Morning Routine

Let me tell you about my morning routine!

I like to wake up early, so I make sure that my day can be productive.

Soooo, the alarm goes off at 08:00. 
Before I go out of bed, I first like to read all your lovely emails, messages on facebook and tags of me looking all perfect on Instagram.

By the time it’s 09:00, I get up and go to my ridiculously white living room where everything is perfectly clean. 
I feed my pet and also like to take some healthy breakfast for myself.
I mix half a banana, half a kiwi and some blue berries in a bowl with oatmeal.
Before I eat it, I first take a picture of it and upload it on Pintrest.
Of course, I also drink 2 liters of water before taking a bite.

Then I like to do some yoga to keep in shape.
A little stretching doesn’t hurt anyone, right?

Then I go to the bathroom, take a shower and start my skin care routine with 5 different creams just for the area around my nose! All sponsored of course. 
I have an entire desk full of make up products which make me look hotter than I already am.

I pop into my designer clothes and by 12:00 o’clock, I feel all fresh to go to work. 
But first I will go for lunch with colleagues.

What, wait?
Was I daydreaming again of earning my money by being a youtube sensation?

The reality is just a slightly shorter story:

I wake up at 5:30.
Go to the bathroom. Fix my hair. Put on some clothes.
Make some coffee, which I will drink during my little more than an hour commute to work.
I leave at 06:00 to avoid traffic jams.

No selfies. No fancy breakfast.
And the only exercise I get is walking to my car.

How does your morning routine look like?
Like a youtube star or more like mine? 😉 

26 thoughts on “Morning Routine

  1. You got the excellent point here. My morning routine is more like yours. I am not pretending that I live a perfect, fake life as youtube stars. I drink two cup of coffee with milk in the morning, eat banana and almonds and I am usually nervous when someone disturb me in the early morning. I travel by bus and tram and part of my path I am walking . I drink few mugs of water 🙂 And I open my blog in the morning to see what is new.

  2. I actually bought this, you know, thinking – Fuck, I wanna pamper myself like this.
    Daydreaming for about 2 minutes. My son is my alarm clock. I can relax now that my parents are here, so I have as many as half an hour for that daydreaming, checking my mail, reading the posts and stuff.
    Normally, it’s him and me, fruit smoothie, coffee, music, breakfast….in that very order. And hugs in between.

  3. Likewise! the first half an hour of my morning, I need to be alone.
    I developed a system to be able to manage all of this in 30 minutes and I cannot be interrupted 😉

  4. Definitely more like you!
    Wake at 5:45. Grab coffee and bowl of cereal. Leave for bus stop 6:30. Spend journey catching up on reading -mails, blog posts, instagram. Arrive work 7:30. Get protein shake and another coffee. Write emails and comments until my official work day starts at 8.

    30 mins for lunch, usually spent writing blog posts.

    Leave work earlyish but go to the gym. Arrive home between 6 & 7pm and have a bath. Often I then start cooking. Eat about 7:30. Then wash up. Bedtime is 10pm and I may read for a while.

    Some nights Susan cooks to allow me some drawing time.

  5. Haha.. I totally was in love with your morning routine until I read it further and got the reality check. 😐 Yes My Schedule goes like I’m up at 9. Then I make breakfast. Wake up hubby. Give him his breakfast. Once he is off for bath. I get to ironing our clothes to wear that day. Once he is off to work. I get to cleaning the room, then feeding my pets, cleaning their toilet baskets. And miracly it is noon by then. 😑😑😑

  6. Ha yeah. That sounds a bit like my entire day.
    There is very little time to develop your creative side or just take a moment to breath, let alone do all the yoga and make pintrest pictures of your food 😉

  7. That was my intention, haha.
    I wish this could be my every day morning routine. It would be much healthier.

    But reality sucks a little bit unfortunately!

  8. Mine is like yours too. Up at 5:30 to have a bit of time to myself. Make sure the kid is up at 6 and ready to head out the door at 7 for school and whatever jobs I have that day.

  9. Pff, yeah. I wonder if anyone is going to have another morning routine than that actually haha.

    But 7 o’clock for a child is very early!
    I remember my school started at 8:30!

  10. That was pretty funny. I started hating you for having to wake up “so early” at 8am. But the more I read on, the more questions I had. It just didn’t seem like you.
    No Instagram star here, either. Maybe one day. But then, I would have to actually have an account on there.

  11. It has worked, I have tricked you all. Muhaha.

    I had given up on all social media for a while. But decided to try instagram. There are too many cute pugs on there. I couldn’t resist.

  12. The waking up early at 8 part kind of got me and you seem like a pretty ‘get it done’ person so the whole routine didn’t make sense! Made me burst out laughing when you got to what really happens.😅
    I usually shower the night before so i dont have to deal with wet hair in the morning. Mornings, I just wake up, get ready, make my smoothie(that i pre-prep so i just blend it) and off I go!

  13. Lol,you nearly got me at first😂🤣is there really sore one who has that morning routine?i quit working few years back but still up at 6.15 for my yoga,then to make breakfast and by 8 to get the little group ready …..835/ we hit the road: I’m driving,Clara the cocker is sitting on the passenger seat and Kurt the giant dog is sting between the girls in the back seats and our day in the world starts🤩

  14. Yes😱but I must say I never had a crazy hectic and loud house in the morning, not even when we both were working and kids were small.I can’t really do with that😉

  15. Well, if you type “Morning Routine” in youtube, that’s what it will look like
    But not for us “regular people” 😉

    I never shower in morning either. Takes up too much time with the hair indeed!

  16. That was cute, and funny. I guess my routine is waking up and feeding my cats while I make my 1st mug of coffee in my Keurig. After that, I read a Bible verse or section in my current Christian book, then catch up on emails, blogging, etc before attacking my day.

  17. Secretly I like watching and read about them as well. Even those are unbearably perfect 😉

    Thank you, thanks for reading 🙂

  18. My morning routine is VERY short. I set three alarms and snooze them all until 10 minutes before I have to leave, I get up, get dressed, run to the bathroom, put on shoes and always leave late. I wish I wasn’t like this but here I am.

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