fit person. Over here they use a lot of temp services and let a lot of people try out for jobs and I don’t think that works either. That’s the corporate world, probably the same all over the world.

  9. I’m a blend of the Owl & Falcon! I’m NOT your friend I’m your co-worker! I’m a team player but ONLY want to talk about work assignments because I know you a**holes talk shyt about me anyway so I’m strictly here to do my job so I can eventually promote & move the fuk on! I feel your pain. Ha! Love this post! ❤

  10. I like them for fun too.
    But when a company requires it, it makes me nervous. Maybe they even manipulate the results!!

    4 seconds? Mhh.
    So Tinder basically happens in real life too 🧐

  11. I don’t like the either. I don’t believe in putting people in to categories. I have hired a few people myself and will be hiring a lot the coming year. I fear this is something that will be forced on me. I believe most will answer the question what they think the company wants them to answer anyway..

  12. I know right!
    Not long ago colleagues gave me a hard because I didn’t attend a goodbye party of a colleague.
    But it was on a Friday at 8 in the evening and an hour from my house.
    Excuse me, I actually have a life on my own.

    Needles to say, I completely agree with your comment!

  13. I certainly have with my last test.
    And probably now they are surprised that I’m not extremely social person as the result had shown. But I know that this what Dutch culture desires.

    It’s unfortunate that we have pressure people with such circus.

  14. Hahaha….Uuuugh….I know what you’re saying…..Oh so well! I have the same issues at work! My boss even stated people would perceive me as anti-social! 🤔 “Uuuuuuum ok!” 🤣
    Enjoy your weekend! Cheers 🥂👍🏼

  15. Those sound silly. I do enjoy taking them, but I don’t always take them seriously. If they don’t match me, I just move on–which means they’re terrible things to base important decisions on like who gets to work at your company… What?!

  16. Seriously? Well, fingers crossed for your test.
    But how the heck am I supposed to know what kind of spirit animal they want me to be? There’s so many factors that play into the way we are in specific situations, and these tests are very one-dimension. They don’t show the whole picture. No matter how detailed the test is. It can be a fun “team building” activity for some integrative events, but not something that decides your faith.

  17. Oh wow! Can’t believe professionals are using personality tests?! That’s totally weird. I kind of believe in ’em but not completely. I def wouldn’t make my sole decision/judgement on someone based off one.

  18. So many! It’s ridiculous!
    I can live with it if you’re already working for the company, but not as a first or last step before hiring someone.
    Not long ago the company I work for refused someone based on personality test results. He was perfectly skilled and got along with the manager and people who interviewed him.
    Such a shame and waste!

  19. The bird test was actually part of a teambuilding.
    When we did it, it was fun. But later on the manager started comparing us to the birds. Pleazzzzze.

    Out of curiosity though, which bird would suit you the most? 😉

  20. I see a lot of surprised comments about personality tests at work! Have I just been unlucky ? 😉
    But indeed, it’s for fun. But nothing to take serious. So companies should stop using it!

  21. It really annoys me when companies do this. Having worked in HR for years and done about a million of them, some of those tests can be really valuable – FOR YOU!! The purpose of those tests is usually to help you look at YOURSELF introspectively, and they should only be a loose guide. You can’t put people in boxes, but they can help you to really think about your preferences, how you like to interact with people, what you key strengths are etc – they should be used for your own personal development. They can also sometimes be useful in a team setting as they can help you think differently about how you work together because everyone is different and it’s important to acknowledge that (i.e, gosh, I never realised it makes so and so anxious to work to a tight deadline, I’ll try to avoid doing that to her going forwards…). When people use them as a recruitment tool that really frustrates me – most people are unlikely to fill them in honestly because they will overthink what answers the employer is looking for so it’s pointless anyway, but my point is it should never be used as a way of judging someone’s suitability! Almost all of the experts acknowledge that you can have a spectrum of results depending on the setting, i.e work vs home, stressed vs calm – people even find their results change after life events like having children or a big career change – so the idea that people might use this one snapshot of time to help make a decision is just nuts to me! I’m pretty sure my ‘types’ alter just because I’m tired or hungry (Dove to Falcon in a couple of minutes – watch out everyone, Steph hasn’t had her coffee!!!)

  22. Sooo happy to read your opinion, especially cause you worked in HR.
    Faith in HR people resorted 🙂

    My Types definitely definitely alter. Nobody should ever pau attention what I say before coffee 😉

  23. My very first job it was in HR.At the time we still used to fax documents and sign by hand😂still think tests are bullshit,at work and at school unless you want to label and mentally screw someone up🤔

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