Listen before judging

So you bought your new piece of equipment.
Anything from a coffee machine to a new gameboy.

You throw out the styrofoam. You flatten the box.
And completely neglect the little book of instructions.

Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Till the point that something is wrong with your new equipment.
You spend hours searching for that stupid little book.

Since my hair is in a very bad state, I bought an expensive conditioner.
That will surely fix it.
I used it last night and NOTHING!
My hair didn’t become soft or combable.

I, of course, didn’t pay any attention to the instruction which said to keep the conditioner in for 3-5 minutes.

Ain’t nobody got time for that!


How many times have you judged someone before you heard their side of the story?
Their reasons.
Their instructions.

People have (negative) opinions if you don’t join a work get together.
When you skip lunch in the canteen.
When you work from home.
When you tell them you don’t have many friends.
When you don’t work out 4 times a week.

Yesterday I didn’t join a goodbye party to well-loved colleague later in the evening at a pub.
They didn’t have to say anything, I felt judged anyhow.

I could have told my reasons, but I guess it would still be:



29 thoughts on “Listen before judging

  1. Judging a book by the cover is still a temptation we all have at times without taking the time to turn a couple of pages…..that is human nature🤷🏻‍♀️But ,we try our best don’t we?thats why it hurt so much when the other don’t .
    Now get into the shower and pick a 3 minutes song from ur playlist that u can sing while waiting with ur conditioner on🤩have a good day dear


    1. I am very sure people going to confront me with it later, but whatever.
      I’ve started my job hunt abroad. The Dutch work culture isn’t working for me. It’s too much “love me, spend time with me, tell me i’m awesome”. Even after work.

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      1. He is Dutch and has obviously no problem with this culture or country.
        Though, he wouldn’t mind working and living abroad at one point in life, he is not ready for it at this stage.
        We talked and somehow I got him on my side. Me being unhappy, isn’t making neither of us happy. So we are taking slow and just look for jobs abroad.
        But it is really really difficult.
        Any tips from you maybe??

        Maybe I am becoming more flexible.
        But maybe also older and tired 😉
        I have had 3 jobs in Holland and never ever seemed to fit in the group of colleagues.
        I had one job in Denmark and people actually liked me.

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      2. Canada works a lot with headhunters, with I hate but that’s reality. So I’d just go with the flow. Try leaving your resume on sites like CareerBuilder, Monster, Workopolis. Do you have a profile on LinkedIn. Make sure you put sth like ‘looking for a job in Canada/willing to relocate’ in it.


      3. I agree with your opinion about headhunters.
        They don’t listen to you at all.
        But anyhow, I will try those sites. And also state that I am willing to relocate on linkedin.
        Hopefully none of my colleagues will see my profile which I started from scratch recently.

        I am also looking into Scandinavian country.
        Possibly Germany, UK and Switzerland.
        But these are also countries which are too proud to take on foreigners.

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      4. I am wasting my time in my currently stage of life for sure.
        Don’t get me wrong, the current job is OK as well its benefits.
        But I will never find happiness in this country.

        I don’t spend too much time applying for jobs. I have a standard CV and letter which I modify just a little each time.

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      5. Canada is very demanding when it comes to resumes. Make sure it’s close to perfect.
        As for your decision, it’s perfectly legitimate. When, if now now. Once kids come, you’re not that flexible, so I say just go for it. I’ve always considered it boring to spend your whole life in one country.


  2. Functions that take place after hours are a dread. I have so little free time already, and then I have to spend it on something work-related? Something that I won’t even enjoy? No, thank you.


    1. I know right!
      To me it only indicates that your home situation is crap if you want to spend time with colleagues after work.

      My main reason is that this pub is an hour away from where I live. Most colleagues live very nearby.
      Sunday evening I already have to travel work related.
      I happen to like the one that is waiting for me at home.
      Besides, I can’t even keep my eyes open after 8 at night.

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  3. Very relevant and very real scenarios and analogies! I sometimes go and sometimes don’t to the social events. People ask ..”why can’t you come?”, I end up saying “Can’t make it tonight, other plans, have fun though!:)”


    1. I like writing using analogies. But it’s difficult!

      I have seen that saying that to friends does work, but colleagues seem to be extremely disappointed if you “let them down”

      Funny. Because everyone does keep saying that work and personal life should be kept separated.
      The contradiction with people is so large, I have no energy debating with them.


  4. well, the instructions are actually boring books . but on the other hand, you can’t just judge a person without a reason. and i always tell my kids, before judging someone, think to yourself, have you ever done something like that, and why did you?


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