They say “If you’re not satisfied with life, change something”.

Isn’t that much easier said than done?

Not only I have been afraid of change during my childhood, I never had much opportunity to change things either.
I couldn’t just change school or town without my parent’s consent.
And even when I was older and allowed to make such changes, I wondered if it would make much sense.
Sometimes giving up half way and change, can be a waste of time.

Change can be scary. Change can impractical. Change can be impossible sometimes.

Change can be addictive too.
I have been in this phase.
I kept on changing my hair color.
I hopped from job interview to job interview, even if I had only just started a new job.
I kept changing my mind on which country I wanted to live in.

Suddenly change wasn’t scary anymore.
Settling down was.

I know that some parts of my current situation are not my final destination.
It just annoys me not to know how many times I will move or have to start a new job until it is.

Other parts of my life, or actually just one, are settled and I wouldn’t ever consider to change it.
(There are possibly more charming pictures of both us, but beer makes us silly 😉 ) 

How do you feel about change?
Is it scary, impractical or addictive for you?

11 thoughts on “Change

  1. I’ve changed things so many times, it’s no longer exciting but very tiring. So change, for me it’s not really welcome anymore. I want to make the “final” change before I stop changing things for another 10 years.

    I don’t think that will become reality though haha.

  2. Change to me seems to be triggered by a dream which I’ve had for quite a long time but didn’t have the courage to go ahead. On reflection, the changes I’ve made have a positive effect on my life, and they have led me to the kind of life that reflects my values and beliefs.

  3. Change is a lot mindset, true!
    But sometimes when your mind is blocking your courage, it’s sometimes best to block your mind and just go for it.
    There is no (bad) decision that can’t be fixed afterwards! 🙂

  4. It depends. If it’s change initiated by me, I like to think of it as good. If it doesn’t turn out that way, it’s remembered as a learning experience. However, when it comes to change that is made without my input, it usually is a bad thing. A change for worse. Just from my experience.
    I’m kind of a wandering soul myself, and people seem shocked that I don’t have it all figured out and that I welcome change.

  5. Haha. It would be good to change that 😉 of course yur mum can be your best friend, but lving with mum again is a whole different story

  6. I personally hate change that I can’t control but if it’s me making the change on my own, I’m okay with it. Love the photo of you two, btw. So cute!!!

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