How much is your life influenced from people with too much power?

The good time of the year has started now my favorite series are releasing their new seasons.
On top of the list: Homeland!

The first two episode I saw, focused on the main character obsessing about the bad decisions madam President is taking.

It made me think, and hence, write a blog about it.

How much do you let your life being influenced by decisions from higher powers?
Anything from the president to the higher management of your company.

Some years back, management decided it was time to release 250 employees from the office.
I was relieved to hear that department I worked work for wasn’t affected, but 95% of my colleagues and at that time, friends, were.
It was announced one month prior to the firing round.

Those 30 days were hell.
People started praying and crying.
Some were incredibly angry.
Others locked themselves in a room and didn’t speak anyone.

I was angry too.
Incredibly angry at those high power “fuckers” who did this to my friends or anyone basically. Their approach was inhuman.
The rage influenced my mood during AND after work hours.

Later, more instances appeared with poor and unfair decisions from higher management.
Step by step, I learned to ignore it.
I’d put the music through my headset loudly if people were talking about it.
I avoid going to “all employee” meetings and stopped browsing through the company website.

I decided it was probably best for me to stop watching news or reading the papers.

Suddenly people start mentioning several terrorist attacks in the world and world leaders being replaced without me knowing anything about it.

For many years I couldn’t wait to turn 18 and also speak my opinion through voting.
But ever since I was 18, I haven’t even taken this opportunity.
I’m too skeptical that anything will change. Not for the better at least.
And honestly, I rather paint my toe nails than getting dressed and going to the voting machine.

I’ll continue living in my own personal bubble with unicorns & rainbows.

I simply don’t want to know about all the horror in the world.

What about you?
Do you want to stay updated about what these higher powers decide?
How much does it influence your life? 

9 thoughts on “How much is your life influenced from people with too much power?

  1. I identify myself on what you are saying! Sometimes is better to live in our little world but I feel that there’re times that we need to step up, have courage and see how many bad things are happening in this world…


    1. I just wonder how reliable media really is.
      I do feel a bit stupid during lunch for example. My colleagues talk about the things happening in the world and I had no clue!

      I wish I could go back to when the world seemed so innocent to me!


      1. Absolutely! We need to see that sometimes media can be a little dramatic and not give the exact point of the situation. But other times we have to have a little information that are given to us and take our own opinions. But I agree with you!


  2. At that is exactly why when my company does lay offs you find out once they escort the selected people out. Not a minute sooner. You’re blindsided, but at least you don’t have to torture yourself with “what ifs” ahead of time.
    What will be will be.


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