An ode to Blankets

One of my former managers has been a ambulance worker for 20 years.
He told some scary stories but also about how rewarding the job was.

I asked him about the things I needed to undertake in case I see someone falling to the ground.
He advised:
1. Give CPR if needed
2. Call an ambulance
3. Comfort them.

He specifically emphasized on the 3rd step.
“Talk to them. And never, ever forget to put a blanket or even your coat over them”, he said.

I grinned, but then it made me realize how much comfort blankets have given me.

The first real cold winter night of the season always felt like the best one.
Mum would wrap me up in an extra warm blanket and I’d fall asleep, peacefully like a puppy.


Even during the hot summer day I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep with at a thin sheet on me.
Blanket always felt like a cloack of invisibility.
It would protect from all the evil monsters roaming around my room

And even now I’m all grown up and fall asleep on the couch, Jasper would make sure to cover me with a blanket.
On the evenings that he is not at home and I get scared in the dark, blanket would keep me safe.

This post an ode to all the blankets who have offered me warmth, safety and comfort – Thank you 🙂 

14 thoughts on “An ode to Blankets

  1. Ah the blanket. Linus from the comic Peanuts would agree. I love mine too. I don’t like going to bed without it. I will wait for it to come out of the dryer even if it means staying up a couple hours late! 😀
    I love that photo too!

  2. Ha. I actually didn’t know this cartoon. But I googled it 😉

    My childhood blanket was one with ducks because they have always been my favorite animals.

    My current one is one I stole from an airplane trip. So it’s KLM – blue 😉

  3. I think #1 on your friend’s advice to undertake in case I see someone falling to the ground should have been:


    …pause for effect…

    Catch them?

  4. Haha. I totally heard the drumroll from somewhere far.
    This could be the best solution, but I think I’m slower than gravity 😉

  5. That’s the Dutch mentality. Anything that’s for free, you take 😉

    I haven’t know. Which kinda makes me think to write a post about cartoons I did watch 🤔

  6. I never thought about it that way, but you are absolutely right. There is so much comfort given by a blanket. Maybe it’s something we learn from the movies, but when someone puts a blanket over you, you know they care about you.

  7. Yesss blankets deserve more appreciation. I love ’em. Whenever I get my own place with an actual couch and all, it’s always going to be covered messily (cozily) with throw blankets and I’m not going to care.

  8. I always need a blanket over my shoulders to fall asleep.
    I knitted a blanket for each of my brothers when they left home.

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