Let’s talk a bit about humor on April’s Fools Day.

Is this a day you fear because some might put salt in your coffee instead of sugar?
Or is this your time to shine as the joker and pull all the pranks?


There are different types of humor.

Some use humor as a defense mechanism to hide their insecurities or to make things laughable when they really aren’t.

Some use humor as a way to insult others and then blaming it on you.
“I’m only joking. You really have no sense of humor!!”

Some have actually studied on how to be funny.
Some are funny without intention.

Personally I am very selective about humor.
Some people claim to be sarcastic, when they actually are not funny and really wasting my time.
I definitely hate when people try to insult others by means of a joke.
I’m not too fond of slapstick humor or pranks either.

Among my favorites are wit, dry humor and word jokes.

In all honesty, I haven’t been praised a lot for being funny.
I sometimes do want to tell a joke or replicate something funny I heard or read,  but I usually get too nervous.

The last time I tried that in a larger group of people, it didn’t turn out as I hoped.
I showed them a picture of a menu card and what term was used for Burgers:
(Between the Buns)


“Huh? I don’t understand it”, was the main reaction.

Seriously, guys? How is this not funny?
It left me feeling a bit foolish and embarrassed.

It’s not always about the joke, but also how you tell it.
I know the latter makes me uncomfortable in large groups.
Often times I am not surrounded by “my type of people” which makes the pressure even higher.

Finding people who appreciate the same kind of humor isn’t always easy, certainly not your life partner.
I remember that Jasper and I didn’t start off with the exact same type of humor, but somehow it has blended into something which make us both laugh.

What is your type of humor?
Has it changed over the years?
Do you have enough people around you to share it with?

27 thoughts on “Humor

  1. I cannot stand April Fools jokes. That’s why I didn’t even bring it up in my blog. It’s the stupidest thing ever. A day to have people prank you for nothing? Was this day created by bullies?

  2. April Fools used to be so much fun when I was a kid. As an adult it lost its magic. Some people try too hard. Others are not funny, but they are happy that they were able to fool (more like lie) to you. I used to be very suspicious of everything and everyone on April 1st, but then I realized that it’s mostly just a waste of time and energy. So if someone “fools” me, I don’t really care. Being pranked is a whole other story. But that doesn’t really happen all too often among “responsible adults”.

    My sense of humor is warped. I tend to be sarcastic, but not to be funny. It just expresses my thoughts and feelings. I laugh at the most inappropriate things.

  3. A lot of things seem to lose their magic when we transfer from child to adult unfortunately.

    It’s important to laugh! I actually laugh about people’s face expression than words 🤡

  4. My favorite are also wit, dry humor, and word jokes. I hate slapstick humor which is why the latest seasons of Modern Family started to get on my nerves. They started reusing jokes or foregoing all cleverness by making them do weird body gags instead. It is an old show, though, so… I guess the writers got kind of tired or felt too secure.
    Also this “I’m only joking. You really have no sense of humor!!” I hate this.

  5. Right before I read you say you aren’t surrounding yourself with the right people, I was thinking just that because if you showed me “between the buns” I’d laugh out loud haha

  6. My poor 7 year old. Played a cool joke on his dad! and his dad said it was mean. it was one he’s done before, he stretches scotch tape across a walk way lmao! 7 said “I did that when I was 4 and daddy laughed, I do it now and he’s mad.” I told him daddy is getting older and it doesn’t have to BE mean for daddy to FEEL like it was mean and to just save his practical jokes for me.

  7. I KNOW, right???????? I have made people laugh when I was dead serious. And then when I deliberately make a joke they don’t get it and think I”m an idiot?

  8. yeah not after you have to explain the whole thing, it sure doesn’t.

    My 7 year old got in trouble in school for saying poophead. Apparently it’s a bad word. His teacher has 0 humor in her brain.

  9. believe me, I do too! It makes his life harder. I raise them to be individuals and to have fun with life, and then they get punished for it at school.

  10. I used more than humor to filter out my friends and honestly, I am left with very few as well.
    To be honest, I don’t have much time or energy for (fake) friendships.

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