The reliable employee

Some time ago I erased the LinkedIn profile which I have been having for a good amount years.
I made a new profile. New picture. New tag words.
Also a new opportunity to be selective about adding contacts.

I looked through the suggested people.
Former colleagues appeared.
It drove me back to memory lane.

The team I worked in was very close, friendly and supporting.
Instead of competing with each other, we talked about the common struggles as a teacher and the best way to tackle them.
Manager was proud to say he had the most reliable team ever.

The first shock came when the most experienced colleague decided to leave.
He would remain working for the company, but in the US.

Closely after, the newest addition to the team decided that he wasn’t challenged enough.
He left to another department.

I also decided to leave after 4 years.

Couple of months later I was shocked to read that the manager left!
2 of my favorite colleagues were let go in that upcoming year due to organizational reconstruction.

I guess some people got fed up with all these changes, because I see a lot of them perusing their career at the competitor.

It made me wonder if all those years of being a reliable employee were worth it.
The over hours.
The work in weekends and holidays.
The toleration of what asshole colleagues/managers would say to ruin my day.
The tears and sleepless nights because of constant worrying.

Those former colleagues I reconnected with on LinkedIn didn’t remember all my hard work.
They remember the fun we had during a business trip.
They remember how I reserved time to listen to their problems.
They remember how I helped them out when they were lacking time for a project.

Sometimes we get so caught up with performing, that we forget what actually will bring a smile to people when they remember you.
Personality can often times count more than constantly trying to show off.Ā 

19 thoughts on “The reliable employee

  1. This is a great post Andrea.

    I agree with you. I do work hard and willingly take on new responsibilities if I can see the benefit for the department as a whole. But I refuse to work outside my contracted hours unless it is a real emergency. Work pays the bills – it is not my life.

    My colleagues would probably describe me as unflappable, kind, helpful and funny. I’d rather be remembered for this than for doing my job to be honest.

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    1. The only reason I remember people’s good performance is because they were kind enough to help out a younger colleague.
      To be remembered that way is so much more important.

      I guess still in the phase where “I want to make it”. That’s why I write post like this to remember what really is important in life.
      And comments like yours encourage me šŸ™‚


      1. Thanks Andrea. I am kind of at the other end of my career and hope to retire or reduce my hours in the next 5 to 8 years. I have always been wary of promotion as it seems that it just means doing less of what I went into science to do, and even more admin. If you need the money then I get it of course but sometimes you need to be careful what you wish for my friend.


    1. I can’t remember I did it on purpose, but if someone’s topic don’t speak to, I delete people after some time.
      It would be unfair to give anyone just a “like” if you don’t read their content.
      I know people do it to me too and that’s fair enough.

      It’s definitely nothing personal, there’s just so many blogs out here.

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  2. It’s true that people remember your hard work the least.

    That reminds me of a conversation between my boss and I recently.
    Boss: bla bla bla, I do this for everyone else, but you.
    Me: Yea, because I know how to do it myself. You asked us to do it ourselves years ago.
    Boss: No one but you does it.
    Me: I do it to save you time and work.
    Boss: It doesn’t really take all that much time.
    Me: …
    Boss: I’m going to start doing it for you, too from now on.
    Me: …

    Me to self: So you DON’T expect people to be independent and listen to your requests? And even worse, you do not appreciate those that do?

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  3. I re-read this post and it is so true, I realized after working a lot of weekends last year, that it is not worth our sanity to put in over time unless you are compensated for that. People remember moments more than projects:)


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