Your Personality vs. your favorite dog breed.

There are two types of people when it comes to choosing a dog:

1. Those that always had a strong desire to own on particular breed
2. Those that go to an animal shelter and choose the one that steals their heart

Which type are you?

As a child I was once attacked by a large dog which resulted in many years of fear for dogs, large or small.
I’m not sure when this changed, but nowadays I wish my job was watching dogs.
That’s why I love going to the beach outside the summer season.
Watching doggies playing and running around gives an incredible amount of joy.

And I am always looking for one particular rare breed: mr. Puggy.
He always seems to be hiding behind flowers or so 😉


Everything about this dog makes my heart melt.
You wouldn’t be surprised, I am type of person, number 1 😉

I started wondering if their is a relation between a person’s personality and the type of dog they choose. defines a number of dogs breeds fitting to either a Personality type A or B:

It also describes the Type A & B personalities:

The Type A Person:
You have the drive to compete and win. Getting irritated or angry easily is part of your nature. And waiting for your dog to respond can irk you. You embody the saying “It’s a dog-eat-dog world” and being Top Dog (whether it be at work or while working with your dog in the show ring) is important to you.

The Type B Person:
You’re more laid-back, less hurried than Type A’s. It’s hard for you to get super motivated to go do it, whatever “it” may be. Warm and friendly, you enjoy people and the good life – but you’re not willing to work too hard for it. After all, frolicking in the sun or plopping on the couch, with a dog or two, is much more inviting.
My beloved pug belongs to the Type B people.
I wouldn’t say I am full type A personality, but I definitely don’t have a “wait until something magically happens” attitude.
I’m a bit more towards the impatient side.
I rather fix something myself than wait for someone do help me out.

Nevertheless, Puggy and I will have to figure it out 😉

What type of Person are you? A or B?
What’s your favorite breed of dog or do you rather go to a dog shelter and let the dog pick you?




30 thoughts on “Your Personality vs. your favorite dog breed.

  1. I am not happy about many dogs on the B-list – though I might love the dogs, the breeds as such are often “Qualzuchten” – torture breeds. Pug and pekingnese, St. Bernhard and French Bulldog are. Three of those have breathing difficulties because of their breed.

    I would never buy a persian cat, either, for the same reason – not because I dislike them, just because I see how they suffer.

    The ethical choice is always the pet from the shelter …

  2. I know what you’re saying and agree. They have many health issues unfortunately.

    The only thing I could promise that I would treat any dog as a princess. They would get enough sleep, playtime and the food they deserve.

  3. What if my dog isn’t listed? Lol She would be on the B list. My way of picking her was she was the only one not jumping at the front of the cages so I figured she would be a calm dog and I was right!

  4. Random search on the internet 😉

    in all honesty, my post aren’t doing great lately. I thought this might spice up a bit.
    Plus I like dogs 😉

  5. I am definitely Type B, according to this. But, I definitely prefer saving a life instead of being specific. That pretty much goes for cats, too.

  6. I’m conflicted. I dance somewhat across both A and B, and then neither. I like bigger dogs, mixed breeds that I find in animal shelters. I am learning to be somewhat laid back…

  7. I’m more a type b but I like dogs for type a 😳beside only time I have been attacked and needed stitches it was by a miniature dutchhounds😱since then I don particularly feel comfortable around calf height dogs😂

  8. I’m just ALL OF EM! Bring on ALL the dogs!
    I used to be the type who’d want a specific breed and even now I have preferences for them (I love pugs as well!) but I don’t care. They’re all lovable in their own right. I love dogs so much… Watching them truly is an instant mood lifter!

  9. I love Border Collie.. Border collie have the superior intelligence. Experts often refer to Border Collies as the rocket scientists of the canine world. Border Collies are also known to be highly sensitive to their handler’s cue – whether its a whistle or a raised eyebrow or even a hand signal. Another unique aspect of a Border Collie is their unique stare, also called “the eye”. The stare is supposed to be so intense that nothing can escape from it. The stare or the eye helps the Border Collie to herd sheep and keep an eye on them.

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